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10 WWE & TNA Stars with HUGE Potential

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well with the EWN & IWC Universe. Today I wanna talk about 10 WWE & TNA stars with huge breakout potential. Now this list will not include any former World Heavyweight Champions so no Ziggler, Del Rio or Miz. This list will also not include the obvious names like Wade Barrett, Drew McCintyre & Cody Rhodes because we all know how good they are. I wanna talk about the guys with potential that we often forget about. I hope you all enjoy this one. This will be fun. Enjoy.

10 WWE & TNA Stars with HUGE Potential:

10. Justin Gabriel (WWE)
I'm very impressed with his work. He has the potential to be a multiple time Intercontinental Champion. I really believe he can bring some real prestige back to that belt just from great matches alone. He's a great asset and deserves alot more television time.

9. Hunico (WWE)
The WWE are looking at all the wrong places for that guy to bring in the Mexican demographic. Mysterio is getting old and he's injury prone. Del Rio is just really boring, horrible on the mic and played out. And Sin Cara just isn't as over as I thought he'd be.

Hunico is playing his role well. He's absolutely fabulous in the ring. He's good at playing the heel and connects well with the crowd. I'd really look to him as that next star out of Mexico that the WWE can depend on for the next decade or so.

8. Maxine (WWE)
I like this chick here. I feel like the WWE needs to give the divas some new blood. They aren't over. We need some new faces. I think what they're doing with A.J. is awesome and the fans are really connecting with her.

I think Naomi and Tamina need to be the next babyfaces to get a huge push. And as for Maxine, she's the heel of the future. I really see alot of Melina in her. Let Maxine be that cocky heel that brings in major heat like Michelle McCool & Layla was doing but let Maxine be more serious. I always loved her attitude in NXT.

7. D'Angelo "The Pope" Dinero (TNA)
Not too many people in this business today are as convincing on the mic as Pope. He's awesome at telling a story and he's done that well in TNA. He's played that heel role well and is so over that they keep turning him back and forth from face to heel. I think he needs to be a stable babyface character and get his renewed push and take that World Championship. He has mega star power. His presence in the ring reminds me alot of The Rock.

He could work on his in ring skill a bit but none the less, he has a bright future. I'm looking forward to see what TNA does with him because they've dropped the ball on him atleast three times.

Bonus: Tyler Reks (WWE)
This is another one of my favorites. He's alot going for him. He has a very unique look and everyone knows that's the key to getting over in this business. He's also has an amazing finisher. His finisher to me looks like a reverse F-5 into a DDT. I like his presence, he should be in a more prominent role.

6. Heath Slater (WWE)
From Day 1 I was a huge Heath Slater guy. I like his look. I also love his mic work. Right now he's in a position where he's jobbing to the old guys. Its not the best but its entertaining to see what he has to say on the mic everytime he comes out. So far, seeing Heath Slater is what I been looking forward to when watching Raw. I think sooner or later he needs a face turn because I'm anxious to see how the audience accepts him when he's on their side. So far he generates a decent amount of heat.

5. Ted Dibiase Jr. (WWE)
I'll get heat for this because I seem to be the only internet guy that loved Ted. His match quality is absolutely amazing. I remember when he was in that mini feud with Daniel Bryan that lasted for about a month and they had a PPV match and fought at all the house shows. Those matches were amazing.

Ted was pretty good as a heel. I loved his old theme "Its a New Day" and when he was with Maryse on camera. It was a solid look. Now that he has the "I Come From Money" theme, it suits him much better as a face.

Before his injury he was getting a huge crowd reaction and really grew on the fans. I'm very anxious to see how they book him when he returns. Many might not agree, but I see him as a future World Heavyweight Champion, I really like this guy.

4. Gunner (TNA)
One of those guys that's been waiting in line for a while. I like James Storm and the other guys getting pushed in TNA but when will Gunner get his turn? He has a great body, great look and can actually wrestle. I see him as the future in TNA. Hopefully he gets his shot.

3. Alex Riley (WWE)
It might be too late for this guy. Why the WWE killed his push after turning on The Miz is beyond me. I mean the way he went from heel to face in the matter of seconds and the way the fans reacted to him was legendary. For the next month as they kept him on television he was getting Cena like pops from the crowd. They love this guy and so do I.

Just YouTube some of his matches on Superstars and listen to the crowd. He has the look, the mic work and the best theme music in wrestling today. You put him on Raw and give him a push and he can help carry this company with guys like Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose far into the future.

2. Austin Aries (TNA)
I seriously don't remember a time when a current Champion ever switched from heel to face or face to heel but that's what Austin did in the middle of his X-Division reign. He connects with the fans. Right now, I'd call him a tweener more to the babyface side. He's amazing and he seems like he knows this business and how to get over very well.

I say they push him to the moon as well. The only thing I would change is his finisher. I think Aries has some of the most amazing moves in his arsenal then to have to end his match with that basic neck breaker suplex. Other than that, he's the full package.

1. Magnus (TNA)
Yup, I put him this high because he truly is the future. The guy he gets compared to alot is either Wade Barrett or Sheamus. I feel like if we did magic and swapped him for Sheamus or Wade Barrett and made him play their roles, he would've did their job much better.

Imagine if Magnus was the leader of The Nexus or if he was the guy that put Cena through the table. I love what this guy brings to the table and currently he is my favorite wrestler right now. TNA needs to push this man to the moon. I'm completely sold on this guy.

Thanks guys for checking this one out. I've been dealing with some steep personal issues and honestly writing blogs and hearing what you guys have to say has been the high point of my week. I'll get through my personal troubles but I just thought I'd let you all know how much I appreciate you guys reading my material. It really helps.

As always, check out the music below and continue being safe. See ya next time guys. Until then.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    A bit stunned by Tyson Kidd not making the list, but it is pretty solid.
  2. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Agree with the Great One, Tyson would have been my number one. But I love the fact that you have Magnus first. Thing is he is only 25 so he has all the time in the world to get to the top which he will. Absolutely agree with all of your choices
  3. akbar's Avatar
    -Great blog Knox
    -Agree with most choices
    -Maxine quit WWE today
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Absolutely! Having Magnus call out Styles last week at OFN was a great start to that.
    Agree with GreatOne "The Stampede Kid" should've at least been an honorable mention.
  5. knox's Avatar
    Thanks guys lol this is my 2nd time doing a list like this. i did one back in december and i had Tyso.Kid at #1 so I tried not to reiterate.
  6. Double Axehandle's Avatar
    Alex Riley is horrible. Why are people so hung up on this guy he's mediocre. The only time he was remotely interesting was when the miz was carrying him through their feud. He's a product of the IWC who love to get behind the underdog before they shit on them a month later.
  7. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Tyson Kidd for sure should be next up, Hawkins is good but there's sumthin about him that doesn't screamv main event yet

    Good lil list there
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