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Higher Ratings For TNA...How?

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Ok fans. The Saviour here with an odd, 3rd post this week. I'm actually going to blog about a thread from the forum that I found very interesting. And while I was responding, I found my response getting too long and figured I'd make a blog about it.

Now, over the last 4 or 5 weeks, I've been very much in favor of TNA over WWE. They've been putting on better shows and focusing more on wrestling. However, the ratings don't exactly reflect any sort of change in the large gap between the two organizations. There was a report yesterday about Impact's rating and his still hasn't really broken out of the 1.00 range, even though it's putting on excellent quality shows. So, how can this be changed? What are they doing wrong? What should they change? While it's easy to blame Hogan(s), Bischoff, Dixie Carter, etc, there's more to it than that. This blog is going to focus on increasing TNA's audience.

Let's break it down and see, as the thread says, What Will Be TNA's Savior?

1. Bobby Roode Is World Champion This isn't something I would change. I think Bobby Roode needs to be champion for much longer than he already has been. The problem is, anyone who might be tuning into TNA for the first time, would have no clue who Bobby Roode is. TNA needs to market this guy. Get him on talk shows. Get him to appear at highly publicized sporting events. He is very much a Marketable commodity and they should capitalize on it. He needs to really become a known figure throughout the US, and even all of North America. Perhaps a Canadian Tour and a Mexican Tour could help this.

2. Spike TV Is Not the Outlet They Need. I know this cannot change anytime soon, as they just signed a 2 year extension. But Spike TV really prides itself on being a "Man" Station. With shows like MMA Uncensored, 1000 Ways to Die, and Manswers, Spike TV doesn't exactly offer too many options for women and even less options for children. And that's where they're limited. The male 18-34 demographic finds other options, not just wrestling, so they only have a small piece of the pie. They need to draw more women and children to their product. I think that may happen if they were to move to say, FX. Fox has tons of different stations that can help promote. And they usually do. As opposed to NBC where they don't cross promote too often. Basically, you don't see USA shows promoted on NBC, but you do see FX programming promoted on Fox.

3. Get On The Road...Please! I'm repeating myself from an earlier blog from months back, but TNA needs to get on the road. It's annoying just seeing the Impact Zone at this point. Here's what I envision. College Campuses. College kids flock to any type of event that's going on throughout the campus. At a mere $10/ticket, well within a standard college student's budget, they could easily pull in 5000 - 7000 people for an event. And throughout the day, have the wrestlers interacting with the students on campus. Throw in a good cause here and there. A little push toward the importance of education, etc. And start at small campuses. Florida International, Central Florida, Florida A&M, Louisiana Monroe, Georgia Southern, etc. And do it in early fall, when their arenas aren't being booked for basketball. Instant success.

4. Take Part in the Themes of Pop Culture. WCW had some events that coincided with what was happening at the time. They usually themed a Spring Break Nitro that would take place in Daytona Beach. They had the Road Wild PPV that would take place at the Sturgis Bike Ralley, etc. And there's a billion events that take place in America at certain times of the year. Imagine doing a show in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, or a show revolving around America, in DC, near the 4th of July. Cap it off with a huge Firework Display. The opportunities here are endless. And there's probably some cheap pub you can get out of it too.

5. Finally, Piggy Back off of WWE. What I mean by this is, people like familiarity. WWE may own the trademark names of matches like TLC and Money in the Bank, they don't own the style of match itself. All TNA has to do is rename them and do something similar. This would garner interest based on comparison alone. Would a MITB match with Ziggles, Santino, Cody Rhodes, and Kofi Kingston be as good as one with AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, RVD, and A Double? If they had this match, how many people would tune in, just to check it out? Especially if you decided to give for free, what WWE would make you pay for. And the same goes with TLC. Hell, most of the people who put that match on the map are already with the company.

Well, obviously, a lot needs to change if TNA is ever going to reach that 2.0 + rating and be taken seriously as a threat to the evil empire up north.

I hope you all enjoyed this read. If you have other ideas, please comment and let's hear em.

Thanks for reading. And check out this weeks' Sudden Impact if you haven't already read it.

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  1. LostOmega's Avatar
    I agree with everything in this blog except for moving TNA to FX. If that happens then I won't be able to watch anymore and I'll be sad and have to rely on WWE for wrestling (which is a fail)...
  2. OneTimePosterShorry's Avatar
    You have not mentioned once about TNA's money, which is pretty much the main setback for them. Panda pretty much only funds them enough to be around, but not enough to actually grow.
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    This blog, much like that thread on the forums thought outside the box. At this stage, it boils down to publicity. The on-screen product is great right now. They just need to reach out to a wider audience. Great blog.
  4. Liston's Avatar
    TNA's rating are not going to magically jump now. They are were they are for a number of reasons.

    Wrestling is no where near as popular as it once was, and this is not going to change any time soon. The golden age of wrestling came to an end years ago.

    Part of this reason is choice. In the 90s there was much less choice on the screen, when compared to the choice and ease of access to that choice nowadays. With so many shows to choose from it is very difficult to gain any market share, and then even harder to keep it.

    TNA are struggling to hang onto their market share because even though they have had a few stellar weeks, for months prior they have been putting out under the par shows. This was compounded with the nearly unadvertised time change to go live. Once lost, it is hard to get those ratings to return.

    People have listed solutions. Until TNA sell their product to a bigger market, nothing is going to change. They do a little with houses shows, but it isn't nearly enough for the industry they are in.

    I could go on, and perhaps will in a blog. People seem to be missing the point completely TNA could change their product as much as they want, and tell me how many grand sweeping changes do they make every couple of months. These have not brought in new people, and have lost current viewers.
  5. comaband76's Avatar
    To me TNA got on the board with "what" they used to have. 1. A great X-Division. 2. They were different i.e. their 6 sided ring. 3. If they would use their "trademark matches" more i.e., KOTM, Ultimate X, Xscape, etc. that would entice anyone to watch. I will agree that they HAVE TO GET OUT OF ORLANDO!! Just look at the crowd they brought in for Slammiversary. Bring back Cornette and get rid of Hogan/Bischoff.....NOT WORKING!! Look at wrestling in ROH. TNA used to be like that. Better "short" storylines. Obviously you have to use longer ones for the Heavyweight belt. Some of the recent storylines have been intriguing. I'll be honest I didn't watch for a couple of months recently and I've been devoted since day one. All they need to do is look at the matches and heart of the wrestlers they had back in 02-07 or so. Take that and go on the road.....LIVE!.....PROMOTE! Plus don't make fools of themselves on storylines, like they did with Dixie/AJ. Oh, and if Dixie insists to be on TV?.......Get some ball and an attitude....seriously!! Just some thoughts.....
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    And this DK, is why I enjoy reading your blogs.

    Point 1 - Nail on the head. This guy can be built around for years IF marketed right. He is the monster heel that they had been lacking for quite some time and kept pushing Hardy, Angle, and Styles to be but weren't. Keep him where he's at and continue to build faces to defeate him. The build for Storm is epic, and the build for Aries is another great one as well.

    Point 2 - I see your logic, but I don't actually feel that it's the little kids and women than need to be marketed too more. They might need another network that actually shows commercials of Impact during other programming and even cross channel promotions. I feel like Spike is still the TNN network when ECW was on because I NEVER see commercials for it on the network.

    Point 3 - Agreed! Not sure how it came across on TV, but the crowd in Arlington was HOT for Slammiversary and we chanted damn near the whole time... I lost my voice for a week because of it. Your college campus idea is perfect... I am going to forward it to their website because I like it so much.

    Point 4 - I liked the Hog Wild PPVs and think the Mardi Gras idea is great. But ultimately, this kind of thing won't be a "savior" to TNA, rather just another publicity stunt... Like the Brooke Hogan experiment

    Point 5 - I like the way of thinking for this, but I also would rather them coin thier own names for these and copyright them. The name recognition is where it's at in gimmick matches, which is why people know the BFG series, and Ulti-X matches. They can post these names to a YouTube / DailyMotion site and get instant recognition. Hell I YouTubed "Monster's Ball" matches last night and got to see quite a few I haven't watched in years. It's all about the name in certain aspects... Especially in gimmick matches.
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