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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the inaugural blog, the beginning of an era. Welcome to "The Resh says:"

For starters, The Resh says...I don't know why I'm seeing all of these regulars in the blog world are deciding to hang it up. I just read one is quitting because it is becoming to flooded with top 10 lists, repetitive complaints, and run on sentences that for some reason get entered in as blogs when really, they need to know their damn roles, and keep their asses in the forum sections. I'm here to say a couple things. 1. I, for one, do not want these guys to quit. I ,for one, think they are exactly what this bullshit flooded blog community needs. We as bloggers need to rid this area of the forums over flow. We need YOU, to fill this community with REAL blogs, not the usual "OMG this is why I hate Cena" or the "Top 5 favorite wrestlers." 2. I am here to hopefully bring you out of retirement and offer help to carry the load and bring valor back to the community. And hell, if this doesn't work, then I guess I'm here to shoulder the load. And for those of you who don't know who I'm talking to, I'm talking to you Rated_R(ob)KO and you DK Wrestling Savior. Give the fans what they want, continue "The Abdominal Stretch" and the "State of the E'". Damn the haters, damn the bullshit blogs. Much like we want real wrestling, we want real blogs.

Now, I hope I got my point across with that little intro, now onto my first topic of interest.

The Resh says....jobbers are all well and good, but when a guy is beginning to make a career off of them, it makes it harder for a guy to gain credibility with the fans. I think we all know where I am going with this, I'm talking about Ryback.

What the hell to do with this guy? Ok, WWE creative staff, we get it, Ryback can squash to local whathisface's that weigh in at a combined weight of 300 lbs. soaking wet. So can almost 95% percent of your locker room, so why are we meant to continue to be impressed? I can't speak for anyone else in the IWC, but I am not. Any one who is, well, your parents must be cousins.

Give this guy some credibility, yea he has squashed Slater and co. a couple of times, but let him move on. Quit with the squash matches, it's time for him to graduate to the 5 minute matches with mid-carders, or even put him in a story line feud. The man is a tank. Yea he is stiff as a full blown woody in the ring, but so is Sheamus and he is the World Heavyweight Champion. Guys on the main roster are worried about getting injured against him, but didn't Alberto Del Rio, a man who was pushed to the moon as soon as he arrived, receive a concussion at the hands of said champion, Sheamus? Maybe the man wouldn't be so damn stiff if you didn't set him up in the ring with 2 local middle school girls fresh out of volleyball practice to toss around the ring like rag dolls for 45 seconds and scream "FEED ME MORE!"

He doesn't even really have to be put in a feud right away, just let him start running through known guys. Put him against JTG one week, Otunga another week, let him run through the mid-card for a few months, have some good 5-7 minute matches, gain some credibility. Then, once he has gained momentum in the mid-card, put him up against the champion of the mid-carders, the Intercontinental Champion. Whether it's Christian or whoever has the strap at the time, let them go 10 minutes, have the champ get his few shots in to make it believable, then have him eventually job to Ryback while he does his powerhouse thing and give him the title.

After a few month reign as the IC champ, let him start into the main event guys. I'm not saying he needs to headline PPVs, but let him face the likes of Kane, Orton, Big Show, hell, even Cena, all of this while still holding the IC title, therefore simultaneously bringing some credibility back to a title that has so lacked it for many years. In the midst of Ryback's rise to the main event roster, give him a shot at the WHC, pulling a page from Austin Aries' playbook, and relinquishing the IC title for a chance at the WHC. And in my opinion, I wouldn't mind seeing him face Sheamus, if he has the title at the time. I would enjoy seeing two power guys go at it for 15-20 minutes for the World Heavyweight title.

He has shown he has the strength, he has shown he has the intensity. Now let's put it to the test. Enough with the local chuckleheads, I want to see some old fashioned mid-card domination all the way to the top.

These are just my opinions, so let me know what you think, give me your opinions in the comments section.


The Resh

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  1. bobnature's Avatar
    Brilliant way to push Ryback. Honestly wish the WWE would read your blog and say "hey... thats not a bad idea". But hey, morons will be morons.

    Great blog and fully agree with the top section, love reading The Abdominal Stretch & State of The E.
  2. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    Did you just create a blog worthy of a forum post bitching about forum posts posing as blogs?

    Oh the irony.
  3. Sam Axe's Avatar
    Casey Ryback??? ...he's a cook, plain and simple...
  4. akbar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Double Axehandle
    Did you just create a blog worthy of a forum post bitching about forum posts posing as blogs?

    Oh the irony.
    This guy gets it.
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Captured my attention with your opening paragraph. Hell, your blog was half decent and made me laugh at times...

    Way to book Ryback, but gonna agree with Double Axehandle.

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