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Is John Cena a problem for today's WWE?

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I’m not the first to comment on John Cena, and I’m sure this blog will get a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe. I’ll be blunt – John Cena is the reason WWE is becoming predictable and losing buyrates.

This semi-rant (it’s a rant people, it always will be when it comes to Cena) was caused by a few factors:

John Cena’s character needs a revamp

How many years has Cena been playing the ‘never give up’ gimmick now? In my opinion it is far too long. If there’s one thing that Chris Jericho is good at, it is keeping his character fresh and interesting. This is what has gotten Cena the ‘mixed’ reaction which Cole and King seem determined to drive into our heads (I say ‘mixed’ because I know from experience that the ‘Let’s go Cena! Cena sucks!’ chants have become novelty rather than truth – fans in my age group also chant it for the sake of it).

The point I’m making is one I’ve made before in my weekly YYYTRR blog – that Cena should have taken a break after his loss at WrestleMania.

Cena has main-evented every pay-per-view since WrestleMania

Ever since WrestleMania, Cena has been pushed into the main event every month. And every time he has main evented (including ‘Mania) it has either been carried by his opponent and the hype for their return (The Rock and Brock Lesnar), or his match has simply been something which doesn’t sell.

Versus John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit

The problem with this was that Cena versus Ace has never been an intriguing rivalry. Punk and Ace had chemistry and this match would have sold more if Punk replaced Cena. To me this rivalry has always looked like Cena was thrown into the mix because Punk had moved on to better things.

The other problem with the build to this match is that everybody knew the twist which was coming at the end of the match. Big Show was the only person who was likely to get involved due to the stipulation that nobody under contract could interfere. WWE dropped the ball with this storyline, and they did so when they had a great match between two superstars who are ready to carry the company on their in-ring chemistry alone – CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Versus Big Show at No Way Out

It’s no surprise that this match didn’t sell tickets. With only 10,000 buys on the night, No Way Out was headlined by a match between two superstars who never really stood a chance of putting on an entertaining match. As much as I like the aggressive Big Show and his path of destruction, he needs a capable technician in order to be dominant.

That’s the reason why Cody Rhodes was a good ‘Mania opponent, and their match was decent. Against Cena it limits what Show can do as Cena is one of the worse at selling moves in WWE – everything Cena does seems too comical for my liking.

Also, WWE once again dropped the ball by having Cena’s job on the line. The simple fact is that WWE seems to think that their fans would believe the ‘firing’ of John Cena.

Oh, and once again the WWE Championship wasn’t the main event…

The point of this blog entry was to highlight just a couple of reasons that John Cena, in my opinion, is killing WWE’s PPV business.

The way I see it is that ever since his great match against The Rock at WrestleMania, Cena has looked bored and stale in his matches and his promos. Whether it has anything to do with his heavily publicised divorce is beyond the point. I think Cena and WWE dropped the ball by having Cena jump straight into a Super Cena victory over Brock Lesnar, rather than take a break for a few months to re-establish just who the on-screen persona of John Cena is.

He may sell to the children of the WWE Universe, but so does CM Punk. It’s become apparent over the last few months that Cena has truly accomplished everything he possibly can in a WWE ring. He needs a break in order to find a new role for himself, and to allow CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (among others) to finally take the reins of the company.

Hopefully I didn’t lose you half way through this entry, and for those who are reading this I thank you for your time. Make sure not to miss my weekly blog, YYYTRR, on Tuesday morning.

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Cena main eventing every ppv is a problem? That is like saying Hogan was a problem main eventing every ppv. See how ridiculous that sounds.

    Cena is the man and the face of the company. He should main event ppvs. Especially when his counterpart is the biggest heel in the company like Big Johnny and Big Show. Especially if a firing stipulation is involved in the match.

    Cena's character is never going to be revamped til someone can replace him and no one has yet to proven that. You don't just turn him heel just to turn him heel. Especially when most fans hate him holding the belt. If he turns heel, he will have to the world champion and obviously will be the biggest heel in the company. Do you want him to be champion again as a heel?
  2. jackw9's Avatar
    Yh he earns them million's a year yet he's bad for the wwe
  3. smellmycooking's Avatar
    I honestly dont believe anyone works harder then Cena at the WWE, but that doesnt mean he has to main event every PPV. Does anyone get the impression Cena is going to win money in the bank and then cash it in by actually challenging Punk to a match at Summerslam rather than just take advantage of a weak opponent after a match. Super Cena, here we go again!
  4. venom28-'s Avatar
    Highly agree, the biggest stars including The Undertaker, SCSA, Mick Foley, HHH all had to reinvent themselves repeatedly to stay fresh. What makes Super Cena so special? He has been the same character since leaving his thug persona behind which was more than 6 yrs ago. I don`t know why the WWE is so afraid to change him up a bit characterwise. He`s has been stale for a couple years my opinion.
    Updated 06-27-2012 at 04:53 PM by venom28- (Spelling)
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