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The BEST Storyline in my opinion

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Back in 1998 there was a fantastic storyline that kept me on the edge of my seat and glued, to my TV every week. That storyline began at (WWF) Breakdown. When Stone Cold lost the Championship belt.

Withing the coming months from October of 1998 (Judgement Day) up to March 1999 (Wrestlemania XV). Austin was on a quest trying to get back his championship belt that he lost.

(Judgement Day) October 18, 1998. The Main Event. Kane vs The Undertaker vacant WWF Championship. Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special referee.

The ending to this match was great. Kane getting hit with a chair from Undertaker. Austin not making the count. Taker confronts Austin. Gets a Stunner, then Austin counts both men down. It was a fantastic finish. Austin then got fired by McMahon.

(Survivor Series 1998) November 15, 1998. Amazing hype made this PPV one of my favorites, still to this day. The vacant WWF Championship was up for grabs in a Deadly games Tournament. It was the first tournament held with the WWF Championship on the line in ten years, the last being at Wrestlemania IV .

Austin was screwed earlier in the night by the McMahons and costing him the match against Mankind. So the Main Event was set The Rock vs Mankind for the WWF Championship. Amazing finish as McMahon screwed Mankind by ringing the bell. Memories of the 97 Survivor Series. The Rock won the title. Thus making Austin come out and kick his ass.

(Rock Bottom) December 13, 1998. Main Event. Stone Cold vs The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match. Stone Cold wins the match granting him a spot in the 1999 Royal Rumble.

(1999 Royal Rumble) January 24, 1999. Austin is Number 1 and McMahon entered Number 2. Both men went at it. As McMahons plan was to not have Austin win the RR and go onto WrestleMania. Austin and McMahon would be the last two in the ring after some crazy stuff happened. Where both were barely even in the match. Austin was distracted by The Rock which gave McMahon the chance to eliminate Austin. The Wresting World was stunned that McMahon had won.

(St. Valentine's Day Massacre) February 14, 1999. Austin vs. McMahon in a Steel Cage match. If Austin wins he gets to headline Wrestlemania XV. The match was very short. McMahon took a brutal bump but continued the match. Austin picked up the win by being thrown into the cage. By the debut of BIG SHOW. The cage gave way and Austin won the match.

(WrestleMania XV) March 28, 1999. Austin finally got his chance. He would face The Rock for the championship belt. It took Austin 6 months in getting his title back and he did. By defeating The Rock and winning the title.

To me it was one of the best storylines. Because we saw everyones favorite face. Trying to get back what he wanted. Which he succeed in doing so. In the land of WWE today. There is not that much excitement and build up toward anything.

The Attitude Era was and always will be entertaining.

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  1. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    I remember returning to watching WWE after a long gap (almost 5-6 years) when this storyline was going on. I heard of Stone cold Steve Austin and this guy named Rocky Maivia. Somehow I always liked the name Rocky and it was my nickname back when I was in school and everyone asked if it was coz of Maivia. I didn't even know this guy, except that I heard my friends talk about him now and then. These three guys (incl. McMahon) brought life into WWF when it was competing with WCW on a large scale. Austin vs McMahon is no doubt one of the best (if not the best ever) feuds in wrestling history, right there in top 5. And with The Rock in the mix due to his association with The Corporation, it was pure gold. Be it Austin giving a beer bath to Rock and McMahons in the ring or The Rock throwing Austin over the bridge along with the title belt, the moments that took place during this feud will be the most memorable one's in the history. Both the wrestlers brought the best in each other. As The Rock rightly said in his DVD regarding Austin, "you're only as good as your opponent", and they both turned not just good, but the best one's out there while feuding with each other. It was impossible to turn away from the TV when Austin was mocking Rock's nursery rhymes, or when Rock would guaran"damn"tee to whoop that bald roodypoo candyass. They went out there on weekly basis and gave us not just any memories, but memories worth calling "Legendary". And with the involvement of HHH and Taker later on, the storyline didn't end up a mess like it does these days when more people are thrown into a storyline, but it got even more entertaining.

    Attitude Era is INDEED the best era of entertainment.
  2. ThePunkasaurus's Avatar
    What you said, you just nailed it. I agree. Every week they went out and gave us a show. It was fantastic. The Beer Bath, The Bridge fight, The Bed Pan incident. Everything for 6 months with this storyline was great. I also agree with you on todays storylines. They just throw it together and the results are predictable. Before the match even starts or is booked.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    That was the reason why Attitude era was gr8..just imagine...the men involved in teh feud...Austin, McMahon, Rocky, HHH, Taker...all of them can cut gud to gr8 promos...n all of them can make things interesting for us...

    I personally loved this angle..I always used to tune in only to see what The Rock will say and how Austin would verbally win the war...n this is the time..both The Rock n Austin have become cult even in a place where wrestling is not adored like INDIA...

    Austin/Rock's era..which is called as Attitude the BEST era...

    In the current roster..we have so much of variety n ppl who are equally talented..but creative is neither giving them gud stories nor they are allowing superstars to do something innovative by themselves..

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