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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/25/12 Review

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AJ Backstage Segment

I thought that this little segment helped put over that AJ really is a "crazy chick." I'm also loving the fact that a Diva is part of one of the top storylines in WWE, in fact she might even be the best part.

Triple-Threat Elimination Match

Interesting match to start Raw and I'm most certainly not going to complain about it because watching Daniel Bryan, Kane, and CM Punk in the ring is always a treat and this time was no different as they had a phenomenal match.

The elimination concept worked really well here because CM Punk looked strong since he pinned Kane, and also set up another WWE Championship Match between Bryan and Punk.

It looks like Kane's time in this feud is over since he is now in the WWE Title Money In Bank Match and I for one thoroughly enjoyed his involvement.

Backstage Segment

Both Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler wanted to face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship, so Vickie Guerrero booked them in a... Wait for it... Contract on a pole match in which the said contract gives them a title shot.

My god, is Vince Russo back?

Brodus Clay vs. Big Show

This match was very short and in the end Big Show was left standing tall as he exploited Brodus Clay's already injured knee.

I'm liking how things are going with Brodus right now because his feud with Big Show is getting a slow build to it and to me that is a good thing as you don't get that much in WWE anymore.

My guess is that Clay is going to finally take care of Daivid Otunga in the coming weeks and than cost Big Show the Money In the Bank Match next month eventually leading to a match between the two at Summerslam where Big Show puts him over clean.

United Championship Match

Extremely random match for the US Title between Santino and Jack Swagger that didn't accomplish anything other than use up some air time.

It also looks like Swagger is going to be embarking on a losing streak storyline that guys like MVP have previously enjoyed because the announcers were really pushing that he hasn't won a lot lately.

John Cena's Historic Announcement

Well its officially folks, John Cena's next straight to DVD movie is going to be a remake of the Teletubbies!

All joking aside, I think its pretty cool that hes going to be in the Money In The Bank Match this year and I also loved the interaction between him and a returning Chris Jericho, who will also be the match.

I just hope that more people are added to the match because I think the MITB match works better with at least 6 participents.

Heath Slater vs. Phyco Sid

Nice nostalgic moment here. Not really much else to say here.

Contract On A Pole Match

This was actually a pretty good match here that really showed off Dolph Ziggler's athleticism. I also felt that this is what it would be like if Ziggler were a Babyface and I liked, in fact I've decided to write a blog about it.

The way it was announced that Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio are both going to face Sheamus for the World Title on Smackdown was a little awkward for me, but either way I'm looking forward to it because I think the match is going to be stupendous.

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

Jericho and Cena have always had chemistry together, and this match exemplified it as they had a nice little match here.

I didn't mind Big Show coming out and decimating Cena, though I also wouldn't have minded an appearance by Kane, but that can happen next week.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, I thought Raw was just okay tonight because I feel that some of the matches should have gotten more time.

Raw Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, this blog was nothing but a Raw report. And, if we're reading this blog, that means in all likelihood, we saw it. But thanks for the recap anyway.

    And you're completely biased and a major Zigglite if you think that match was worth anything. It sucked. I don't know where you think it was actually good.
  2. alcrissam's Avatar
    I was hoping for Ricardo to win that match more than dolph and alberto. ^_^

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