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STATE OF THE 'E: The End Of The Road

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Well, well, well... we've come to that point. Haven't we? Let me first start by saying that this is my final blog on eWN. Yes, I said it rather bluntly but, that's realistically the only way I could say it. I just would like to thank everyone who's followed me from the beginning or might have forgotten about me or anything of that nature.

It was because of you guys that I did this. Many of you may be asking why I'm done on here. Well, simple fact is, its overcrowded. Blogs get posted sometimes within minutes of each other and lets face it, if its not on the front page, no one reads it. And within this atmosphere, no single blog ever gets its time to shine.

With that being said, I'm not telling people to stop writing, just saying whats on my mind about the current state of blogs on this site. So many "top ____ lists" and so many of the same thing gets frustrating. So, I'm choosing to bow out before my time here is unwelcomed.

On a more positive note... this is my FIFTIETH BLOG here on eWN and I could think of no better way to go out. Now, the theme of this blog will essentially be like the rest of my blogs to date. I pick a topic randomly and discuss it for a bit. After that, you comment and tell me how worthless I am. Either way, lets get this going!!

With the 1,000th episode of RAW coming in a few short weeks, we've been seeing the return of a bunch of older wrestlers to the show so it can be promoted as such.

I get it. I really do. But, now Heath Slater people are thinking he deserves a push BECAUSE of it. Wait, what? What has this guy done to get a push? Job out to the stars of old? That's what a normal jobber did back in the day and they didn't get "special" treatment because of it. He doesn't deserve a US or IC title shot because he's on TV every week "jobbing".

The kid should be grateful that he's on TV at all and in the role he's being used in. Vader, Cyndi Lauper, Wendi Richter, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sycho Sid... and more in the next few weeks... that's the honor in itself. He doesn't need anthing more. Stop saying he deserves it until he can PROVE it.

Well, isn't this show a nice kick in the crotch? The first episode of the new NXT aired last week and it was rather awesome! A ton of the guys from FCW have come up to the next level and are getting some much needed exposure! The... ambiance of the show is accentuated with them doing it at Full Sail University.

Not to mention that JR and William Regal are the announcers, Coheed And Cambria have provided the opening theme song with their track "Welcome Home" and one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Dusty Rhodes is the GM!!

The way the show is produced as well seems to be experamental and working well. Now granted, only one episode has hit and they can easily screw this up BUT I feel we have an absolute winner on our hands with this show. Especially with all of the awesomeness that will be coming from the FCW crew into this. Keep an eye on it if it's in your market.

This is shaping up to be kind of interesting, no? I mean... none of us wants John Cena in any type of main event but, it's been going on all year. Why the hell wouldn't they find some way to weasel him into it? We all know the outcome, Cena wins and challenges CM Punk for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam and wins to become an 11 time WWE Champion. *Yawn*.

That's horseshit. Other than that the PPV itself is shaping up pretty nicely. D-Bry and Punk get to go at it again, with AJ as special ref. Not to mention the SD! Money In The Bank match has some weird choices for competitors as well. Damien Sandow, Christian, Santino, Tensai and Tyson Kidd??

That can't be the final list... I fully choose to disbelieve that Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio won't be involved in some way shape or form. Not to mention, there's still two spots obviously left open on the WWE Championship side of it. So, Rey Mysterio and who else? I don't know. But, it looks interesting.

And that brings us to my final thoughts here on eWN... the 1,00th episode will be grand, spectacular and a huge letdown. For some reason, no matter what they'll do, everyone will complain. It's been said that the new WWE Championship will debut, a new set will debut, new theme song and also we get the new GM but with all of that, fans will still bitch.

It's also the start of their permanent three hour slot as well. I personally think great things are in store for THE 'E after they move to their three hour future and wonder what matches we have in store for us considering they're going to treat it like a PPV.

Well everyone, I'm done here. Have a fantastic time blogging on this site, I'll still be here approving them but I won't be posting anymore. Thank you all for supporting me and yelling at me here. So, for the last time...

Leave questions, comments, death threats, laundering options, feminine hygiene care tips, and chicken baking recipes below. Bbe good and be safe everyone.

See Ya' Soon Space Cowboy...

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  1. Bagg's Avatar
    Yo man, hopefully this is like a wrestling retirement announcement and you wont actually be done. haha. If you are, regardless, thanks for the blogs, they were usually fairly interesting and typically rang true with me and how i felt about things. Your blogs were more than the usual "they need to push Ziggler/rhodes". FYI, my buddy has bet me that the main event at MITB will be the bryan/punk title match. My bet was the raw MITB with Cena winning the briefcase, i believe ill be making good on this bet. anyways, best regards man, and again thanks.
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'd like start off by saying I agree fullout with you and the others whom have posted before me, that the blogging aspect of this site is becoming "over crowded".

    In my own little mind, I see you as the Vince McMahon of the blogging world (Our very own chairman). Well respected by many, and hated by others. At times going out on a limb and letting the "lunatics run the asylum", can be quite entertaining and refreshing.

    If in fact this truly is your final blog, it is a total shame. I tune in daily with much anticipation, hoping to catch a glimpse of some of my favorite bloggers material, to see what they have running through their minds.
    That being said, I can only hope that others don't chose to follow your path.

    You've given us insight,something worth while reading. Your knowledge, and open mindedness to todays views on the business, has given me hope. Knowing that their are others out there whom think alot like myself, seems to ease my mind when it comes to this whacky world of "wrestling".

    I'm all for freedom of speech, along with hearing every ones insight wether it be good or bad. Yet at times, a LINE must be drawn. That being said maybe there should be more of a disciplinary guide line one must follow before getting your approval for their blog.

    Personally, I will be missing your blogs, as I truly did look forward to reading them.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours?...May "The State of The E' " Rest in Peace??....

    I think not!!! Your boots may be hung up for now, yet The Great Ones' ALWAYS COME BACK FOR MORE.
  3. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Spot on Slater!!, suddenly everyones think he is main event material just because some comedy skecthes
  4. Callum's Avatar
    I'll definitely be missing your blogs as they're always an entertaining read. I do agree with you on the blogging scene being overcrowded - im all for some top 5 blogs, I write a few myself but it annoys me when someone writes a blog on a topic someone else has recently made a top 5 for. Personally I've started writing more opininated blogs as well as starting UFR. Maybe you could limit the number of blogs you can publish per week (e.g 3 or 4). Also a week or two ago someone posted a blog on the match order of NWO - in my opinion this should of been a forum post as it probably only took 10 mins or so
  5. CenationRulez1097's Avatar
    Great blog Rob. You will surely be missed and thank you for entertaining blogs. You are opening the door for other up and coming bloggers on this website!!!
  6. areyouready?'s Avatar
    You might as well do five more so you can match undertakers streak. Your both unbeaten. happy trails
  7. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    You guys are seriously making this hard. Extremely hard... Considering the support, I may have to continue. I have an idea that I need to bring to Frank's attention and see what he thinks. I have to structure it properly so maybe we can maximize eWN's blogging potential.

    Be prepared for a whole new eWN blogging world if I can do anything about it. THANK YOU ALL for all of your kind words... it really means a ton to me. I mean it. You all definitely put a smile on my face.

    Cheers to new beginnings and you guys re-lighting a fire under me. I think I had lost my smile. But, I'm pretty sure its back now.... To be continued...
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