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Macho Madness #1: The Rise And Fall Of A Wwe Superstar!

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Before I start let me introduce myself. Hello my peeps, my name is Machomadness97. My reason for writing blogs, is to see how others react about the Wwe. Am I a big TNA fan? I do not find interest, so I am not going to be writing any blogs on that particular company. The 'E amuses me and I find reaction more in this branch than TNA. Yes, I am a major fan of Randy Savage but I do not reminisce about the Golden Era and Attitude Era because I know with our particular era, we can make superstars.That's the purpose of my blog, how fans ( WWE or TNA) make a superstar. Before I begin, may I ask for readers and bloggers alike to comment below. This helps me known your standpoint on a topic and if you liked or disliked my blogs. Remember fans make or break a superstar.

The Rise and Fall Of A Wwe superstar!

Where did I get this idea from? A blogger created a forum called " How Much Does Ziggler Have?" I would like to thank that blogger for a great idea. I commented on this thread and this is what I wrote: Wrestling fans controls a superstar. A few months back Ryder was a getting a major push, that later turned against him because the fans accomplished their main gold, making him U.S champion. Now Ziggler is getting the push, but the 'E has to hurry because the fans will get interested in another star quickly. How to a superstar keep a rise when all the fans are doing is making them fall again. I have to agree with the bloggers point. Fans change up there opinions quite often. Everyone wanted Punk at the top, so the "E allowed it. Slowly after, reaction started getting slower and eventually the Punk we knew from the Summer Of 2011 evolved to a weak superstar. The 'E rewarded him with the title, which fans wanted. Now fans are moaning for a new champion. If I could recall a time I went to a wrestling event and a fans chanting " We Want Bryan As Champion" I saw the crowd reaction changing.
Now we change to Zack Ryder. Ryder was basically a jobber who was going nowhere with his career. As much as he can thank Edge for reshaping his career, it was also the fans. "We Want Ryder" chants filled the crowd and eventually Ryder became the fan's new job. The 'E reshaped Ryder who would later go on to win the United States championship. Soon after that, Ryder chants were no more. If the fans were to say another Ryder chant, he would be out in a second.
We move on to Ryback. This superstar is a beast in the ring. He has every quality of a next "Goldberg!" We get "Feed Me More" chants. After Ryback was receiving jobbers whom he defeated in less than three minutes time. Can you blame him. This is still going on, but Ryback is soon to be a "jobber."
Finally is Dolph Ziggler. He is the show off with all the quality's of being Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Chants are heard around the arena, "Push Dolph Ziggler." Eventually it happens and he is on the main event scene on Smackdown. To quote another blogger, how long is this chant going to last? "Until He Is Champion!"
Can Punk use the saying " Voice Of The Voiceless." I believe he is unable to because he was voiceless until the Fans stood up for him. Yes you could say it was his "Las Vegas" shoot promo, which was a small part. The point I am trying to get across is that that fans control the way of a superstar. We saw an example of a rise in sports entertainer, alongside a fall of a sports entertainer. Please leave a comment below. Thank you very much.

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  1. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I'm glad to know other fans understand where our power is in the wrestling world. We don't get to book. We don't get to write stories. What we get to do is show the company which stars we want to see and which ones they need to push. However, like the children most of the fans now adays are, they get bored with things once they get what they want. My 2 year old will (try to) throw fits for that toy that he just HAS to play with... but the moment you give it to him, he wants something else 10 mins later.

    This is why the educated fans in the IWC need to put the negativity down and get the "I'm a smark wrestling fan" attitude out of their head. Most people in the crowd will follow if you start a chant for who you like. Keep it going til you can't talk for the next 5 days (happend to me @ Slammiversary) and the crowd noise generated will be epic. It makes the show much more memorable for everyone in the crowd and in turn will turn those "casual" fans into the first stages of becoming a hardcore fan like you and myself.

    Great blog, and good perspective on the business

  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Beautiful blog my brother, but as a PAYING customer we have the right to get what we pay for. Wrestling isn't just sports entertainment it's a business. Uncle Vince is(occasionally) a brilliant business man, but he has his own agenda. He likes who he likes & believes its his place to tell us( the PAYING customer) what we like. The success of Cena or Hogan are the best examples that anyone can give. Cena through no fault of his own is the most hated man in wrestling today. Why? Because he reminds the grown fans of our blind following of Hulk Hogan. Anyone over 25 marked out for the Hulkster( who admitted that he didn't know a wrist lock from a wrist watch). Like the Rock said any grown ass man wearing a Cena T-shirt marking out is probably a virgin who needs tp grow up & get laid! Vince is just doing what he did before, in Cena he's found the second coming of Hogan. Kids want to be him, women want to be with him & the men want to watch him get his ass kicked so its a win win situation. I know I cheered like crazy when Dwayne beat him at Wrestlemania, then I thought to myself....I wasn't a fan of the Rock 10 years ago either, why because just like Cena he was forced down our throats. Damn, I'm getting long
  3. odizzal's Avatar
    I first wanna say that I agreed with the concept of your blog. I just don't agree with with the superstars. I just wanna say that Ive been a fan of the WWE since I can remember. One major thing I don't agree with is ur opinion with Zack Ryder. I really don't think it was just the fans that wanted to see him. I don't remember hearing anyone chanting his name until Punk cut that amazing promo last summer. To me, it was something shoved down our throats like Cena. Ziggler, on the other hand, has proved to the fans that he wants greatness. I really don't remember anyone working their ass off like him since Shawn Micheals back in the early to mid 90's. I just feel like he has earned the fans respect by stealing the show every night. I know that WWE will and always continue to shove what they want at us...I just wish they would allow the top superstars to continue their momentum by letting them do their own thing

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