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Top 10 that changed the wrestling biz!

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I came across an old magazine that listed top 25 that changed the history of WWE. I decided to share my top 10 that changed not just WWE, but wrestling history as well. Again this is just my opinion:

1.Wrestling off the mat-matches too long, attendence down, and so forth forced one promoter named Toots Mondt to change the wrestling biz forever by having time limits, fueds, fan favorites, and training his wrestlers to wrestle off the mat with moves such as suplexs.
2.Wrestling goes National-Vince buys father's biz, signs every major star from competing territories, and from there regional biz became National.
3.Wrestling ppvs-Every major sport had its Super Bowl other than wrestling. They decided to make a card that featured a match every one wanted to see in just one night. NWA had Starrcade while WWF had Wrestlemania. The success of those events called for more ppvs that we have today.
4.Wrestling gets Extreme-ECW changed the landscape of professional wrestling by having fueds that were reality based with weapons normal people would use in a fight such as garbage cans and so forth. ECW forced WCW and WWE to change the way they did business. Even forcing them to create their own perspective Hardcore titles.
5.4 Horsemen Stable-By accident a stable was made between those Four Men when Arn Anderson said in the interview about the 4 Horsemen of apocolypse. From there to me, they are still in my mind the best stable ever in wrestling. If not for the 4 Horsemen we wouldn't have stables such as Nexus, SOS, and so forth.
6.Nitro War-WCW created their counterpart to Monday Night Raw to go to war with WWF at the time of 95 calling their show Nitro. Actually defeated Raw first week of the debut and defeated Raw 80+ weeks during that 90s period. Both companies put their best product out each week including putting ppv quality matches on free TV. Fans who witnessed the Monday Night War still praise and talk about it today.
7.Wrestling/Celebs-Andy Kaufman fued with Jerry Lawler is the one to thank for all the celebs over the years being involved in wrestling because all the attention it brought. National attention from the media that wrestling never had before that time.
8.Freebirds entrance-The theme music caused fans to boo the Freebirds. Such a strong reaction that we use theme music for all the wrestlers today.
9.Cruiserweights fly-WCW partners with Triple A to showcase high flying wrestling not seen before in USA. The matches the cruiserweights had in WCW helped them in the Monday Night Wars in the 90s.
10.Wrestling Cage-1937, Paul Boesch proposed that 2 wrestlers end their fueds inside of a Steel Cage. Obviously, Steel Cage's are used today so...

There's my 10 that may give a history lesson to some of you folks. Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    Zang! Sweet list
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Awesome blog and great list. Props to you.
  3. body slam's Avatar
    I know you did not drop some Paul Boesch on us. By far one of the greatest promoters that ever lived.
  4. 5 Finger Death Punch's Avatar
    Madusa changed the look of Women's Wrestling! She was a knockout and a diva B4 there was such a thing!

    The defection of wrestlers from WCW/NWA to WWE.
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