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Attitude Era: Break It Down

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Hello my fellow wrestling fans. I am going to blog about matches from Attitude Era that some of us maybe forgot and made an impact to the WWF storylines. I am only going to include matches that were on RAW IS WAR because in 3 weeks we are going to see the 1000th episode of Raw.
So I have made this clear now. If my spelling is bad then blame the 5 english teachers i have had in my life.

The first match i picked for the first blog of this type is a Tag Team match. This is unusual match because we had 4 guys who were faces at the time. The wrestlers were none other than New Age Outlaws vs.The Rock and Austin. I don’t know if any of you remember this match so much but this has some really deep storyline telling here. I am going to include every single piece that i found about this storyline so if i missed something please tell me.

I have said this in my other blogs so I am going to include this sentence every time. I am not going to spoil about the match because i feel that it’s better to watch it with your own eyes so you can build your own opinion about it. If you guys want me to put the match in my future blogs please tell me.

Part 1
October 25, 1999 Providence RI, New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock and Austin

Part 2

The main storyline for this match was that The Rock and Austin were in a rivalry with Triple H and feuded for the WWF title. Austin had lost a title match against Triple H at No Mercy 1999. At the same PPV The Rock beat Bulldog so he could remove a guy who was blocking his way to the WWF title story. After the win, The Rock challenged the WWF title holder for a match at Survivor Series. The night after the No Mercy PPV Austin also challenged Triple H for the WWF title. At this time we had two contenders so Vince announced a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series.

New Age Outlaws was a very hot tag team at this time and was involved in the World Tag team picture. They feuded with Foley and Al Snow for the World Tag team titles in almost a month to build up their Survivor Series match. New Age Outlaws won the tag titles from Foley and Snow a week before Survivor Series. Foley and Snow got their rematch at that PPV.

Oh I almost forgot this part. Why I chose this match was because it had all the things that can make a match be remembered. You have the 4 biggest superstars at that time in a Tag team match. 4 guys who were the most over guys in the WWF at that time. And you have 4 guys who could and can wrestle. Add a very hot Providence crowd who made this match even better. If I need to rate the match I am rating it a 4 star out of 5 stars. Just because of the in ring talent, mic skills and the insane crowd. And don't forget, the awesome commentary by Lawler and Ross.

Well that’s all for me and I promise you I am going to choose matches that had an impact to a storyline. Not just a random single match, but a match with wrestling, entertainment and logic to the build up.

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