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The Abdominal Stretch Finale

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Hey wrestling fans from everywhere and wherever. The Saviour here with the final edition of The Abdominal Stretch.

Yes, it's true. I'm retiring The Abdominal Stretch. One specialized themed blog a week is enough. I'm choosing to continue with Sudden Impact, and will focus on other blogs that are more focused on like one or two things, to keep them simple and more informative.

So without further adieu...


Raw Review

Monday Night Raw this week was pretty good. I cringed in the beginning when I saw Vickie as the GM but honestly, WWE got their head out of their pants this week. Let's break it down...quickly, and then get into some important things.

Triple Threat Elimination

After an awesome opening video which ended with AJ on the ramp, looking like she just got banged something fierce, we had an awesome triple threat match. Awesome for a TV match, anyway. I think it's good DB got the win and now we have the Punk/Bryan match at MITB.

Brodus Clay got virtually squashed. I was actually surprised to see that. But, I like Big Show's push. My prediction right now, is Big Show wins the MITB. Though I'm rooting for Jericho.

Santino is still US Champ? Talk about the burial of a title.

Cena and Y2J Segment

First, I want to say I think it's good that Y2J is coming back as a tweener. Not so much the heel he was in the Punk feud, but not full face either. Second, I love that he's in the match. The MITB for the WWE Title, is really star packed. Again, I'm rooting for Jericho, though I feel like Big Show's gonna win. And I really wish Cena didn't do all that Star Wars stuff. Thumbs Down.

OMG. It's Dolph Ziggler's Dad...I mean, Psycho Sid? No way. I wasn't expecting that one, not even when I heard my new favorite, Heath Slater, saying Rule the World. I never put the two together. Sid looked every bit of his 52 years of fact, he looked 62.

Contract On A Pole

While it had the makings of a decent match, it really wasn't. And for as good as Dolph Ziggler "sells his moves", he really didn't sell almost grabbing the contract too well. It was a bad display by the usual "sell king". I do like the triple threat match for Smackdown...even though I don't watch Smackdown anymore.

AJ is so hot. I think I'm in love.

Jericho and Cena was predictable. Big Show comes out. Bland ending to an otherwise decent show.

On a side note, I think it's a disgrace that Great American Bash is now a Smackdown Episode.

Moving on from the Raw Review, I'm going to close this final edition of The Abdominal Stretch with a little debate piece.

1000th Episode of Raw vs Money In The Bank

Which should they really be building toward more here? On one hand, MITB is a PPV. One that, looking at the card as it stands, won't do great on the buys. The other is an unprecedented milestone in television. They can talk about it all they want, but, like Wrestlemania, where they brought all the star power in to break the buys record...they need to do something to really shoot the ratings through the roof...if even for this one week.

Now, there's been blogs, and rumors, and forum discussions about how to book the 1000th episode. And really, there's only three things they should make sure they do, hands down...IMO.

1. JR Commentating for the majority.

2. A new, permanent GM named. Perhaps two. One for each show. And it's gotta be someone major. Shane McMahon, JBL, or someone like that. *Speculate From Here*

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin, whom without, there would be no WWE or 1000th Episode of Raw Today.

Everything else should be done to put on a milestone type show, with some throwbacks here and there, and some really good wrestling matches. But these three should be an absolute guarantee.

Well, that's it for The Abdominal Stretch. I hope you all enjoyed the run it had. I won't be posting anymore Raw Reviews or anything. I advise you check out Uncooked for the best Raw Review on here. Sorry to the others who post them, but Uncooked is my favorite.

Thanks for reading. Be Safe Everyone.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. akbar's Avatar
    -Sad to see TAS go.
    -Disagree with your view on the Cena promo, I personally loved it.
    -Good last blog.
  2. theunderdog84's Avatar
    Goodblog agreed with you a lot but also have to disagree with you on the Cena promo. It was funny as hell and very well thought out. Cena has brilliant mic skills.
    Good blog tho and best of luck to you.
  3. bearkg88's Avatar
    I think Jericho is going to win. Part of me wondered if ADr and Ziggler fucked up, and were just trying to find a way to kill time because it just seemed unnatural in a way. I wish they would give the US title to someone who can put on a great match. Good blog bro!
  4. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Enjoyed it, as usual. I feel bad that I didn't comment on your previous Stretches when I first read them... but your Sudden Impact is just as good, so look forward to more of it!
  5. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    You didn't like the Cena Star Wars promo? I thought it was an amazing promo, one of the best seen this year. It was refreshing and something new, done by the man who's hated by the IWC for being stale...
  6. alcrissam's Avatar
    Sad to see it go, it was one of the more respected and well written blogs on here. But sudden impact is something fresh, i enjoy those. And i hate to sound like a bandwagoner, but John Cena doing Yoda McMahon was one of the funniest things i have ever seen in my life.
  7. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    In response to everyone. I did go back and watch the John Cena segment. I did chuckle a few times. I just felt some of the names were goofy and he was being a dork. I almost put in the same context as his "loser" promo where he mimicked Ace Ventura. I don't know. I will retract my statement on the Cena thing. As after watching it over, yes, it was rather funny.
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