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You Will Get What Your Given

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Hello again readers of ewrestling. After my last blog "Digital Era Killed The Pay Per View Star Part 2" and watching some wwe and tna shows I have been pretty much compelled to write up another blog on my thoughts on how wwe seems to not give much of a crap about what their fans want and how atleast tna seems to be trying.

I will start off by saying this isnt a hate filled blog nor is it ripping anyone apart, its a means to get some thoughts out and possibly create a constructive debate on the subject, so here we go...

One thing I have noticed in the last few years of wwe is their knack for forcing things on us fans that we don't want nor cant accept and intentionally taking away that which we do want. The prime example of this is Ryback, wwe is trying their hardest to make us care about this guy but we all know its goldberg mark II so we don't care yet they want us to by constantly having him face random people in handicap matches. I for one would like a new monster bloke on the scene but this way.

The diva's division is a prime example. We are all screaming for them to hire real women talent and push the division up to where it should be but do we get it? nope, we get models who cant run ropes nor act to save themselves sans AJ who is proving some worth, instead we get two minute matches, dance off's or bikini contests (good to look at yes but still), how can they think this is what we want, the crowd at each ppv since EC have chanted for kharma to front up and she says she is ready so where is she?

Their comedy segements have never been worse, crowds boo them or chant something unrelated and most columnists will slaughter them, yet they still force them on us when they are a waste of time, gone are the days of commisioner foley's different offices every week to now hidden beiver shirts, ugh. Im sure big vince says at each creative meeting "they will get what I @#$%ing give them". Fans also want the main titles relevant again and a little edge and adult stuff in storylines, aint happening.

My friend and yours cena is the worst case here. Im don't hate him and I respect the work he does (all gone if it turns out he is multi time backstage cheating man-whore) but like everyone says his act is so stale a freshly made loaf of bread in the middle of the ring would be more entertaining. Anyway I do enjoy some of the lines he comes out with from time to time and the rare good match but we all want his charcter to evolve, let him put over some young guys etc but wwe won't do it because odds are its a fear thing, fear of losing money off his merchandise if he becomes evil. If people want change then do something about it, might be for naught but its somthing.

Now for tna. While I have said tna have done some dumb @#$% but right now fans seem to be getting listened too. Example one is austin aries, everyone is behind him now, they know he can talk and wrestle so tna seems to be recognising this and pushing him. Everyone wanted youngs front and centre and thats what we are getting with the likes of roode, storm, anderson, aries etc. We have called out for new things and they give us the gut check thing, fight night, weekly tv title defences etc its something atleast.

Its a pity they don't listen in regards to their tag team division. I remember how damn good it was now its nothing, no real teams to name anymore which is just sad. Worst of all everyone wants them to turf hogan but instead they let him hire his untalented daughter, thats really what the fans asked for isnt it?

My final point is this: wwe isnt listening to their fans (even if we can be wrong some times) and just giving us crap and telling us to like it. Tna is trying their best but with one step forward, two go back. So this is my opinion and I am very interested to hear everyone elses thoughts.


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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    WWE's whole motive right now is to look good so Linda gets that senate spot. She causes A LOT of changes like the non-firing of anyone on the roster so she could look like a job creator. The bland, pg promos are because she cant have people cursing on her husband's show and making her look bad. It isnt entirely her fault, but she is one of the reasons why they just give us what Linda needs.
  2. Another_Big_Guy's Avatar
    Not that they would admit it buy your right on the money...I didn't even think of that so thanks for bringing it up. I don't live in america so I don't know the story with the politics there but I do know I hope she doesn't win, she does and it will only get worse
  3. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    I don't agree , WWE does certain things and pushes certain people for 1 reason and that is money . Look at Bryan and Punk , this match would have never happened years ago but is happening today because they can draw , plain and simple . In conclusion the WWE is getting smarter - money wise
    Updated 06-27-2012 at 09:55 PM by Vinnie P Jr
  4. bobnature's Avatar
    How awsome would it be if McMahon and all of his family 'died' and somebody new took over the corporation. Then you wouldnt have a greedy money hungry reptillian running things.
  5. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    As the first two comments go, I was a bit ignorant of the political doings of Linda and how they seem to relate to WWE. Interesting stuff...
  6. Liston's Avatar
    Firstly the title of your blog is wrong. Should be "you're".

    With regards to Linda's political campaign the real ignorance is blaming all the perceived problems on it. I mean seriously blaming Linda's campaign is rather short-sighted, and a tad ignorant of the business world.

    Firstly saying that people not getting fired is bad is a bit ridiculous. If Linda's campaign has kept people in jobs, then brilliant. I hope it stays like that. Jobs are hard to come by, and any reason for these people not to loose their jobs is great.

    The reason that their product is the way it is, is because of the fact that the WWE is a publicly traded company. They are liable to their shareholders. Something that TNA aren't.

    What does this mean for WWE? Well for a start it means that they need to be making money. The wrestling industry is no where near as popular as it was a decade ago. This is mostly due to a surge in choice we have on our televisions.

    How do the WWE make money for their shareholders? Well they do this through advertising. The most lucrative advertising is that which targets children. Therefore the WWE has to have a product that appeals to the advertisers that target children.

    These are indisputable facts. The people that call for a return to blood etc. in a claim that it will revive the industry are being extremely naive. WWE had to change, and have been very successful in maintaining their carved market share.

    People come on here and say things without any real thought. Such as I hope the whole McMahon family dies comment. Please have a little perspective, and think before you speak.
    Updated 06-28-2012 at 03:15 PM by Liston

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