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Michael Burnside

Alternative Universe 1 - The non Hogan Wrestlemania IX ending

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Hello folks, a quick introduction to my blog (which hopefully if goes well, will be the first of many...or drop of the face of the earth if not). This is an extended 'What If...?' blog were I take a moment or incident in WWF history and if things went slightly different, how would they possibly play out. It's a little bit of fantasy but I do try and keep realistic to what was going on at the time.
Anyway, enough talking, here's the first of Alternative Universes

I’ve seen it come up on many message boards and discussions how some people weren’t too happy with Hulk stealing Bret’s (and possibly Yoko’s) Wrestlemania spotlight at 9. Looking back on it with hind sight it does seem weird that despite not being in the main event, Hogan managed to shoehorn his dancing and posing into the close of the show. The crowd all cheered like crazy when it happened but when the dust cleared, it seemed like a step backwards as opposed to forwards. Hulkamania had had its day (not to come back until decades later, possibly due to nostalgia) and the new generation of Hart, Michaels, Hall and many others were waiting to take over.
Of course this wouldn’t have been too much of a negative thing if it actually led to a massive Hogan/Hart pay off match; A face vs. face match on proportions of Hogan/Warrior several years earlier. It was not to be as Hogan dropped the title to Yokozuna at the next PPV and shortly afterwards disappeared to WCW.
But what if Hogan didn’t leave for WCW? What if he stuck around? What if we did get Hulk Hogan vs Bret Hart for the WWF heavyweight title?

The Non Hulk Hogan WMIX Ending

In the first half of the main event, The Mega Maniacs defeat Money inc by pinfall to become tag team champs as opposed to losing via DQ. Remeber Hogans not getting the heavyweight belt tonight so he has to win something. This is the first time Hogan wins the tag title and Beefcake's second time.

In the second main event things go as usual between Bret Hart and Yokozuna untill theres a ref bump! With the ref down Fuji enters the ring and while Yoko holds Bret, Fuji attempts to throw salt in Brets face BUT Bret ducks and Yoko gets a face full of salt and stumbles out of the ring just as the ref comes around. He sees Yoko fall out and begins the count while Bret slaps the sharpshooter on Fuji!!! The Crowd (hopefully) goes wild as Yoko gets counted out and Bret wins. But as Bret celebrates, Yoko gets in the ring and attacks him. Yoko lays the beat down and drags Bret to the cornor and slaps the belt on his chest as he singles hes going for a banzai drop.....

But before he can, Hulk Hogan comes running down the isle (face it, he had to turn up like it or not). And just two steps behind him is Brutus Beefcake and Jimmy Hart. And behind them is the Steiner Brothers, Tantanka, Bob Backlund and Tito Santana (basically the faces from the night witht the exception of taker and Perfect who are selling their injuries).

Yoko and Fuji deceide to leg it as quickly as possible. Hulk helps Bret to his feet, raises his hand while the faces raise him up on their shoulders and give him a happy wrestlemania ending.......


As Bret in this alternative universe is wwf champion he is not in the tournamnet but is in the main event defending his title against the narassist Lex Luger. During Wrestlemania Lurger knocked Bret out at a charity benefit but nothing really came off it. However, in this alternative timeline, Bret Hart and Luger settle this score in the main event of King of the Ring. Bret succesfully defends the title..

The Mega Maniacs are defending the tag titles in a rematch with Money inc. They lose by some kind of skullduggery on Money Incs part. Beefcake of course takes the pin.

Now onto the new king of the ring tournament- the winner gets a title shot at summerslam.

Quarter finals
Mr Perfect vs Razor Ramone. Perfect in Brets place for this one and he beats Razor to advance.
Crush vs Shawn Michaels. Match happens exactly the same as in the orginal history with Doink(s) distracting Crush and michaels progressing.
Yokozuna vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Hacksaw gets his ass whipped and is squashed
Bam bam Bigelow vs Tatanka. This is the match that ends in a 15 minute time limit draw. Both eliminated and thus Yoko goes to the finals.

Semi finals
Mr Perfect vs Shawn Michaels. Perfect beats the intercontinal champion Shawn Michaels (but doesnt get the title as of course it's not on the line). He advances to the finals to fight Yokozuna for the king of the ring title.

Despite a valant effort, Perfect loses and Yoko wins and gets the title shot at Summerslam. Perfect still gets a title shot at the intercontinal championship at Summerslam as per the orginal timeline- the victory over shawn here explains it.


A double main event, or WM9 rematches.

In the first main event at the half way point, Bret loses the title to Yoko the same way he lost at the orginal WM 9, with Fuji throwing the salt in the Hitman's face Yoko is now WWF champ ending Brets fairly lengthy reign.

The second half is a tag team cage match for the tag titles between Money inc and the mega manaics. The extra gimmick is that whichever team loses has to split up FOREVER!!! (of course as you know Diabises retired from wrestling after this Summerslam so you can all work out who loses here). The Mega Maniacs become tag champions for the second time while Money inc is finished.

Now because we have a very different main event(s) in this universe, some of the other matches on our Summerslam 93 PPV are altered. Now that IRS and the Million Dollar Man are in the main event, their orginal oponents of that PPV, Razor Ramon and 123 Kid (now friends after a fued) team up and in the curtain jerker match against the team of Jerry Lawler and his court jester, Doink the Clown. They are victorious as Lawler takers a Razor's edge.

That leaves Lex Luger out, but he has a match against Crush. Unfortutaly Crush will continue his losing streak as he'll take a defeat. But not to worry, his heel turn will raise him up again...

PRE Survivor Series-
IRS is a bit pissed of at losing the tag titles and his partner so somewhere along the line at a house show, forgein tour or tv show, he helps the Quebecers beat the Mega Maniacs. Brutus of course takes the pin.

Meanwhile Owen is making a name for himself, as he is pissed off at how Yokozuna beat his brother. Yoko has a few meaningless title matches against the likes of Tatanka, Bob Backlund which all end up Yoko winning and while he's laying the post match beating down, Owen rushes in and ends up getting his ass handed to him despite his best intentions (try and imagine Scrappy Doo in wrestling tights).


The main event is a 5 on 5 elimination match. on the heel side we have champ Yoko, Ludwig Borga, Crush, tag champion the Mountie and another generic forgein baddie (prehaps one of the japenese wrestlers brought in at the Rumble in 1994)

On the face side we have Hogan, Beefcake, Undertaker, Bret and Owen. (remember, since Bret wasnt in the KOTR tournament, the whole Jerry Lawler angle doesnt exist and thus him and his brothers have no reason to fight him.).

Anway, Beefcake is eliminated first of by Ludwig Borga early on. 4 on 5 now. then Yoko and Taker get eliminated by double DQ as like before. 3 on 4 now. Hulk goes hulking up against the Mountie, firing punches and the big boot but as he goes for the leg drop off the rope, Owen cheekly tags the Hulkster and just after he hits the leg drop, Owen quickly covers and gets the pin! Hulk looks a little taken back but Bret just gives a friendly brotherly smile at his cheeky bro. its now 3 on 3.

Owen steps up as he eliminates the generic forgein bad guy with the sharpshooter. as before Bret gives his bro a round of applause while Hogan seems to be coming round to Owen a bit. its now the 3 faces vs 2 heels, Crush and Ludwig Borga.

Crush is next eliminated by........oh...lets say Owen again. The little brother of the hitman is certainly making himslef man of the match but... during a tangle with Ludwig Borga, Owen accidentaly knocks Bret of the apron and when he looks all concerned Ludwig Borga nails him with his finisher move and eliminates him. Despite taking out 3 of his oponents Owen is sent for an early shower.

Battle continues as Borga works on Bret who's clearly concerned for his brother and is getting quite a kicking. But he makes the hot tag and Hogan does his shit and pins the last of the heels.

Alls well as Real American plays but Owen comes down and starts to get in Brets face. Real American stops playing while Owen yells to Bret, Hogan tries to get between them and calm down Owen but Owen's not having any of it and shoves the Hulkster. Hulk looks really taken back. Owen storms out the ring and Bret follows behind.

Real American starts to play and Hogan poses for 20 minutes.

Post Survivor Series

As a christmas treat, the WWF fans are treated to a special WWF championship match on free tv!!! Undertaker vs Yokozuna for the WWF title in a casket match. And the winner will defend the championship against Hogan at Royal Rumble 94.

The match happens exactly as it did in the original Royal Rumble 94, with 50 heels all running down and beating the crap out of taker and shoving him in a casket.


As before Bret and Owen made up during Xmas and have a tag title match against the Quebecers for the tag title, and as before they fall out. Owen kicks brets leg out of his leg. Turns heel. However, despite this, Bret still manages to enter the Rumble and wins it from lucky number 27. He doesn't share the win with Luger this time as Luger does not become the super real american face. However he does have an impressive run in the rumble, drawing a low number and lasting til near the end. A face turn beckons...

Hogan vs the undefeated Yoko for the title. This match takes place after the Rumble is over and has become the main event. Hogan wins making him the man who first beats Yoko and becomes a 5 time champ. poses for 30 minutes. But the real excitment is this...Wrestlemania X is Bret vs Hogan for the title!!!


A heel Owen destroys Hulks pal Beefcake in the opening match. Beefcake does come across as being buried in this alternative universe but considering he gets 2 tag title regins with Hogan and involved in the main event of 2 ppvs, he better not bitch about it.
A heel Yoko has a match with the recently turned face Lex Luger with Mr Perfect as the ref. The result here is the same as in our time.

And we finaly get bret vs hogan for the wwf title. Face vs face. Half the audiance are for Hogan, half are for Bret (or at least the commentators will try and get that across). During the match Bret gets some good offensce in to Hogan, and really looks like winning it, but then Hogan hulks up. Bret throws punches but to no effect. Hulk hits back, throws Bret of the ropes and hits the big boot. Hogan off the ropes and does the leg drop.

But Bret's not there!!! He rolled out of the way. Hogan is stunned and Bret grabs Hogans two feet as if he's going for the sharpshoot but instead rolls on top of him and the ref counts




Bret wins. Hogan raises Bret's hand as he did for Warrior 4 years earlier. A jealous Owen watches from afar....

Hogan leaves for wcw and the flow of time in wwf continues as it did orginally.....


So what do we gain from this new time line? We get a longer first regin from Bret, our Hogan/Bret match and a longer stint of the Mega Maniacs with 2 title reigns.
But what do we lose? Bret's King of the Ring performance and his Jerry Lawler fued, Lex loses his main event run and his rumble win. Owen doesnt get his infamous victory over his brother at Wrestlmania X and Bret doesn't get to defeat Yokozuna (whose first 2 minute title reign disappears).

Anyway, thanks for reading to the end.

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  1. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    I was never a big Hogan fan I lean more towards the heels then any face however looking back it does sound good and a match between Hogan and Brett would draw but the match itself would have sucked . Think Hogan vs Ric Flair a match I waited and dreamed for and was utterly dissapointed by , same would have happened with Hogan and Brett .
  2. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    By the way loved the blog and the concept need more blogs like this , do more .
  3. GreatMuta4life's Avatar
    Stellar stuff, you should definitely write more of these.
  4. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I like how comprehensive your blog is. Keep 'em coming!
  5. CenationRulez1097's Avatar
    I love the new timeline. Wish Bret and Hogan could have happened!!!
  6. Will Strawn's Avatar
    I love the what if idea. How about a bigger one. What if there were no hulk hogan. Now make the mania matches starting with mania 1. Who would be the man? Steamboat? Savage? Piper? Andre? Hillbilly Jim lol?

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