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Top 10 "Opening" Catchphrases/Punchlines

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Hey guys, Knox here. This will be a fun one. I'm blogging today on the hottest opening lines by wrestlers over the past two decades, hope you all enjoy this. There are many I will forget and alot of new items will be on the list. Hopefully you all enjoy.

By opening punchlines, I mean the first words you hear that comes out of the wrestler's mouth. No punchlines like "You Want Some, Come Get Some" or "And That's The Bottom Line Cuz Stone Cold Said So" do not quality.

Top 10 "Opening" Catchphrases Punchlines:

10. Vickie Guerrero - "Excuse Me"

9. Bully Ray - "Do You Know Who I Am"

8. Michael Cole - "May I Have Your Attention Please"

7. Triple H (DX) - "Are You Ready"

6. Scott Hall - "Hey Yo"

5. Road Dogg (NAO) - "Oh You Didn't Know? Well Your Ass Better Call Somebody"

4. Chris Jericho - Welcome To Raw is Jericho!!!!"

3. Ric Flair (WCW) - "Meannnnnnn Wooooo Meannnn Gene!!!"

2. Rick Rude - "What I'd Like To Have Right Now"

1. The Rock - "Finally!!, The Rock Has Come Back To......"

Thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed it. Just thought it would be a fun list to do. As always, leave feedback and let me know what you think. Its always a pleasure. Be safe and see you guys next time. Until then.

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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Hello Ladies...Val Venis
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Lance Storm: If I can be serious for a minute........did I mess up the phrase? If so, you know what I meant.
  3. aweso_me's Avatar
    What about the best one.

    "Well you know something brother..." HH
  4. Samuel L. Jackson's Avatar
    I AM NOT A NUGGET! - Owen Hart
  5. Samuel L. Jackson's Avatar
    Now hold on a second there playa ...
    This match is gunna be a TAG TEAM match!
  6. Kaisered's Avatar
    It's Clobbering Time! ???? does that one work too??
  7. Shaz11's Avatar
    I agree with Playboy Steve V. "Allow me to beg your indulgence" is fantastic!

    Great blog Knox!
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