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Looking back at the first half of 2012 in WWE

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What's up everyone? I'm Taneel, not a quite regular blogger, but i put it down once in a while, and today it's about evaluating some good and bad things happened in first half of 2012 in WWE. Not going to separately point out good and bad, but just mixing them up.

1. PPV quality: Wrestlemania didn't live upto the expectation. I wondered if that was what the biggest event of the year would be like, what is the point in watching WWE anymore? The PPVs after it more than made up for it. Extreme Rules was superb, the two world title matches were awesome, and people were excited to see Lesnar in action. Over the Limit was fantastic too - Punk vs Bryan could be MOTY. No Way Out was weaker than the two, but still not bad.

PPV of the period : Extreme Rules (had the main event not been what it was, OTL would be my obvious pick)

2. Tag Team division : The tag-team division started to show some positive changes going on towards the end of 2011, with Airboom and Primo-Epico. With the USOs, Prime Time Players, Hawkins and Reks (and maybe Gabriel and Kidd soon), the future of the division looks bright.

3. The Big Johnny and his gang thing: This thing with Big Johnny, Eve and Otunga was getting annoying too soon from the time it started. They took up too much time and put some horrible crap, which was always basically the same thing.

4. The John Cena thing : Elimination Chamber - Cena vs. Kane ; Wrestlemania - Cena vs. Rock ; ER - Cena vs. Lesnar ; OTL - Cena vs Laurinaitus ; No Way Out - Cena vs Show.
So that's what you do with your top guy, the "face of the company" ? 5 opponents in 5 PPVs - 3 of them aren't full time WWE wrestlers - and he loses two of them ?

5. The Kane thing : Kane has been thrown into random feuds here and there ever since his return, and at the times they make least sense. He began a feud with Cena, when feud with Henry would have made more sense. Kane vs Ryder would have made sense at Mania, but they go with Kane vs Orton, only to make Orton lose a meaningless match on his birthday at the grandest stage of 'em all. And they throw in Kane vs Ryder two PPVs later, when the heat between them had cooled down. And what is he doing in the Punk-AJ-Bryan triangle ?

6. The Jericho thing : No, it is not about the Brazil incident.
Jericho's return would have been huge if we didn't know it was gonna be him beforehand, but we can't complain this kind of thing in the internet age, right? He would have won the Rumble, but the words got out and they went with Sheamus to make the point that WWE is 'unpredictable'. He hasn't won a single PPV since his return, and it made me wonder why he returned in the first place?

7. The Daniel Bryan thing : I didn't expect him to lose in 18 seconds, but honestly, after he did, I didn't expect him to bounce back. Daniel Bryan thing is one of the good thing that has happened in WWE in this past 6 months. He put on excellent matches against Sheamus at ER and Punk at various occasions, and some with Kofi. I liked Daniel Bryan since he wrestled on Cena's team against Nexus ( I didn't use to watch NXT), but I had wondered if he's ever gonna be a big thing. I got my answer now, and it is YES! (no pun intended)

8. The WWE Championship : So I'd like to close things with looking back at the most prized thing in the WWE. CM Punk has had a long reign as WWE Champion at a time when everyone wanted a long reign from someone who wasn't John Cena or Randy Orton. While many people would now say that he has joined the leagues of John Cena and Randy Orton, I still think he's as good as he was last summer. WWE Championship has had good feuds in CM Punk vs Y2J and CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan, and I wouldn't be surprised if Punk becomes the next face of the company.

I wanted to keep it short, sorry if you found it long. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Looking forward to your comments. Bye for now.

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  1. ThePunkasaurus's Avatar
    Usually the second half of a year in WWE is always better than the first. Plus within the past 4 years. They have had good storylines going on in the summer. So it will be interesting to see what they come up with this summer. To keep the audiences glued.

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