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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Predictions and Endings

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Hey everyone. I'm back with another opinion of mine. In this post, I will be sharing with you my predictions for the result of WWE's upcoming Pay-Per-View, Money In The Bank. I hope you all enjoy.

[B]Pre-Show match: Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson [/B]
[B]Winner via Book of Ezekiel: Ezekiel Jackson[/B]

[B]WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder match [/B]
[B]John Cena vs. Kane vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho [/B]

Jericho's 4th attempt at Money In The Bank glory, the most that any wrestler has competed in Money In The Bank. This is the very first time Cena has competed in this ladder match. There really is no surprise to his and I think Cena will win. Every time the contract has been cashed in, there has been a new champion crowned and I think WWE will keep it this way. I can't see Jericho winning the MITB Contract and then the WWE Title down the road. Kane has already won it and I cannot see him winning it a 2nd time. Big Show will be lucky to climb to the top rung, unless he brings his specially modified ladder which he used in 2010. But this year, I think Cena will win the match. Big Show will Chokeslam Kane off the ladder. After that, Brodus Clay will come out and interfere. He will hit the What The Funk? on Big Show and hit a running splash to Show into a ladder set up in the corner. He will leave and as Show stands up, Jericho will hit the Codebreaker on Show and Show will turn around into an AA from Cena onto another ladder. Cena and Jericho will trade punches on the ladder until finally, Cena scoops Jericho up and hits a massive Attitude Adjustment off the ladder. Cena will climb back up and retrieve the briefcase.

[B]Winner: John Cena [/B]

[B]WWE Tag Team Championship match [/B]
[B]Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (c) vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) w/ A.W.[/B]

Young and O'Neil became the No. 1 Contender's to the Tag Team titles after defeating Primo & Epico and Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd. I don't think these two are ready for Championship glory JUST yet. I think they should wait at least another 6 months. So my pick for this match is a successful title defence for the champs. I think R-Truth will get limited ring time in this match due to his foot injury. I think Primo and Epico will come out and distract Young. R-Truth will hit the Little Jimmy on A.W. on the outside of the ring followed by a chop block by Titus O'Neil. Primo and Epico will walk away as O'Neil follows them half way up the ramp. This distraction will allow Kofi to get the victory after Trouble In Paradise to Young for the pinfall.

[B]Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth


[B]Winner Take All match for the United States and Divas Championships[/B]
[B]Santino Marella and Layla (c) vs. David Otunga and Beth Phoenix[/B]

Okay for this match, I think this match will be just a time killer. I think that Santino will retain the belt in time for the 1000th Episode of RAW. Just a simple 5-10 minute match will Marella hitting the Cobra for the win.

[B]Winner and STILL United States Champion: Santino Marella [/B]
[B]Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Layla[/B]

[B]World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder match [/B]
[B]Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger vs. Christian vs. The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase [/B]

DiBiase making his return at Money In The Bank in the World Heavyweight title MITB ladder match but I do not think he will win it. Even though Ziggler, Swagger and Miz are on RAW, Money In The Bank is no longer subject to brands. With that being said, I think Dolph Ziggler will win the match. If not, Christian will be my second pick. I can't see Rhodes, Swagger or DiBiase winning the match and just like Kane in the WWE Championship Ladder match, The Miz has already won the contract. Christian will kick Miz off the ladder. Christian will go down to make sure he is out but on his way down, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Christian from the ladder!! Swagger will go crashing through a ladder like Shelton Benjamin did at WrestleMania XXIV (24) and DiBiase will take out Rhodes with Dream Street off a ladder and through the announcer table, taking both of them out. Christian is back up and he, Ziggler and Miz will fight between the top of two ladders. Ziggler will get caught between the rung as Miz and Christian fight on the top. Ziggler will get up eventually as Miz hammers away at Christian. Christian, will hit the flip kick on Ziggler knocking him off. Miz will try for the Skull Crushing Finale but Christian will elbow him in the head. He will push Miz off the ladder and Miz will get hung up on the ropes and flip to the outside. Ziggler will come back in and ram another ladder into Christian knocking off the ladder and out cold. Ziggler will race up the ladder and retrieve the briefcase.

[B]Winner: Dolph Ziggler[/B]

[B]World Heavyweight Championship match [/B]
[B]Sheamus (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio [/B]

When Money in the Bank arrives, Sheamus will have held the title for 3 months. I don't think his reign will be ending any time soon. Despite winning two WWE Championships, Del Rio has not had much luck in the World Heavyweight Championship department and I don't think the night of MITB will be his night. Simple. He will go for the Cross Armbreaker. As he is spinning around, Sheamus will counter it into the White Noise. He will go to the corner and try for the Brogue Kick. Ricardo Rodriguez will hold onto his leg and Sheamus will kick him to the ground. He will toss him into the ring and hit the Irish Curse on Rodriguez. Del Rio will roll Sheamus up but Sheamus will kick out. He will go for the Enziguri but Sheamus will catch him on his shoulders and hit White Noise for a second time for the pinfall.

[B]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Sheamus [/B]

After the match, Del Rio attacks Sheamus from behind and hits the Enziguri. He leaves and out comes Ziggler! Ziggler rushes out to the ring. He jumps up and down, asking for the bell to be rung. Before he can, he attacks Sheamus some more. He sets him up in the corner and levels him with heavy rights to the gut. He goes outside and gets the briefcase. Ziggler jumps back into the ring and throws the case into the referee's arms. He screams at the ref to ring the bell. The referee hands the case to Lilian Garcia. She announces that the match is for the World Heavyweight Championship. Before the bell can ring, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Ziggler! Ziggler falls out of the ring and is out of it. Sheamus is red in the face. He goes outside and gets his title belt. He raises it up high and leaves with an angry look on his face.

[B]8-Man Tag Team match: Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder and Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis, Michael McGillicutty, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks[/B]

A huge eight man tag match to kill some time. I think that the heel team will win the match. Gabriel hits the 450 Splash on Reks. Curtis will take out Bateman with a clothesline over the top rope as Hawkins hits the Hangman's Neckbreaker on Kidd. Ryder will go for the Rough Ryder on Hawkins but Hawkins will side step him and Ryder accidentally gets Gabriel. McGillicutty comes in and tosses Ryder shoulder first into the ring post. He then hits the McGillicutter on Gabriel and pins him for the win!

[B]Winners: Michael McGillicutty, Johnny Curtis, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks.[/B]

[B]WWE Championship match [/B]
[B]CM Punk (c) vs. Daniel Bryan [/B]

CM Punk has held the WWE Title for just over 8 months now and for some reason, I actually think his reign is coming to an end at the Money in the Bank PPV. I don't however think that he will lost THIS match if you know what I mean. I think they will go for about 20-30 minutes and Punk will counter the YES Lock! into the Anaconda Vise. Bryan will hook his leg on the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Punk will go a clothesline and Bryan will toss him over the rope but Punk will land on the apron. Punk goes for a Slingshot Sunset Flip pin but Bryan drops down into a pin and tries to use the ropes but the ref catches him. Punk will reverse the hold into the Sunset Flip to steal the victory.

[B]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk[/B]

[B]WWE Championship match [/B]
[B]CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena [/B]

I think Cena will come out with the briefcase and says "Sorry" The referee calls for the bell and Punk will charge at Cena. Cena will duck the clothesline and hit a shoulder block. He immediately scoops Punk up and hits the Attitude Adjustment. He hesitates at making the cover but does and Punk kicks out at two! Cena waits for Punk to stand up and goes for the AA again. Punk drops down and scoops Cena up on his shoulders. He goes for the GTS but Cena grabs his knee, trips him and locks in the STF! Punk scrambles towards the ropes but can't make it and taps out, giving Cena the win and the title.

[B]Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena
After the match, the fans boo Cena as Cena has a regretful look on his face. He puts the title around his shoulder, and walks out of the arena without looking back at the crowd to end the show.


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  1. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    R-Truth has a broken foot.And im guessing you dont read spoilers for SD!?
  2. ozfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TomJarvis100
    R-Truth has a broken foot.And im guessing you dont read spoilers for SD!?
    His foot has been broken for 2 weeks and Money In The Bank is in 3 weeks. Just under. And if you read properly, it said LIMITED ring time.
  3. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    thought a broken foot was quite serious?
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Having Cena cash in on Punk would infact bring him loads of heat. Setting up Punk/Cena for S.S.... I can see it happening.
  5. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    I agree with most of your predictions but I don't think Drew vs Zeke isn't even good for pre show and let's face it, there will be a Ryback match....
  6. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    decent card, not the greatest but it's one I'd happily watch.

    SHEAMUS' REIGN HAS ONLY BEEN 3 MONTHS? DAFUQ!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! feels like 10 months
  7. ozfan's Avatar
    Okay for the last time. YES. R-Truth has a broken foot and YES it can be a serious injury. But re-read what I wrote. It says LIMITED ring time. Its not like Money In The Bank is tomorrow night. No, it's in 3 weeks. Give his foot a little bit of time to heal and it has already been broken for 2-3 weeks. And these are PREDICTIONS. It's not like this match will happen. So stop stressing.

    PhEonYx: Thank you. I can see it happening too.

    Pumpkinhead: I knew there would likely be a pre-show match but did not know who else to put and I did not put Ryback in the dark match because most likely he will have a quick squash hancicap match on the actual show.
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