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The Royal Ramble: Top 20 Moments in the History of Raw's 1000 Episodes!

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Before I start, once again I'm going to say this list is in my opinion and if you don't agree tough sh*t! If anything I say offends you, well then grow a pair and move on to the next blog. OR!!!! you can read my old blog and here is the link! Anyway now that I got my cheap plug in, let's get this started!

19 years ago, we heard Vince McMahon say "Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw!" Since then our eyes have glued to the tv. We've seen brawls, beer bashes, and puppies! On July 23rd, Raw reaches an incredible milestone with it's 1000 episode. Now I'm here to count down the top 20 moments in Raw's 1000 episodes!

So....Are you ready?

20. John Cena Drafted to Raw - June 6th, 2005
On June 6th, 2005, Monday Night Raw came to St. Louis and on this night, we would find out who the first person was to be drafted from SmackDown to Raw! Chris Jericho held his Highlight Reel show to kick off Raw. He didn't waste anytime and said "Bring out Raw's first draft pick!" A silence went over the crowd as they awaited to see who it was. Then out of no where, John Cena's music went off and the place went nuts! Wearing a very old retro St. Louis Spirit jersey, John Cena came out pumped up and ready to go! I was there and was not expecting this to happen. Just a great memory and was a great moment for Raw.

19. Mike Tyson/Stone Cold Stare Down - January 19th, 1998
The night before this Raw was the Royal Rumble. On that ppv they showed Mike Tyson sitting in a press box with Shane McMahon watching the show. Stone Cold would go on to win that year's Royal Rumble match. The next night on Raw, Vince McMahon introduced the "Baddest Man on the Planet! Iron Mike Tyson!" Tyson would come out with his entourage and Vince announced that Tyson would be the special enforcer for the WWE Championship at Wrestle Mania 14. Stone Cold comes out talks trash to Tyson and gives him the finger. Tyson would follow up and brawl broke out. Vince was irate, yelling "you ruined it!" The confrontation was all over news and sports outlets all around the world, making that years Wrestle Mania a can't miss.

18. Vince McMahon's Hospital Visitors - October 5th, 1998
Vince McMahon was in the hospital due to a foot injury and he got some unexpected visitors this night. First, Mankind decides to stop by with some balloons, a clown, and the debut of Mr. Socko! Vince was not too pleased. With Mankind trying his best to cheer up his boss, he makes Socko kiss Vince's broken foot. Which actually hurts Vince, making him getting very pissed and kicks everyone out of the room. The next time they show Vince in the hospital the nurse is checking up on Vince and the doctor walks in. "Oh I'll take it from here nurse" is said in the back by the doctor and Vince's eyes light up because everyone knows that voice. Stone Cold then runs over to Vince and beats the living hell out of him. He starts punching his foot and then hits Vince over the head with a bedpan. A great comedic segment for Raw.

17. DX Invades WCW - April 27th, 1998
Before I start on this one, WCW really pussied out on this! They could have had the greatest episode of Nitro they have ever done and DX invading would have backfired in WWE's face! But thank God they did because I hated WCW! I love how this starts out with Triple H acting like he is a Sargent walking up and down the line of DX. With DX holding guns acting like they are in the army and WCW is the enemy, which they were in a Monday night war. It was one of the most entertaining segments DX has ever done! DX goes up to the arena in a tank, where WCW is holding Nitro that night. DX would then go around to every fan asking if they liked WCW and almost everyone said no! DX chants came around and then DX decided to try and go into the arena through the garage. But when they tried, the garage door closed. DX tried to knock on the door but to avail. DX then decided it was back to return home to the WWE.

16. Eric Bischoff Debuts - July 15th, 2002
"Tell me I didn't just see that?!" Booker T said those famous words when he saw Eric Bischoff smile at him and walk by him. After the next commercial break, Vince McMahon comes and says he has found a replacement for the Raw GM. "And his name is Eric Bischoff!" Bischoff comes out and the two hugged on stage while the crowd was stunned! These two hated each other for the longest time and now best friends?! An unforgettable moment for Raw, the WWE and the wrestling world!

15. Ric Flair Returns - November 19th, 2001
It was the night after one of the biggest Survivor Series in WWE history. Team WWE defeated the Alliance and took full control back over the WWE. The next night on Raw a change was coming. Vince McMahon was about to strip the WWE Championship from Stone Cold and give to Kurt Angle, but then "WOOOO!" Ric Flair comes out and Vince and Kurt want to what's going on. Flair announced that the night before, he bet on a winner. When Shane and Stephanie sold their stocks....they sold it to the Nature Boy WOOO! In the words of Ric Flair to Vince McMahon "We're partners!" Vince freaked out and out came Stone Cold! He beat the living hell out of Angle and Vince, then took his belt back, and had a beer bash with Flair! WOOOOOO!

14. The Rock's First Concert - March 24th, 2003
"Leavin Sacramento, Sacramento there I go. They got some fat ass women and the Rock is gonna just say no. I might catch a plane, I might catch a train. How do you people live here? You must be insane! Sacramento I won't stay. But I'll be sure to come back when the Lakers beat the Kings in May!" This song should have won a Grammy. I love this damn segment! The Rock played his Hollywood character perfectly! What made this awesome and hilarious was the fact how he could get the crowd cheering and then booing just seconds later. You could just tell The Rock was just having so much fun doing this. Even though the crowd boo'd it, they sure as hell loved it at the same time. Not to mention the guitar was signed by Willie Nelson. "The Rock can't wait to whip your bald candy-ass again!" And the last and final song of the concert should have also won a Grammy! How can you not love this segment?! To make things better Stone Cold would eventually come out and brawl followed, well actually the Hurricane came out first and we got hear some awesome Hamburglar jokes lol. A classic night in Sacramento for sure!

13. Kane Returns - August 26th, 2002
For weeks, Kane promos had been appearing on Raw, hyping the monster's return. On August 26th, 2002, the Un-Americans (Test, Christian, and Lance Storm) decided they wanted to burn the American flag. Just as they were about to do it Kane's pyro went off and another promo for him showed on the titantron. Kane did not come out and so the Un-Americans continued. Booker T and Goldust came running through the crowd and jumped into the ring. They tried to stop them but it was three against two. They fought to the outside of the ring and while it seemed that Christian and Storm had Booker and Goldust under control outside, Test went back into the ring and was getting to burn the flag. As he got closer, Kane's pyro went off again but this time the Monster appeared with a new mask, outfit, and music. The monster was reborn! Kane came down and beat the crap of the Un-Americans and they ran back to the locker room. A huge USA chant came around and the crowd went crazy. Booker T did a spin-a-roonie, while Kane then tried a Kane-a-roonie! In my book, it was one of the best returns in WWE history.

12. Shawn Michaels' Montreal Promo - August 15th, 2005
I've said once before and I'll say it again, a heel Shawn Michaels is money! Montreal is one of the best places for a hot WWE crowd! Montreal never moved on from 1997, they never moved on from the Montreal Screwjob! Just a week prior to this Raw, Shawn Michaels turned heel after giving a Sweet Chin Music to Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart are Gods in Montreal and Shawn was diffidently the villain there. Shawn came out to some of the loudest boo's I have ever heard! Before he could say anything a large mixture of "You screwed Bret" and You screwed Hulk" chants filled out the arena in a very red hot Montreal crowd! Some of the first words to come from Shawn were "Oh Canada, how I hate this place. I'm gonna kick Hulk Hogan right in the face!" You almost couldn't even hear him talk because the crowd was so loud. But the best part of the whole segment was when he started talking about he screw Bret Hart over again if he had to. Then out of no where Bret Hart's music kicked on and the placed erupted! The speakers on my television were crackling because the crowd was so loud. The crowd was going crazy but only to realize that Shawn had tricked them and Bret was never there. "Got your hopes up just a little bit, didn't I?!" Shawn Michaels is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be! PERIOD!

11. Stone Cold Saves Team WWE - June 17th, 2001
This moment was awesome just due to the fact how stunners are involved. The Alliance had taken over and started beating down on the whole WWE roster. They were even fighting backstage and in the parking lot. As the fights were happening in the parking lot, Stone Cold pulls up in his trademark truck and starts to beat the crap out of everyone in the parking lot. He walks into the backstage area and continues to beat ass! They cut back to the ring where a huge brawl is still taking place. Then the glass shatters! Stone Cold comes out to a huge ovation! He starts to kick everyone's ass and then one by one stunners almost everyone in the ring! The greatest part about it was that every time he stunners someone, the crowd pops every time! And to cap it all off the Undertaker and Kane choke-slam wrestlers at the same time, as team WWE stood tall.

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Now back to the countdown to the top 10!

10. The Rock/Hulk Hogan Stare Down - March 18th, 2002
We would never see Tyson vs Ali, Jordan vs Lebron, Gretzky vs Crosby, Pele vs Messi but we did get to see Hogan vs Rock! Now, I never really liked Hulk Hogan but I respected him (same with Cena). He was the biggest thing in pro wrestling and it's really toss who the most popular was between Hogan, Rock and Stone Cold. Now, when the Rock came out to confront the Hulkster, he cut a great promo that was very true. Hogan headlined Wrestle Mania after Wrestle Mania. "How would you feel about headlining one more Wrestle Mania with the Rock?!" The crowd erupted and the had one of the best and most memorable stare downs I had ever witnessed. They looked around the crowd and the crowd still going nuts. A stare down between two icons, that I will never forget!

09. Chris Jericho Debuts - August 9th, 1999
The Rock was in the middle of cutting a promo, when out of no where the millennium countdown cut him off. As the clock ticked down to zero, the lights lowered into a different array of colors. Then, the lights go out and the arena is dark. A set of pryo goes off and music starts to play. And then on the screen the name Jericho appears and the crowds goes wild and Chris Jericho appears on stage doing his pose. "Welcome to Raw is Jericho!" He would go on to cut a classic promo with The Rock and was a great way to debut in the WWE!

08. Pillman's Got a Gun - November 4th, 1996
This has to be one of the most controversial if not the most controversial moment in WWE history! About a week before this moment, Stone Cold attacked Brian Pillman and broke his ankle. So on Raw, Brian Pillman was at home resting while Kevin Kelly was interviewing him. Pillman then shows that he is ready for Stone Cold if he shows up, by pulling out a gun! Pillman's family and friends were surrounding his house protecting him from Stone Cold. Stone Cold arrives at his house and starts to beat the crap out of Pillman's friends! Then Stone Cold proceeds to break into Pillman's home and as Stone Cold walks towards Pillman, Pillman points the gun towards Stone Cold and the feed gets cut. When they get the feed back on at Pillman's house, everyone thinks when Stone Cold saw the gun he left. But, Stone Cold comes running back in the house and yells "shoot me!" The people in the house push Stone Cold out, as Pillman continues to aim the gun at him! Truly a crazy moment in Raw's history!

07. WWE Buys WCW - March 26th, 2001
I will never forget the day I woke up and my Grandma showing me a article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch saying, the WWE buys WCW! The Monday Night War was over, one week before the best Wrestle Mania ever! I knew that this Raw was going to be special! Vince McMahon comes out and says he now owns WCW! At one point during the show Vince was on both Nitro and Raw. Vince wanted to sign a contract at Wrestle Mania saying he owns WCW. But Shane McMahon beat Vince to it and bought WCW! Thus, starting the Alliance angle.

06. Triple H Crashes a Wedding - November 29th, 1999
It was supposed to be a very special night for Test and Stephanie McMahon. But Triple H decided to crash the wedding. He told everyone that they might want to watch the tape he has set up for them. As the tape starts Triple H is driving down Las Vegas and showing all the great adult movie stores and wedding chapels around. He then pulls up to the Tunnel of Love. He proceeds to drive through and finally comes to a stop where a lady comes out a recognizes Triple H. She asks who do you plan on marrying and that's when he points over to a passed out Stephanie McMahon! The crowd sends out a shocked "OHHH!" Triple H was trying very hard to speed up the marriage process and acted like Stephanie wasn't passed out. "Get a nice shot of the new Hunter Hearst Helmsley!" As they cut back to the live crowd, Test is pissed and Stephanie is crying, while Triple H is smiling. "I know that you can only have one question on your mind, DAD! And that is, not did we but how many times did we consummate the marriage?!" This proved that Triple H was the best heel of this generation!

05. DX Forms - October 6th, 1997
To me DX began on this date. One of the greatest stables in the WWE started with a wedgie to Michael Cole by Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Shawn then proceeds to roll a clip from the Badd Blood PPV, but instead shows the infamous Curtain Call video. Showing how the heels hugged the babyfaces and Vince McMahon was not to happy about it. They took nothing seriously at all and were complete as*holes to everyone! "D-Generation X, you make the rules and we will break'em!" They would almost piss off everyone backstage, but in the end I think it paid off. If your not down with that, I got two words for ya...SUCK IT!

04. This is Your Life - September 27th, 1999
"Rock, this is your life!" The highest rated segment in Raw's history! Mankind thought it was the Rock's birthday, so he decided to throw a birthday bash for the Great One! Mankind would then to proceed to bring out random people from the Rock's past starting with the Rock's high school football coach, his teacher, and his high school sweetheart, which the Rock told all of them off! "Poo-tang your ass on out of here!" Mankind would proceed to give the Rock a sock with the Rock's face on it and called it Mr. Rocko! Then showed off the matching jackets they had and on the back it said the Rock N' Sock Connection. The Rock wasn't really enjoying any of it and finally told Mankind he's an idiot because the Rock's birthday was in May. It's still to this the highest rated segment ever on Raw with a 8.4 rating.

03. Pipe Bomb - June 6th, 2011
This is the greatest moment in the Cena/PG era! I always thought CM Punk was great on the mic, but this night proved me right! Punk's contract was coming to an end and he didn't one bit due to the way he had been treated. He then cut one of the if not the best shoot-promo of all time! He got a lot of things off of his chest that was very true! The best part about the whole thing was that he really felt that way about everything he was saying and what happened?! He became so big that he had to resign with WWE or he was stupid. "Maybe your just really good at kissing Vince McMahon's ass! Your as good at kissing Vince's ass as Hulk Hogan was!" He is so right about the Hulk Hogan comment, I just can't agree anymore! He brought attitude back to attitude-less WWE! "I'd like to think this company would be better after Vince McMahon is dead. But it's gonna get taken over by his idiotic daughter and doo-fus son-in-law and the rest of his stupid family!" And just by saying that he became...THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

02. Beer Bash - March 22nd, 1999
To me this moment was the "I'm on the top of the world moment and there's no one that can stop me!" Stone Cold reached the top of the wrestling world and this was the moment that showed he was coolest thing in wrestling. "If your ready for Wrestle Mania, give me a hell yeah!" Stone Cold comes out driving a Coors Light beer truck that almost took down the titantron. The crowd is going nuts and Stone Cold cuts one of the best promos he had ever done. He then proceeds to spray Vince, Shane and Rock with beer! The crowd goes even crazier and to me it was one of the best ways to hype up a Wrestle Mania! Truly was Stone Cold's best moment and he was on top of the world there.

And now it's time for the number one moment in Raw's history

Katie Vick!
Ok. Ok. I'm just busting your balls

The real number one is....

01. Mankind Wins the WWE Championship - January 4th, 1999
"Mick Foley is going to win their World Title, ugh! That's going to put butts in seats." Well you little arrogant cocky as*hole, it did! Right as Tony Schiavone announce the spoilers on Nitro almost 600,000 viewers the channel right away to Raw! In my eyes this creates the single greatest moment in the history of Monday Night Raw! The best part about it was the live crowd. The crowd was ok to start the match but the end was crazy! Not to mention pretty much every big star in the WWE was apart of it besides the Undertaker. Mankind, The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, and Vince McMahon were all apart of it! The Rock was the champion and Mankind the underdog. The Rock had the Corporation on his side and Mankind had DX on his. The two wrestle for about ten minutes when hell brakes loose outside of the ring, as DX brawls with the Corporation. Then we all the glass shatter and the crowd erupts like none other! Stone Cold comes out and hits Rock over the head with a chair and makes Mankind pin the Rock. Thus, making Mankind the new WWE Champion! The crowd still going crazy wild, Stone Cold flips off Vince and walks away. While Mankind and DX celebrate in the ring for one of the most feel good moments in the history of not only Raw but the WWE!

Well thank you for reading my blog! I have my own personal web page coming soon on Follow my boys on twitter @MarkinOut and follow me on twitter also @TRICK1042! And also at the end of each week from now I will post a weekly review on Raw and SmackDown! I'm just gettin started baby! I'm Trick and this has been THE ROYAL RAMBLE! THANK YOU FOR READING AND PLEASE SPREAD THIS BLOG!

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  1. willy316's Avatar
    Mate...this was indeed a nostalgia blog....nothing short of outstanding !!
  2. Sage's Avatar
    I remember alot of these, i remember foley's foleys win as the first and only time i was yelling at the screen and jumpng around XD
  3. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Very well put. A lot of your favorite moments involved my favorite superstar; The jabroni-beating lalalalalalaaaooooo pie-eating trailblazing eyebrow raising foot off the brake step on the gas its time to whip some monkey ass!! People's Champ The Rock!!!
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    A bit surprised that Nexus debut, Jericho winning match that never happened didn't make the cut.
  5. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Very nice work. I almost agree with everything. I would have put Vince buys WCW #1, because that to me was just a unbelievable event and even how it went down. I can remember exactly where I was at when Nitro started with Vince and Raw started. More so then even the OJ verdict LOL.

    Some other events that didn't make the cut on your list that would have on mine are:

    The Radicals show up on RAW
    Kurt Angle blasting Steph and Austin and the rest of their crew with milk from his milk truck

    Really great read though. Nice job!
  6. RoadWarrior's Avatar
    Good blog. Only Rock's concert shouldn't be rated above Bischoff debuting or DX invading WCW, those are two things I NEVER thought we'd see.
  7. Qhova's Avatar
    I have to admit...when i started reading your blog i thought i was going to read some bullshit list, but you nailed it right on the head with this top 20!!!!!

    btw i was at the Bell Centre in Montreal for the HBK promo in 2005 and trust me it was louder in person...and as one of the people in attendence for the "Screwjob" i was yelling "you screwed Bret" at the top of my lungs!!!!!!

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