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I Don't Believe It: MITB, Barrett, Kane, an Extreme calling

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Firstly I’d like to kick-off my blog by saying it’s nice to be back blogging. My last one was about 1 year ago, only because I forgot me details buy nonetheless it is great to be back.

Usually I like to cover a bit of a spectrum of topics in my blogs either about issues that have happened in the week or anything wrestling that’s wither on my mind or bothering me.

So to begin with there is of course a big buzz about the Money in the Bank ppv that is heading our way on July 15th. So far I’m very excited to see the line-up’s for both the Raw & Smackdown ladder matches take shape. Thus far we see 4 former WWE champs in the Raw match which is of course the way in which Raw’s ladder match will take shape. Although I stated my excitement at the thought of the ppv, my excitement is slightly dashed by the sight of John Cena in the Raw ladder match. I’m sure in typical Cena fashion this will divide opinion however as I’ve been in the anti-Cena camp since 2004 I can’t see him swaying my opinion with his performance on July 15th. I am however pleased to see 3 of my favourite of all time joining Cena in the match in; Big Show, Kane & Y2J. You know that with Jericho in a ladder match you are going to get your money’s worth. Who will join the Raw 4 though in the coming 2 week’s? Obviously former champs! Now hopefully somebody can clarify my doubt on whether it is a 6 man or 8 man match. However many it is I suppose you’ve got to look to the likes of: The Miz (who’s apparently due back shortly), perhaps Mr 619 Rey Mysterio, Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger or even Randy Orton if he’s back in time in order to bolster the numbers of the Raw MITB match. In a world of fantasy I’d like to see Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner in there even if it was a one off. Recently featured on and it would be a sure fire way to stick one to TNA. Of course it more than likely won’t happen, but we can all dream.
In terms of the Smackdown MITB match, this one also is shaping up nicely. Although his time on the main roster has only been a short one so far I’ve grown to be quite a fan of Damien Sandow. The ‘Saviour of the unwashed masses’ or whatever he claims to call himself has arrived on our screens with a gimmick that could be seen to be classic but is still very relevant and that is probably how I would describe his wrestling style. Although I will probably talk more about him in a future blog I’m pleased to see that he has got a chance in the spotlight in a big time match. The same can be said for someone like Tyson Kidd who for many months has shown great promise on NXT and Superstars. His technique and background is special and I believe he will add an unpredictable element to an annual match which is all about ‘unpredictability’. I think the run Santino is on an his growing popularity means that he was always going to be in this year’s match and with Christian as a veteran of the ladder match I think it was academic that he would be in there too. Tensai is also in there and I’m kind of glad that he’s got a chance too because his potential has yet to be fulfilled since returning from Japan.
Although the whole issue about Cody Rhodes lodging a complaint to the WWE board and the fact that he wasn’t pinned in the tag team match on Smackdown this week, probably will result in his inclusion into the match. However I was banking on (pardon the pun) the return of my fellow Englishmen Wade Barrett for this year’s MITB match. I thought that around this time on the WWE calendar would be perfect for him to return from a horrendous injury in order to finally fulfil not only his destiny, but England’s in becoming the WWE’s first English World Champ. This could still happen with a fortnight to go however I suppose it might be more likely that they hype his return up over the course of a month in order to give his return maximum impact and exposure.

One of my all-time favourites Kane seems to have sloped back in to his softer side which is a crying shame in my view. This whole ordeal with AJ which has also involved D Bryan and CM Punk has portrayed Kane’s softer side in the last few weeks. In addition to my disgust at this I tuned into Superstars this week to see Kane beat Heath Slater, ultimately winning as the good guy and getting a good ovation from the crowd. Therefore it appears that the monster is weakening yet again which we have seen in years past and could be evolving into a good guy yet again. Furthermore his comment to AJ on Raw about not being boyfriend material was clearly for comedic effect thus him being a good guy. Personally I prefer Kane as one of the baddest of the bad on the roster which we all know he can be and has been previously. A prime example of this was when he returned last December, masked and targeting John Cena, Zach Ryder and Eve. Kane at his baddest and finest in my view.

On I’ve occasionally checked in on the Extreme Rising updates. No by no stretch of the imagination do I know a lot about this organisation but in my humble opinion there surely is a niche in the market for something like this again. Since the demise of the original ECW I think that niche has been there. Now I don’t know how successful these events put on by Shane Douglas have been but I do hope that they are doing well and continue to put on shows of this ilk, hopefully seeing this venture thrive in future months. The niche I believe is for something like this to be televised weekly. Now I also haven’t got a clue how much money Douglas has put into this ‘reincarnation of extreme’ or how much the show’s take but Extreme wrestling is missing from mainstream TV. I also read on this website that Douglas wants to be a “thorn in the side of WWE & TNA just like WCW was to WWE”. Undoubtedly in order to do this they would need a TV deal to reach out to fans nationwide. Good luck however to Extreme Rising.

Hopefully this hasn’t been a bad blog and for people that do read it thanks for taking time to do so

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  1. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sexyboy14
    Dolph in fact was world champion in 2011. And Jack Swagger won MiTB in 2010, and cashed it in over Jericho. So yes, both Ziggler and Swagger are former world champions.
    I believe they meant only former WWE Champions allowed in the match
  2. pjpjr6's Avatar
    I saw typos and grammatical errors in the first few sentences. Didn't read after that.
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