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Yes? Yes? Yes? The Raw Review

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What the hell WWE!?

Since John Cena took over CM Punk’s role in the Johnny Ace feud some months ago, Raw has been getting noticeably dull. What’s more is that tonight was, to the best of my knowledge, the one-year anniversary of CM Punk’s game-changing shoot promo. I would have never imagined that one year after that promo Raw would end on an incredibly boring image of Big Show.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I didn’t enjoy tonight’s episode of Raw. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. I liked pretty much everything involving Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, and AJ (sometimes you have to give the cameramen credit – see: AJ on her hands and knees in the divas match). Other than these segments and a solid opening match, tonight’s Raw was a complete throwaway.

AJ/Punk/Bryan/Kane getting a spotlight on Monday night

Tonight was surprising in that the already time-consuming AJ love orgy got not only the opening video package for Raw, but a decent Triple Threat Elimination match and several backstage segments throughout the night.

It is common knowledge that AJ is both hot and great at acting crazy, and whilst Kane has seemingly bowed out of the WWE title picture for the next month (due to his inclusion in the WWE Championship Money in the Bank Ladder match in three weeks), it doesn’t take away from the fact that AJ has an obsession with him (I think…). He is still pivotal to the way that this storyline pans out, and it helps both the WWE Championship and Money in the Bank Ladder match simultaneously (Kane could conceivably win his match and affect the WWE Championship match – provided it actually gets a main event slot for once).

Other than AJ’s insanity and Kane’s proclamation that she is too unstable for even him, Bryan and Punk have been given yet another opportunity to steal the show on pay-per-view - and once again, I’m looking forward to it. I don’t need to support any claims that Punk and Bryan have put on the best matches of the year since we left WrestleMania, the proof is there for all to see.

My only disappointment with this storyline now is that there wasn’t too much in the way of development tonight. It looks like it is coming to an end because of Punk telling AJ he wants to talk to her after the show, and Money in the Bank could be the culmination of this feud (especially with the rumours that we’ll be getting a Cena versus Punk match at SummerSlam – again!). It looks to me like the end of this feud will be settled by who AJ chooses to align herself with at Money in the Bank, and it seems most likely to be Punk due to the leaked plans of Cena versus Punk (sometimes I really hate spoilers and the places they pop up – Facebook is the culprit this time).

Money in the Bank for Cena?

I didn’t even venture a guess at what Cena’s big announcement was tonight – I simply didn’t care. Anybody can call me a Cena hater, but the truth is I genuinely believe his gimmick is stale and needs to be changed. I respect that he can entertain (he did a good job of getting me to crack a smile tonight with his Star Wars promo), but his target demographic is children and it pigeon-holes his chance at doing anything mildly surprising.

If you ask me WWE is scared to shock their younger fans and Cena’s lack of character development in the past five years is proof of that. But anyway, onto Money in the Bank.

It turns out WWE is mixing up the purpose of the Money in the Bank Ladder match this year by having only former WWE Champions enter one of the two confirmed matches. Vickie Guerrero announced that Cena, Kane, Big Show, and the now unsuspended Chris Jericho will be the competitors in one of them, and it makes sense to me.

Whilst I like the concept of using Money in the Bank to put over younger talent, Johnny Ace’s ‘firing’ has left Cena and Show with nowhere to go except for the WWE Championship. The suspension of Jericho meant that his potential rivalry with Randy Orton had to be held up and now Jericho is in need of something to do also. With Money in the Bank coming up, the options were limited as they cannot feasibly have Cena main event this PPV without the possibility of a championship match (two championship matches and two ladder matches makes four main event-calibre matches already), and nobody wants to see Cena versus Big Show in a one-on-one situation again (No Way Out was a joke!). My point is that whilst it defeats the object of the staple match, this could be a good. It flips the concept on its head and all four superstars are believable winners.

I’m not entirely sure if they plan on adding more men to this match though.

In other news…

Big Show was fed Brodus Clay – in the absence of Ryback to destroy a couple of jobbers tonight, the Funkasaurus was offered to Show in a poor attempt at getting the WWE Universe to take Brodus seriously. Also, can the cameramen please stop cutting back and forth between the match and Clay’s groupies!? It serves no purpose.

United States Champion Santino Marella def. Jack Swagger – Since Swagger is now without the safety net of Dolph Ziggler to keep him partially relevant in WWE, it looks like he has gone back to his post-Cole days of jobbing to the likes of Santino. Whilst I like Santino and dislike Swagger, Santino should never win this match clean.

Sycho Sid def. Heath ‘Promo Killer’ Slater – The only good thing about this short match was Sid’s music.

Contract on a pole match to determine the number one contender to Sheamus’ World Heavyweight Championship ends in a no contest – Despite the Russo-like booking of this match, it was better than any other item on a pole match (mainly because it didn’t end with anybody retrieving the contract). We got a Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship match on SmackDown from this, and I just hope Ziggler proves himself to the fans a little more before Sheamus inevitably wins the match.

AJ wins the Divas Beach Battle Royal – Predictable from the outset, but we got a nice view of AJ throughout the final moments, so I’m not gonna complain - although Vickie should have kept her unfit-for-TV derriere out of that match.

John Cena def. Chris Jericho via DQ – I was hoping for a decent match from these two, as I know they have had good chemistry in the past. Unfortunately Big Show interfered in the most boring and predictable way possible and ruined what could have been a good end to a mediocre Monday Night Raw.

This week’s Raw was mainly a negative in my eyes, but I have stayed up until 5am to blog on it so it must have had a good point or two.

Quite simply, the high point of tonight was the opening match, and anything which involved the WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank after that. Other than that, it was a sloppy effort from the writers and we got one decent match from two hours of programming.

If WWE are trying to lower expectations going into the usually successful Money in the Bank PPV, it’s working on this fan.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you read next week when I hopefully have more positive things to say.

For more of my opinions on WWE and any random thoughts I have follow me on Twitter (@SpringerAJ).


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  1. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    I haven't watched raw since Cena stupid Loser promo but yesterday i wanted to check it out but I have to say it was a pretty good raw the only thing I fast forward was the John Cena promo but stopped it at Chris Jericho's return. The Triple Threat was a good match I can't wait til see the final showdown between Punk vs Bryan at MITB. I watched the main even with John Sheena vs Chris Jericho mainly because of Jericho but then ending was great especially Big Show choking out Cena was the best part. CENA SUCKS I We Have CENA NUFF
  2. theunderdog84's Avatar
    One of the best raws in a long time. Cant agree with you putting it down so much. I mean last week was just awful, we had some washed up woman singer and a former womens wrestler use up 15 mins of time. Thought Cena's promo was very good, Star Wars referencing was damn funny and he even admitted in it that 9 year olds were his target audience ha made me giggle. His interaction with Jericho was also great. Jericho always owns the ring and was happy to see him still return a heel. Worst part of the night was Sycho Sid. I mean i did mark out when i heard his music but this man can barely walk, was a disgrace letting him in the ring as he could do himself and Slater a lot of harm for he cant wrestle anymore. Kudos to Slater who in my opinion is doing a great job each week on the mic and in the ring. Vicky was great as general manager, the crowd hate her and thats why she is the best heel in WWE. Pole match was poor and the ending was ridiculous i mean u 'have to control the contract' ?????? what the hell does that mean ha I do agree however with u, that the whole AJ and the boys storyline is great. However Kane is def written out of this storyline. I still think she will end up with Bryan in the end. It makes perfect sense. When was the last time you saw a face champion with a woman as a power couple? no they wont do that.
    Average blog but too negative in my opinion. Only my opinion tho and doesnt mean others wont agree with you. But in the end im right ha ha
    your welcome :P
  3. LostOmega's Avatar
    I agree with this completely. The best part of the night was the opening match and the divas batlle royal, even though it featured 10 divas and put over AJ, was still nothing more than a 2-5 minute crap-fest. And I honestly don't care about Cena in the MITB match. I'm honestly just waiting for him to get gone so someone else can take the reigns.
  4. monctonvike's Avatar
    Spot you knew right away after the opening match there was nothing good to come. Nice to see old sid though
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I think you might be just a little harsh with your critique of Raw. It was better than last week's...much better. And honestly, and this remark goes to everyone, if you're gonna watch Raw, you gotta deal with John Cena. Plain and Simple. Stop hating on him. Because he's not going anywhere. And the gimmick isn't going to change. Deal with it.
  6. jonod's Avatar
    dont agree with you, i thought it was a really solid raw, except for the weak ending. also I'm not sure we'll see any more true 'pipebomb' material, unless Punk goes heel again (and he will). just enjoy it for what it is man, everyone that the internet has wanted in the limelight since that punk promo is at the top of the tree these days.

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