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Sudden Impact: If There's Any Justice...

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He TNA'ers from all around. The Saviour here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all Impact Wrestling, and none of the Evil Empire from up north. Yes, I did retire the Abdominal Stretch on Monday but Sudden Impact has been equally as successful, and I'm going to take this one and run with it.

What's interesting is, I titled this week's edition...If There's Any Justice. That is a direct shot at the ratings situation, because TNA has been, and continues to put on great weekly shows. They went live and really took off. They're laying it all out and it's a shame more people aren't tuned in to it. But, I posted a blog over the weekend about it, so I'll leave it at that.

Let's talk Sudden Impact.

Bound For Glory Series

RVD and Mr Anderson put on a very good opening match. I like the crucifix for the clean win for RVD. We saw Mr Anderson pretty much get it handed to him by Bobby Roode and then tap. He should be a filler for the rest of BFG.

Joe and Bully Ray put on an awesome match. I was sad to see the interference from Joseph Park to ruin such a thing of beauty. I was glad to see Joe win though. I hope when this series is done, he's near the top. I don't get Bully Ray myself. He seems like he's being pushed to be a top heel. And he's playing the part good with his attitude and all...but he never wins. He's like the ultimate top heel jobber. Can someone tell me what the crowd chants for Samoa Joe? Is it "Joe's Gonna Kill You"?

Finally, next week's BFG main event, Jeff Hardy and James Storm. Looking forward to that one.

X Division Tournament

I'm happy to hear about this. I like the qualifiers. This week had two decent matches that were very fast-paced and put on a good show. I was actually sad to see Rubix lose. He did some crazy things. I really wanted Mason Andrews to win too...not just because he had some fantastic stuff, but I didn't see much from the Philly boy, and I don't know how much I'm gonna like seeing that hair and outfit. Ugh. And I'm from Philly, so he's the hometown guy for me. But please, no Cameron Movement.

Gut Check Decision

I like this girl Taylor. Glad she got the Yes vote. But what makes this decision segment even guessed it. Joey Ryan. He's here to stay and that can only mean good things.

Tag Team Championship

I don't know how Kazarian is even walking after that powerbomb last week. AJ and Daniels did a good job covering up his botched hurricanrana from the apron. However, We now have new Tag Team Champions. I didn't know it was going to happen, but all night I was thinking SOMETHING was gonna happen. Well, what happened sucked. It was a great match, but a rather poor ending. I hate when they do that. It's so WWE like.

Bobby Roode and A Double Feud

I cannot wait for this match. One thing the heavyweight title needs is a good feud. I mean, if you tune in to the other show, their upcoming PPV will feature a title match between two guys who have been feuding for months. I think the TNA World Title needs that and I think A Double is the man for Roode to feud with for the rest of the summer. I'm sure they'll put on great matches. I just hope TNA can book this feud properly. It's time to stop with the one and done title contenders. While the rest of the top guys are busy with BFG, this would be the perfect situation.

Overall Impact was...well, pretty good, but I won't say great like in recent weeks. I think they spent too much time with this Claire angle, and with how the show ended, there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel on this situation. There was also a point around midway through the show where it was segment after segment. But overall, they did continue their focus on quality wrestling matches, as I don't think there was one bad match on the night. Maybe not the best endings to some, but the overall quality of matches was awesome.

We have what's looking like a pretty good episode coming up next week. In my opinion, TNA continues it's rise and continues to put on better shows than WWE. Some may not agree, but so far, the summer belongs to TNA in my eyes. The ratings are usually posted tomorrow. That's when we'll find out...If There's Any Justice.

Thank you for reading this weeks' episode of Sudden Impact. I believe I'm defending my triple threat blog title this week, so check it out.

Be Safe Everyone!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Nice blog! This weeks show was really good.
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    I like this. Your blog is actually a great almost "sister blog" for SOT'E. It's basically the TNA version of it and it works. Glad you're sticking around with this one.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Awesome Blog as usual bud. Glad you followed through on your word and plan on still giving us "Sudden Impact". Loved how you covered the botch hurricanrana, was watching it last night, saw it, and had the gf starts yelling; "OMG he botched the sh*t out of that!!!"

    Either way, it's going to suck not seeing you post anything come Monday/Tuesday, hell maybe it'll give you time to come up with a new concept.

    Cheers Bud.
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog DX. TNA seems to be getting better and better with their product. A Double vs Bobby Roode has the makings to be a MOTY candidate. I'm also loving the fact that the X-Division tournament gives us new and familiar X-Division wrestlers. Glad to see the state of the X-Division back in place.
  5. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    DK -

    Great blog this week and love to see you hitting the high and low points alike.

    Botched Hurricarana - I actually thought Daniels reversed it into a powerbomb... Then I saw him flip and me and my wife laughed. I do think they covered it up well and feel that the Daniels Signature 1arm Bomb made up for that botch (man that looked sick. If you get a chance, rewatch it cuz it was FAST)

    Joe/Bully - I am mixed on this one. 1 side of it, Bully suplexed Joe (Awesome) and the Bully-End (Bully's Book-End/Rock Bottem or whatever) was nice. The problem I had is that Joe moved a bit early on several moves (the falling down on the arm slam selling the injury, the standing Bully Splash, The Bully back splash from the second rope). I think that this match was great, but give them a series of 5 matches and watch the chemistry build. And Yes DK, the chant is "Joe's gonna Kill you!" I found it HILARIOUS that Bully called Earl over to tell him that the crowd is saying that Joe's gonna kill him.

    RVD/Anderson - GREAT opener. Well paced. Great to see RVD go old school with the cartwheel/moonsault and I LOVED the ending. I feel it not only made the match better, but also helped build the BFG series up in that these will not be the typical "Closing Moveset then finisher" type of matches.

    My highlight? Sonjay is back. Stout match with Rubix (Jigsaw) which saw some great paced action. I felt the crowd did thier best to stay with it, but most didn't know how to keep up with the action so Rubix had to keep them clapping. The genuine chant was the "This is Awesome" because you could tell they appreciated it. As for the Andrews/Cameron match, I have backed Blk Jeez thru the Indies for a while now (This is the Indy wrestler I told you was SABIAN a while back DK) and I was glad to see him in the match... But the matched belonged to Andrews(Scorpio Sky). Once he hit the corkscrew senton, the crowd was his. And the body-scissor-carana was awesome. I feel Cameron has a place in the X Division... But I'd much rather see his tag partner in "Philly's Most Wanted"... The Cambodian Ax-Murderer - Joker

    All in all solid Impact. Really wish the Dixie/AJ/Claire angle had ended and we started a "Daniels Drugged me and fathered my baby" angle. But I guess that's too Jerry Springer for Impact.

    Kudos DK. And just so you know, I subscribed to your Sudden Impact blogs so now I can see them no matter what!

    Updated 07-01-2012 at 03:11 AM by Darkside Ron Garvin
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    I'm glad that Sonjay is back!!!!!

    btw, gr8 blog as usual bro...

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