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Top 10 moments in WCW Nitro history

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I did both Raw and Smackdown top 10 good and bad moments. Now it is WCW Monday Nitro's turn. I'd like to start on the positive end first when dicussing WCW. Give it some love after growing up watching it. This list is bad on my opinion as always. Some forget, agree or disagree....let us show love to WCW Nitro. This is not WCW history....just WCW Nitro history.

1.Goldberg wins WCW title July 98-In his hometown live on free TV he beat Hollywood Hogan. Only probably 1 WCW title win would have been bigger if it was on Nitro: Sting winning at Starrcade 97. In any case, it was a huge moment for WCW, fans, and Goldberg.

2.4 Horsemen reunion Sept.98-Ric and Eric didn't have that love/hate relationship. They just had the hate during that time and it showed in his promo on Nitro. Even Bischoff said over 90% was really Flair speaking from the heart.

3.Luger beats Hogan Sept 97-Luger wins WCW title with everyone on WCW side in the ring celebrating with him over the title victory.

4.Scott Hall's debut-The bad guy came over where the big boys play and he wasn't alone. Interrupting a match coming through the crowd. It was just the beginning of what some people call the best Stable in the history of pro wrestling. I still believe 4 Horsemen was the best.

5.Luger debut Sept 95-Contract run out the day before Nitro. Luger was a surprise for fans around the globe watching that night. He came to play with the big boys. LOL!

6.Goldberg spears Bret Hart Dec 99-Come to find out, Bret had a steel plate under that hockey jersey. One of Bret's very few good moments in WCW.

7.DDP joins NWO?Jan 97-DDP puts on the NWO shirt only to turn around and give Hall the diamond cutter. Fans went nuts!!

8.Bret Hart vs Benoit Owen Hart Tribute-Putting on 1 helluva match fans remember til this very day.

9.Sting + NWO? Sept.96-I hated when Sting joined the NWO the last go around, but the first 1 in 96 began the crow character. Sting was my favorite WCW wrestler because of it. During that time, Sting would be in rafter and not talking. Getting over without saying a word and pointing his bat towards Hogan who was scared out of his mind. That led to Sting winning at Starrcade and lost it way too soon. A match everyone wanted to see in 97.

10.Bischoff joins NWO-They have the guy running WCW on their side. How can you defeat them now? Which is mainly the reason it is in the top 10. I know people argue all the time over him being involved in the storyline, but it created more drama. Him joining the NWO made us hate NWO even more than before.

That is my top 10. I know not everyones will look like mine, but I see mine as a very solid list. Hopefully people will not get overly upset that theirs didn't make my list. I know I may hear some liking Jericho/1,000 holds. I liked the conspiracy victim better. The 10 worst will be on here next time. If you got suggestions.....leave them in the comment section.

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  1. Sage's Avatar
    no hogan heel turn?
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Bischoff joining the nWo should be higher up. Other than that, not a bad list.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sage
    no hogan heel turn?
    Bash at the Beach=ppv not Monday Nitro. Did you not read my blog where I stated it was just Nitro. Not WCW history as a whole or I would have certainly had moments like Sting winning the title vs Flair and Hogan on the top 10 list.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by T-Hughes35
    Bischoff joining the nWo should be higher up. Other than that, not a bad list.
    Your probaby least it is on there.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I love the list. I don't love the order. If there is really an order here. Not sure. When reading this initially, I thought you counting down. Anyhow, I feel that the Bret/Benoit Owen Tribute match has got to be one of the best moments. And I personally, choose Leg Luger making Hogan submit to the Torture Rack to win the title, as the greatest moment I ever saw on Nitro. I youtube and still get goosebumps. One of the loudest pops in history. And probably one of Tony Schiavani's best calls as well.

    Honorable mention to DDP dressing like LaParka and beating Macho Man?
  6. Johnny G's Avatar
    Great list dude but think honorable mention should go to Billy Kidman winning the Cruiserweight Title the night after the Flock was made to disband
  7. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    What about Arquette winning the title? Or Hogan's heel turn? Those were the best moments on nitro.

    Who cares if they happened on a different show right Sage?

    They need to be added to the list.
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