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Empowering 'People Power'

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Hi guys ,
This is Sourav from India . I'm observing wrestling for quite some time now . Though the episodes of WWE /TNA air here after one week of actual shooting still I love to keep myself updated via this awesome place .this is my first blog post .It's just how I see it . Feel free to disagree and post your comments .

I seriously believe since it's the era of 'people power' ,wwe is in a 'grant people's wish' mode .
Lets have a look what people wishes for ?
serious wrestling fans want :
1)Punk , bryan have awesome matches and also Kane remain relevant -CHECK
2)Push Dolph Ziggler to the main event -CHECK
3)Give Zack Ryder some air time -CHECK
4)Give Ricardo Rodriguez air time outside Alberto Del Rio -CHECK
5) Revive Tag Team wrestling -In the process though the strategy is still by and large confusing .

6)Bring back cruiserweights - There are a lot of talk about a cruiseweight show once the WWE network comes alive but still it's a distant dream . It pains us to see Tyson Kidd to job against other up & coming technically rather inferior guys.Though I believe this is nothing but the curse of being a member of the 'Hart dynasty' in WWE. Overall reviving cruiserweight division is still in pipeline .
7)Revive Diva's division - same as Cruiserweight division . A definite process is visible though when we see better technical divas coming up in new NXT where divas matches are having lot more time than usual RAW diva's matches .The same disappointment we all have for Natalya like Tyson Kidd and my take is absolutely same for Natalya as well. It's just McMahon's curse on 'Hart Dynasty'.

Now From business and casual fan's point of view :

1)Kids and Ladies want John Cena to remain involve in some sort of action while it may or may not be serious wrestling .Because , we all have to accept John Cena=RATINGS .So he is the Main Event .
2)Smackdown lacking established marketable star right now so this is the right time to build new one .
Give one of the international Rising star the belt to gain TRP in international market as well while keeping matured fans also happy by pushing Dolph to chase it .
3)Like it or not WWE needs a star to represent Mexico . Rey is out with injury ,Sin Cara just returning -hugely marketable but still not prepared for both US market and Mexico .
Hunico does not have the look or personality to be
THE MAN to represent WWE in Mexico.
Which leads us to Alberto Del Rio . He has got the looks ,supremely gifted in ring skills , knows english unlike Sin Cara , personality as the milionaire is also perfect . Only lacks in mic skill rather I would say he has a pathetic voice which destroys whatever he says .
Same philosophy also goes behind pushing Wade Barrette.Lets see when Wade comes back .
--Hence WWE have 3 international superstar in the wing who are shaping up to represent their country -CHECK .
I'm pretty sure Dolph got the push because of Orton's suspension rather than Del Rio's injury. Only thing is they planned Ziggler's push later in the year which they fast forwarded on an emergency basis .

Which leads me to predict who will be the new GM from 1000th episode onwards
- who can bring back male viewers ?
- Bring back serious wrestling ?

My prediction is PAUL HEYMAN !! I have a feeling he is not here only for Brock . He can make live Raw /smackdown very very interesting without crossing the PG line . He will not make hardcore matches to bring back viewership . But he will bring back the interest level for sure .

--Now that's 'people power' for us!!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    Good read, I agree with most things you said.
  2. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Paul Heyman as GM would be interesting but I don't know how long a man like him can stay PG for long .
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    hey Sourav...Nice first blog man..(coz I too had only one so far..)

    Even I wnat Paul Heyman as GM....he can do a lot better than what we are seeing now...

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