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Dean Klebonas

My Favorite Superstars in WWE Right Now

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As Booker T's got his top 5, well, so do I. I have been thinking about who goes where for a while now, and I finally came to a final verdict. Here it is:

5. Cody Rhodes

I have always been a fan of Cody ever since he had that mask on. I liked his new "Grotesque" appearance. I never really liked the "Dashing" gimmick, so once this happened, I saw a new side of him that I Liked. He continued with the attitude after the mask came off, so I am still a very big fan of Cody Rhodes.

4. Dolph Ziggler

I am a fan of Ziggler because I see a lot of potential in him. I like that he got Swagger out of hid hair, now if he just gets rid of Vickie, He could easily be the pushed to the top. He has great in ring ability, a good attitude, great charisma, and just his overall status is what I like in a superstar.

3. The Miz

I am and will always be a huge Mizfit. I think Miz is the most must-see wwe superstar, and was easily the best WWE Champion there ever was. WWE needs to realize this and bring him back to the top, because he has great in-ring ability, and I absolutely LOVE his "awesome" gimmick. He will always be one of my all time favorites.

2. CM Punk

It's a no-brainer in saying that CM Punk is the Best in the World. He is a great guy inside and outside of the ring. His theme song, T-shirts, finishers, athleticism, charisma, mic skills, just everything that he has makes him the Best in the WWE today.

1. Zack Ryder

The Internet Champion, Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder! I am from Long Island so I gotta root for this guy. He is not only funny, but also great in the ring. I watch Z! True Long Island Story every week. I've been watching since day one. He has all the qualifications to be at the top, but WWE has to put him back on Raw! I went to Raw at the Nassau Coliseum just to see Zack Ryder.I even met Zack's Dad and the Big-O in the parking lot! Yeah! I'm serious Bro!

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  1. blink's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    It's cool that this is your Fav Five....but let's be honest, there's not much to choose from in WWE, is there?

    It's the same as LeBron James being the best player in the NBA. There's no doubt that he is, but, it's not saying a whole lot considering there's really no one else good in the NBA.
    3 time scoring champ Kevin Durant says hi.

    I was wondering who in their right mind would put zack Ryder as their number 1... But I came up with these 3 reasons.

    1) hometown pride
    2) you look like your in about the age demographic that he caters too.
    3) I'm probably just a little biased because I cant stand him. Can't stand his ring work, his mic work, his look, his gimmick (especially), none of it.

    But to each their own. If I had to pick a fave 5 it probably look something like this:

    5) kane - best big guy in the business
    4) drew mcintyre - got the look of a champion
    3) swagger - best technical wrestler in the E
    2) christian - reminds me of the good ol days and has the best matches on the card
    1) rosa mendes - growl!
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    Lol i have to say Kobe is. He has been consistent, clutch and dependable his entire career and has 5 rings to prove it.
    Very good point, except Kobe's 32 or 33 years old now. He was definitely better 5 years ago. Maybe even 4 or 3 years ago. But I don't think now. Not at this point in his career.
  3. The Notorious R.O.B's Avatar
    5) Damien Sandow
    4) Punk
    3) Ziggler
    2) Orton
    1) Daniel Bryan

    As far as Lebron yea he has the crown right now as best in the world but there are still some other great players out there to challenge him
  4. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    Great blog I like three of your picks like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Cm Punk but The Miz and Zach Ryder I don't know about them. Well First The Miz this guy doesn't even look intimidating, his ring skills are ok and his mic skills are great but just doesn't look like a Wrestling Entertainer. Zach Ryder how can people cheer for a guy who comes out to the gayest song ever, his gimmick is plain stupid and his mic skills are just like Cena BORING!!
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    3 time scoring champ Kevin Durant says hi.
    And of course, we see how that turned out.
  6. Dennis's Avatar
    I liked your picks all the way up minus zack.. not that I'm a hater just number one seems a little high for the broski
  7. owenhart4life's Avatar
    My fav five are

    #1 The Miz
    #2 Dolph Ziggler
    #3 Daniel Bryan
    #4 Cody Rhodes
    #5 Wade Barrett

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