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SID: The Man Who Rules The World

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This is the Great Blueski blog. And this time I’m going to talk about but the man who rules the world (as the title of the blog probably already gave away lol)... SID!!!

So I was watching old tapes the other day and I came across Wrestlemania 8. We’re talking the golden era of the Great Blueski’s childhood here. The double main event Savage vs Flair for the gold and Sid vs Hogan was classic... well okay the Savage and Flair match was a classic, the Hogan Sid affair was a bit clumsy in comparison. But to me wrestling fans that match was five stars all the way. Let me explain. Way back in the day when Momma Blueski shot me out the old chute there just wasn’t that many heels in my peer group. I was raised among people who actually liked the freakin good guys, man. All my friends were Hogan fans and Savage fans... me I was rooting for Flair and Sid obviously. My biggest fear that night watching with my friends was that my man Sid would job out to Hogan like every heel I’d hope would kill Hulkamania before him and all I’d hear for weeks is how Sid got beat. But he didn’t. Well except for a bogus DQ but it was after he kicked out of the Big Leg so I was happy. I could be proud at school the next day and say Sid took Hogan’s best and was still going. And as for Flair Savage, man? Well like Ric himself said post match in one of my favourite interviews of all time... “There’s a man running around town tonight claiming to be the Real World Champion... he had a handfulla tights!!!!” Anytime one of my friends mentioned that fight they’d get that line fed to them with a bonus WOOOOO on the end.

But enough about my childhood this isn’t therapy. I pay someone to listen to the trauma I suffered as a heel raised among face marks, man, and trust me they earn that money every damn week brother. No the point of this blog is Sid: The man who rules the world. He’s always been one of my favourites and yeah I know he has a lot of haters but listen kids, let the Great Blueski tell you how it goes in life... if you haven’t got a few people hating on what you do you ain’t really doing that much to begin with. I was obviously marking out when the big man showed up on RAW. It made me think of the ups and downs big Sid Eudy has been through down the years. So as it’s 4:20 I figured why not write a blog about the big guy and why he is, was and always will be a legend in the House of Blueski.

When he showed up in WCW in the back end of the eighties I was an instant fan. It didn’t matter if he was a bit green at that point because as a fan I was a bit green... when Sid was working a bit sloppily to me it looked a million bucks because I’m thinking ‘he really wants to kill that guy!’ When WCW teamed him up with Dan Spivey as the Skyscrapers even though as a kid I was wondering ‘why would Sid need to team up with anyone?’ I still was a fan. But it wasn’t to last anyway. Sid broke a rib and punctured a lung in a match with the Steiners at Clash of the Champions (I didn’t see the match and can’t find on Utube either but Skyscrapers vs Steiners? Yeah I’m thinking that was a stiff match right there... ouch) Interestingly on a later birthday I asked an Aunt to buy me a WCW VHS the main reason being Sid. The tape she purchased was the Skyscrapers vs Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed maybe?) and Mean Mark Callous (Undertaker) had replaced Sid in the team. The Young Blueski wasn’t amused. I wish I had that VHS now though... to think I looked at the Undertaker and thought ‘who’s this joke they’ve got taking Sid’s place?’ lol.

When Sid came back from injury WCW elevated him up the pecking order in a big way and he was revealed as the new Horseman. There’s been a lot of bad things said from the other Horsemen towards Sid since... that he was unprofessional and didn’t want to learn from them blah blah blah... his run with the Horsemen wasn’t really a highlight for me. Don’t get me wrong my all time favourite wrestler is Arn Anderson and I loved the Horsemen in just about every incarnation because any Horsemen are better than no Horsemen but Sid didn’t fit. I’m glad that really after that bookers stopped trying to team him up with other people except briefly to set up an angle because from day one us wrestling fans could see: Big Sid doesn’t play well with others. And more to the point: he didn’t need to.

My personal opinion of the rest of Sid’s first tenure in WCW is that he was wasted because he terrified a lot of the top guys backstage. You see some wrestlers have to work so damn hard to get a spot and keep clinging to a spot, some wrestlers take years to build up a following to become recognized by the fans and get a reaction from them one way or another. Sid didn’t. There was something about the man. Something that just made you sit up and take notice. I know there was a lot of talk in the business that Sid could have been the next Hogan at this point. He had the looks and the physique. His mic skills weren’t brilliant but Hogan’s have never been that good, brother. I suspect that some of the top guys in WCW worried about that fact. And a lot was done to hurt the man I believe. To stop him reaching the heights he could of. A ten second loss to Lex Luger fast count or not is not the way you treat a rising star unless you’re trying to bury him... but then wasn’t Ric running the booking committee at this point? I’m sure that’s just a coincidence lol.

So after telling WCW he was leaving and doing a job for El Gigante in an awful match Sid was on his way to New York. It was a good little run for Sid. It established him as a true big dog in the business because he was immediately brushing shoulders with Hogan and Slaughter the top face and heel. Now I don’t know if Vinny Mac planned on turning Sid all along and having him clash with Hogan but when he debuted as the face Sid Justice but pretty much kept his entire viscous heel style intact Sid got over bigtime. His standing up for Randy and Liz at their wedding reception and his brief runs ith the Taker and Jake the Snake were well received and he was getting over bigtime as a big good looking, well bullt young face. Every thing that Hogan used to be. There was a big reaction to him even on the Superstars shows back then which lets face it were devoid of real atmosphere because the fans had sat through so many hours of the dull tapings. Only the biggest names got a reaction from those crowds. Everyone else got a polite pop but that was it. But Sid? He’d been with the company a shit and a shower and he was getting huge pops from the same crowds. They were popping for him like they did Hogan almost.

Now in my mind knowing what type of man Hulk was back then (and may still be I don’t know him to judge) I imagine he went into overdrive to keep Sid from reaching his potential. Sid must have scared the crap out of him because he had ‘Hulk’s long term replacement’ wrote all over him in the fans eyes. Sid Justice looked like the future. I honestly believe if Vinny had had the balls then to take his eggs out of Hogan’s basket and put them in Sid’s... well we could be looking at an entirely different wrestling business today. But we’re not. And that said I loved the Hogan and Sid angle. From the Rumble to the press conference announcing Ric’s first challenger it was all good. And remember folks... at the Rumble when Hulk and Sid had their little clash... the fans were cheering for Sid not Hogan. At that moment Sid could of been pushed as the face and the ‘E or rather the ‘F at the time could of turned Hogan heel well before Hollywood came along. And I think that could of been epic. Monumental. But I digress... A particular favourite was when Sid trashed the Barber Shop and grabbed a hold of Brutus. “I’m gonna do you a favour... I’m gonna rearrange your face!” Classic. Now that’s what great childhood memories are made of, folks. I’ve already talked about the match at Wrestlemania 8 at the top of the blog so I’ll skip past that. But all in all I think Vince missed out a huge opportunity with Sid the first time and unfortunately I think the moment of Sid truly transcending the wrestling business and becoming a true international household name like Hulk Hogan sadly passed too. Don’t get me wrong he will always be a legend to wrestling fans and he didn’t need ten or twenty runs with a world title to do it. But he could of been so much more in my opinion.

So after his first bite of the Big Apple Sid went back to WCW. It wasn’t a bad run but let’s be honest folks WCW was a badly run company at the time. Sometimes it was hard to watch. His team up with Vader as the Masters of the Powerbomb was pretty cool. I loved the announcement WCW shot where they paid hundreds of extras to pose as wrestling fans at a bar where the Colonel Parker (Rob Fuller) and Harley Race announced the forming of the team. I watch it now and it’s a lil dated and cheesy but I still enjoy it. I didn’t mind the run the MOTP had with Sting and the Bulldog. I don’t think it did anything to turn the company around. But the run did lead to a legendary moment in wrestling... the debut of the Shockmaster!!! So we should always be enternally grateful. I love Sid’s face when they cut to him after the Shockmaster has done his epic fail. Sid looks like he’s fighting with everything not to break down laughing and to be fair he stayed professional. I couldn’t have.

Sid went on to face Sting one on one at Halloween Havoc in a match billed as deciding who was the franchise player in WCW. It was a good match and Sid showed how well he could bump for a big man (Sting returned the favour selling for Sid perfectly especially on a chokeslam near the beginning of the match, I mean the chokeslam was a rare move in the States still at this point but you rarely see them taken and sold as sweetly as that even now) but Sid eventually lost to a school boy after the Colonel grabbed him by mistake. But how many other good matches are ruined by crappy finishes, right? I always enjoyed the chemistry between Sid and Sting and at this point WCW wanted to turn Sid face. They planted the seed of it with the finish and turned him on television following the PPV. I wonder if they were going to really go for it and really push Sid at this point. Some say they were and that he was supposed to beat Vader for the title. But it never happened. Sid missed out again.

On October 27, 1993 while on tour in the UK Sid and Arn Anderson got into a scuffle in Sid’s hotel room after Arn Anderson had come to his room with a pair of scissors looking to settle a argument between the two from earlier in the evening. It was a beef that some say went as far back as their days in the Horsemen together. Anyway to cut a long story short, folks... you know what happens when you go to Sid’s hotel room with a pair of scissors looking for a ruckus? You get stabbed twenty times with your own scissors. Sid himself was stabbed four times. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a mark for Arn Anderson I’m writing this blog about Sid but I could easily write one about Arn. He is, was and will always be a legend. But I think Arn made a serious judgement error that night. The drink and whatever else probably didn’t help. I just hope that the two of them have come to terms over that beef now. Can you imagine being a maid in their hotel and walking down a corridor to find Arn and Sid rolling around on the floor stabbing the shit out of each other with a pair of scissors? I bet that maid would leave work that day believing pro wrestling was real lol.

Several wrestlers threatened to walk out because of Sid. Flair, only recently back from WWF, was the loudest among them and WCW weren’t risking him going again. Sid was finished. I kind of feel bad for Sid. I’ve heard it from many sources all over the internet and face to face that Arn went to Sid’s room with the scissors. I don’t know the full story though only those that were actually there do. But in my book if you go looking for beef carrying a weapon and have that weapon turned on you... you kind of asked for that. Sorry Arn. If it was my hotel room and the same circumstances I’d be stabbing the man too... sue me but I believe in self preservation first humanitarianism second. But anyway that was Sid’s second WCW run over.

I’ve just realised how long this blog has gone on and I’m only at the end of Sid’s second WCW run. Sorry folks but this man had a long career. From WCW he went to work for Jerry Lawler’s USWA for a while before coming back to the WWF as the bodyguard of Shawn Michaels. This didn’t last long. Sid cost Shawn the title against Diesel at Wrestlemania XI and on RAW turned on him, legitimately injuring Shawn’s back when he gave him three sick powerbombs. It was a great moment. This turned Shawn face again and Diesel ran out to save him setting up a Sid Diesel showdown in the future.

Sid then joined the Million Dollar Corporation as a replacement for Bam Bam. I enjoyed his run with the Corporation. I was disappointed that he didn’t take the title off Diesel at the first In Your House PPV but I was a fan of big Kev Nash too so really in that match whoever won I won. I actually thought they had an alright match for two big men even though a lot of peeps of mine crapped on the match. I mean it wasn’t Savage Steamboat but it wasn’t Warlord Hercules either, folks, you get what I’m saying. Credit where it’s due. When two big men work with each other it’s different. It’s dangerous in all kinds of ways and if they’re not careful they can easily do very serious harm to each other. It also puts a limit on the repertoire of the wrestlers. You can’t do things to a 6’10 guy that you can do to 6’2 guy. Sid and Diesel went at it again in a Lumberjack match at IYH 2 and Sid did the job again to end the feud.

Sid was instrumental in the 123 Kids heel turn to join the Corporation when the Kid refereed a match between Sid and Razor. I thought it was a good turn. I really enjoyed the 123 Kid Razor Ramon saga period. From the shock win on RAW to the Razor challenges offering Kid more and more money to fight him to the friendship between the two and then the Kid selling his big buddy out for the cold hard cash. All WWE and TNA writers should go back and watch how that played out week by week and month by month and take it as a lesson in good wrestling storytelling. Hell, good television storytelling period. Kudos to all involved. Sid teamed up with the Kid for a lot of his remaining run with the Corporation before he was injured in a match with Bob Holly at a house show. He’d be off television until July.

When he came back Sid was made a face and remained so all the way up until facing Shawn for the title at Survivor Series 96. Along the way he’d beat Vader for the strap and defended it against Bret Hart. I hated the finish of the Michaels Sid match and the whole angle with Jose Lothario getting up on the apron and Sid kind of shoving him with the camera and Jose then having a heart attack at ringside. I didn’t like that. The whole Shawn being distracted and worried about his mentor was a bit over the top for me. But Sid won and the interesting thing is... despite being the heel and acting like the heel the fans were going wild for Sid. Just the same way they had when he and Hogan had their spat. Sid was the Attitude era before there was an Attitude era. He was the original badass anti hero in the 1990s. And it was the same contingent that Sid appealed to that took to Steve Austin in such a big way when the badass came out of Stone Cold.

Listen folks I’m going to have to wrap this up... for your sake as well as mine I mean I’m not writing an autobiography for the guy (although Sid you need to get one out brother I wanna read that man). Sid would eventually make his way back to WCW stopping in Philly along the way briefly. His debut in ECW with Bubba and Devon was brilliant. If you’ve not seen it then do so immediately I know it’s on Utube man just don’t tell Vinny Mac capiche? His run in WCW as the Millenium Man and the winning streak he went on was enjoyable for me but ultimately we all knew it would lead to him being fed to Goldberg. But he had a good run. WCW at this point was getting into some dark dark times. Sid battled Benoit for the WCW title at Souled Out and put Benoit over clean submitting to a Crossface but famously Benoit, Eddie, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko left WCW the next day. Sid won the vacant belt beating Nash on Nitro but was stripped of it on Thunder only for Sid to win it back on Nitro. Like I say dark days. In the same dark days a four way match was booked for the Sin PPV with Sid defending his title against Animal, Steiner and Jarrett. WCW had been pressuring Sid to broaden his arsenal. To do something different like come off the top rope. Sid didn’t want to but was pressured into it. He came off the top rope in that match and suffered one of the sickest injuries I’ve ever witnessed in professional sports. Again watch it on Utube if you haven’t seen it. Words cannot describe it. And by the time Sid had recovered from the injury WCW was dead and buried and the wrestling world had moved on.

So to see Sid back on RAW even though it was probably only a one off, even if I do think he could have one more decent run with WWE or TNA, was just awesome. I know he has put a lot of work in to come back from that initially and just staying in shape competing down the years since hoping for one more run. One last run. In closing I just want to say that I could of said a whole lot more about this man. Thank you Sid for everything you’ve given us down the years and even if the history books don’t say it Sid those of us that witnessed it know how close you were to being THE big name in the business. Hulk knows too lol and Ric does.

This was the Great Blueski blog... if you liked it let me know and share your thoughts below... and share your favourite Sid moments below!!!! Now I really gotta dash. PEACE!!! Oh and Matt Hardy put a muzzle on that dog, playboy, she must be smoking your stash talking all that trash. Sorry I had to say it lol. Girl needs to pump her brakes, man. If your only relevance in the business is your relationship with a man who’s only relevance in the business right now is putting out Utube suicide cries for help... please just pump your brakes. I’m just playing, folks... you know I say it all with love lol. And yes I know the irony of someone spouting opinion on wrestling questioning the ability of another to do the same; I just choose to ignore it. Cos I’m like that yo. PEACE!!!!!!

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  1. jackw9's Avatar
    nice blog man can see u put in a lot of effort and time
  2. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    Now this is a blog.
  3. TheGreatBlueski's Avatar
    cheers peeps... yeah it took me a while but I'll be honest I could of gone on, man. When you sit and look back on careers like Sid's their epic. I've been transferring bits of VHS to dvds and trying to do the whole editing thing so I can put together career highlights dvds of my favourites uno and you can never do justice to their careers on on the space of one dvd. I got three volumes of Sid and it drives my wifey mad. So does calling her wifey lol.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Totally awesome blog bud. Somebody did their research!!!
    Side note; Love the way your formatted it, you've got a way with words man.
    Keep em' coming.
  5. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Great blog my dude, I was a big sid fan too , and for the fact that I always thought sid was psycho , that's what made me like his whole demeanor.. thanks for the memories
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I love this throwback stuff. I remember the Skyscrapers and I remember Mean Mark taking his place with Dangerous Danny Spivey. One of my all time favorite moves is still the Heart Punch.

    But enough about childhood Taker. Good stuff about Sid. I can honestly say, other than his complete turn on HBK, leading to his Sycho Sid gimmick and his run ins on people, I was never really a fan. I remember a video montage to his Sycho music and his run ins and attacks on everyone. That was classic stuff. I wish I could find it. But being a huge fan of wrestling since the 80's, I know Sid and remember great moments involving him.

    Good Blog Blueski.

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