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Royal Rumble vs Bound For Glory Series

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well with you folks. Lately I've been checking out TNA more and more and regardless of the ratings, I've found myself enjoying Impact Wrestling alot more and at the moment, I prefer it over Raw & Smackdown.

I wanted to talk about the revamped Bound For Glory Series and how it comes to the Royal Rumble. So far the most obvious comparison is the winner of the Royal Rumble and Bound For Glory Series gets to Mainevent their respective "Grand Daddy PPV" (Wrestlemania & Bound For Glory) for their respective World Title.

Now lets talk comparison. I'll start with The Royal Rumble.

Royal Rumble:

To be honest, I haven't been as into the Royal Rumble as of late. I just don't like the booking of it. I can't remember if it was this year or last year but when Hornswoggle & Cena cleared the ring for that 5 minute period it was horrible television. Hornswoggle in a Royal Rumble period is a joke to the guys in the back, the fans and the prestige of the PPV.

Past Few Winnners
Sheamus and Del Rio. I think Sheamus winning the Rumble was unpredictable for the simple fact that he was pumped up so hard to win it. All the announcers were calling it so I was predicting a swerve. That worked out well for me. I like Sheamus as a face or heel, seeing some new blood is cool. Del Rio winning it was a joke because everything for him happened too early. I just knew he would end up irrelevant because he was pushed way too fast.

Prestige of the PPV:

The prestige is still there. Its something that we all look forward to and I love the fact that it has offered some big time returns like Cena in 08' and others. Of course, I miss the days when Austin would win it like every year lol but maybe that's just me.
The Good Side:What WWE has in their favor is name value. Something TNA doesn't have. Whether its good or bad telelvision, people will still tune in to the WWE. So with that being said, the Royal Rumble is a PPV that people will breakdown and order and it will always be apart of "The Big 4" PPVs.

The Bad Side:

I always hated anytime the #27, 28, 29 or 30th spot wins it. Especially when Michael Cole say's "This man with standed 29 other individuals". No you didn't, it was 5 or 6 at the most. That would always kill it for me. The fact that someone can come in so late and win it.

I always loved how Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels won it at #1 and throw Rey Mysterio in that list because he won it at #2 which is the same thing as #1. That shows that you've been through a fight and you really worked your butt off to deserve that spot.

Bound For Glory Series:

Right off the bat, I'll tell you what I love about this. I love the fact that its a series. I think it proves that you can't just be good on one night to win it all but you have to be consistent for months to be the guy that Mainevents the Big Dance. I love that concept.

The Bad Side:
I'd have to say its lack of name value. People aren't taking it serious unless they're a fan of TNA. Also, alot of the guys aren't given the same amount of matches.

The Good Side:
I love how they continue this series at House Shows. It shows how important it is. I also love the point system.What I would change?:I love how everything is being handled. But I would make it a time limit thing. At the end of the series I would make the winner whoever won their matches in the shortest amount of time combined. That's just a suggestion but none the less, I currently love the system they have now. I'm anxious to see who wins it this year. Definitely.


My pick for the BFG Series is Samoa Joe. I think this will be his time to step back in the mainevent. He's one of the greatest tweeners ever

Thanks guys for checking out this blog. Hope you enjoyed. I appreciate all feedback. Thanks and be safe. Until then.

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Enjoyed the blog. You kind of threw the whole TNA BFG in one small paragraph, summing it up rather quickly lol. As for the comparison, you pretty much nailed it. Being a fan of the E' , I have to agree with you when you stated that TNA is delivering the better product as of late.

    The one thing you stated in this blog that I actually enjoyed hearing was "I love how they continue this series at House Shows." That being said, I personally believe it's the one thing thing the E' has yet to touch base on. On going storylines at house shows. I wont get into grave details about it, yet I'm glad you recognized it.

    Thanks again for yet another good blog bro.

    Legend in the Making;
    Like the beat, where did you cop it?
  2. knox's Avatar
    I appreciate that so much man. And yeah if wwe utilized furthering storylines through house shows, their live events would draw higher attendance rates.

    And yeah i got that beat from a dude at my school, he's pretty awesome at beats lol
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Decent entry my friend. Both events are fun to watch. The one thing I'd do to make the "BFG Series '13" interesting is I'd make it where all 12 competitors have never been a World Champion. Give them a shot at glory. As for my pick to win the BFG Series this year, all I have to say is: "SORRY, About Your DAMN Luck!"
  4. Mike Awesome's Hair's Avatar
    The Royal Rumble has and always will have a special place in my heart. I am always entertained by the match maybe not the whole ppv but the match is always fun. It makes me angry that the winner the past 2 years of the Rumble has OPENED Wrestlemania. The winner hasn't main evented Mania in 3 years. Also they have the stupid Elimination Chamber ppv right after the rumble so it steals all the thunder from the Rumble winner.
    The BFG series however made TNA watchable last year when they were pretty unwatchable so I am really excited to see it this year now that TNA seems to have their shit together.
  5. B-ri's Avatar
    Great blog and you raise some interesting points. I think the BFG series was quite inconsistent last year particularly when there were huge gaps between how many matches each person had had. Plus I think it should be done in a much more organised manner, instead of having people on 4 matches while some have only had 1, there should never be more than a 1 match gap, kind of like in football (soccer).
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    Another splendid blog Knox. Personally, the Royal Rumble (besides Wrestlemania) is my favorite WWE PPV of all time. Its one of those PPVs where it gives you a nostalgic feeling. When you look back at the big names that won the Royal Rumble, it makes it that much prestigious. There are times where I do get a little annoyed with Royal Rumble matches like the constant stalling with wrestlers laying around until the next entry comes out and the predictable winners like Alberto Del Rio but I try not to let that affect my view to the Royal Rumble PPVs.

    I love the BFG series. It has some holes to it like it's inconsistency but it's something that the fans can look forward to before the big Bound For Glory PPV. I'm hoping that next year's BFG series can be less predictable.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Great Blog. I agree about the whole #27 or #28 winning, and then claiming they beat 29 other superstars. (or when Cole says it). It was even especially bad when Alberto Del Rio won as entrant #38 and claiming to beat 39 other guys.

    As for BFG, I do like this year's better than last years...though last year's participants had more intrigue to them. Bobby Roode and James Storm running side by side and it looked really unpredictable. But, as for your much as I hope TNA really throws a curve at us and Joe does win, I think the writing's on the wall for James Storm to win. I guess we'll see this week with Jeff Hardy and Storm doing battle. If Hardy wins, then there's some hope for Joe.
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