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How stables negatively effected wrestling.

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Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. Im dperk911 wrestling fan since birth. Im not a wrestling trivia guru like most of you. But i do know enough.

This blog is about how stables effect wrestling in a negative way. We all love a good stable. Especially heel groups. But in some way it has hurt the credibilty of wrestlers. This blog is about that. So here are my reasons and how they hurt wrestling!

Creating a stable became a quick way to turn a face and tweeners heel. But the nature of stables to win at any cost created stables to interfere in matches. Which in my opinion took away from wrestlers credibility. No more clean matches made the storylines boring at times. In return makes the fan believe less in the product. How many times did we get annoyed with nWo because all matches ended with a interference and chair shots.

2)Fan fave is more over then the leader. All stables consist of a Leader a tag team and a second singles competitor. More then like the second single star is a upper mid carder. Ths dynamics of the stable lead ro predictability. How? How many times did we see the second singles star become a fan fave? And the. Rise against the stable? Ie: x-pac in dx, randy orton in evolution, trips in dx, kevin nash in nWo etc.
It became a quick way to make a star. And that becMe predictible.

Stables dont last anymore. Whens the last time you saw a stBle mKe it longer then a year. Shit we still get dx but other then that no. Stables became a way to make the top star in the business a bigger star and look invincible. Look at super cena and nexxus or nWo and sting. The cliche of beating doan the big bad gang. This mDe wrestling less believAble in my opinion. Which destroyed the reputation of those opposing the stable. Tell me you dont think. Dxxus vs. cena ain ruin cena credibilty more thsn what it already was?

Well theres my top three reasons. I have a part two. Oming if this gets good responses.
ThAnks for reading.

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  1. Dperk911's Avatar
    Like i said there becomes a time were the second star is more over then the primary and the roll shifts. It doesnt happen to every stable. Like you pointed out. But it does happen. Why did xpac get kicked out of dxorton in evolution? Batista? Nash leaving nWo to create wolfpack? Rock in NoD and then taking over NoD? Like i said it does happen. It makes perfect sense.

    At one point xpac was more over then trips. Xpac was the fan fave in dx. He became a tweener.

    Didnt say stables made it that way. Stables made it predictible to not see a clean win. You KNOW if the wrestler has a stable 9/10 his stable would interfere with the match. Yes herls use cheap antics but uou know with a stable theres no clean win

    Quote Originally Posted by Bane of Balin
    This blog is full of wrong:

    1) Heels have traditionally won matches using cheap tactics. That's called "Heel Psychology 101". Stables didn't make it that way.

    2) This makes no sense. Ric Flair was the leader, and he was way more over. Hollywood Hogan (and eventually Nash) were by far the most over of the nWo (for the most part) and they were the leaders. P.S Hayes was the leader of the Fabulous Freebirds, way more over. Bobby Heenan with the Heenan Family. Need I continue. And to say that X-Pac was ever more over than Trips is ridiculous.

    I'll continue later.
  2. Dperk911's Avatar
    Is it not fair to say that it has become.iche or stereotyped?

    For as many dirty wins you get you need clean wins for hour. Redibility. If not you end up like the miz

    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS
    Screwy finishes when it comes to heel stables is pretty much the point. They're not suppose to get clean wins over fan-favorites as it doesn't work in the psychology of wrestling. When it comes to heel stables, they are booked to use the numbers games to their advantage in a kayfabe way so booking them to win cleanly would defeat the purpose of a heel formation in the first place.
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dperk911
    Is it not fair to say that it has become.iche or stereotyped?

    For as many dirty wins you get you need clean wins for hour. Redibility. If not you end up like the miz
    But how is it believable for a wrestler that's in a stable full of heels suppose to score clean wins to gain credibility? It would defeat the purpose of that heel surrounding himself with other heels as a way of protection. That's why Ric Flair rarely won cleanly in his title defenses back in the NWA. If he won his matches cleanly, than there would have been no use of surrounding himself with the 4 Horsemen. That's the psychology of a stable in wrestling; playing the numbers game so to speak.
  4. knox's Avatar
    The Nexus had the potential to be as good or better than the nwo but booking killed it.

    Great blog btw, i agree with you.
  5. Circa84's Avatar
    Couldn't disagree more if it wasn't for the Nation the rock wouldn't have had a platform to become what he became orton and bastista as well
    and x-PAC was never as over as HHH stables are great for business at the end of the day your perception of the show rest on if it's a good idea or bad which rest with creative
  6. Dennis's Avatar
    The nexus served it's purpose on so many levels. Wade Barrett is now one of the top heels in the WWE. Daniel Bryan is now the most over heel I have seen in a long time. Justin gabriel if not for injuries would be in the tag team title picture what I will agree is terrible but seems to be improving not to mention the prime time players who are number one contenders for the title... all of these success stories can be linked to a heel stable that made us aware of these names where before the casual fan just didn't care about, though I do think you have a point about it being to predictable but that's not the heel factions fault that is wwe's creative team not being very creative
  7. drumgod's Avatar
    Your blog was dreadful ... Learn to use proper English before you post again.
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