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Is John Cena a problem for today's WWE?

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I’m not the first to comment on John Cena, and I’m sure this blog will get a mixed reaction from the WWE Universe. I’ll be blunt – John Cena is the reason WWE is becoming predictable and losing buyrates.

This semi-rant (it’s a rant people, it always will be when it comes to Cena) was caused by a few factors:

John Cena’s character needs a revamp

How many years has Cena been playing the ‘never give up’ gimmick now? In my opinion it is far too long. If there’s one thing that Chris Jericho is good at, it is keeping his character fresh and interesting. This is what has gotten Cena the ‘mixed’ reaction which Cole and King seem determined to drive into our heads (I say ‘mixed’ because I know from experience that the ‘Let’s go Cena! Cena sucks!’ chants have become novelty rather than truth – fans in my age group also chant it for the sake of it).

The point I’m making is one I’ve made before in my weekly YYYTRR blog – that Cena should have taken a break after his loss at WrestleMania.

Cena has main-evented every pay-per-view since WrestleMania

Ever since WrestleMania, Cena has been pushed into the main event every month. And every time he has main evented (including ‘Mania) it has either been carried by his opponent and the hype for their return (The Rock and Brock Lesnar), or his match has simply been something which doesn’t sell.

Versus John Laurinaitis at Over the Limit

The problem with this was that Cena versus Ace has never been an intriguing rivalry. Punk and Ace had chemistry and this match would have sold more if Punk replaced Cena. To me this rivalry has always looked like Cena was thrown into the mix because Punk had moved on to better things.

The other problem with the build to this match is that everybody knew the twist which was coming at the end of the match. Big Show was the only person who was likely to get involved due to the stipulation that nobody under contract could interfere. WWE dropped the ball with this storyline, and they did so when they had a great match between two superstars who are ready to carry the company on their in-ring chemistry alone – CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Versus Big Show at No Way Out

It’s no surprise that this match didn’t sell tickets. With only 10,000 buys on the night, No Way Out was headlined by a match between two superstars who never really stood a chance of putting on an entertaining match. As much as I like the aggressive Big Show and his path of destruction, he needs a capable technician in order to be dominant.

That’s the reason why Cody Rhodes was a good ‘Mania opponent, and their match was decent. Against Cena it limits what Show can do as Cena is one of the worse at selling moves in WWE – everything Cena does seems too comical for my liking.

Also, WWE once again dropped the ball by having Cena’s job on the line. The simple fact is that WWE seems to think that their fans would believe the ‘firing’ of John Cena.

Oh, and once again the WWE Championship wasn’t the main event…

The point of this blog entry was to highlight just a couple of reasons that John Cena, in my opinion, is killing WWE’s PPV business.

The way I see it is that ever since his great match against The Rock at WrestleMania, Cena has looked bored and stale in his matches and his promos. Whether it has anything to do with his heavily publicised divorce is beyond the point. I think Cena and WWE dropped the ball by having Cena jump straight into a Super Cena victory over Brock Lesnar, rather than take a break for a few months to re-establish just who the on-screen persona of John Cena is.

He may sell to the children of the WWE Universe, but so does CM Punk. It’s become apparent over the last few months that Cena has truly accomplished everything he possibly can in a WWE ring. He needs a break in order to find a new role for himself, and to allow CM Punk and Daniel Bryan (among others) to finally take the reins of the company.

Hopefully I didn’t lose you half way through this entry, and for those who are reading this I thank you for your time. Make sure not to miss my weekly blog, YYYTRR, on Tuesday morning.

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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    agreed. and they want to put him in the title picture again? seriously? It's time for new blood to take over or they will never be able to run a show without orton or cena in the future. Hes done all he can in the ring and now it is just getting stale & boring. Same old shit week after week. He needs to step down and let the wwe flourish, cm punk & bryan can take the reigns and do it well if they give them the opportunity. He just needs to leave for a while and step down from the main guy role. Vince is choosing a new face soon, so the time is now to back off from main event status. Also, for the record he has main evented since Elimination chamber. Also, (From June 2011-June 2012) the 14 ppvs there was only 6 of them who had a main event match for the WWE title or World Heavyweight Title. On 14 ppvs John Cena main evented 11 of them. He is a problem for the PPVs if he is going above the title matches, I know cm punk said order does not matter but in the wwe's eyes...the main event is what everyone is there for essentially. So to discredit the wwe champ and storylines just prevents him from being the man and really it just makes it look not important. Talent complain rock took a wm28 spot but cena takes spots every PPV regardless of title or not. He is in the opening video with the title saying the champ is here, not cm punk. How discrediting to cm punk. Guess my point is, he is always shoven down our throats as the guy to focus on and because of that, nobody can get over... stars barely get air time & promo time. All during the PPV night, all the announcers talk about is the main event with cena, discrediting the match that is going on at that moment. He needs to step aside already, a new face is being chosen soon anyways. He has already done enough in the ring and he needs to take a break for a while and step down. People are sick of him! Nobody even cares about his feuds anymore because they are poorly done, short and boring and same old shit! He is like a disease to this company.
    Updated 06-23-2012 at 09:39 AM by bartish2
  2. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Absolutely. Cena needs to get back in line like everybody else. He's not best star in WWE today! He needs to realize that!
  3. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    You don't get it, Cena is the golden goose, he sell for kids and there are more kids watching the product than smarks, meanwhile Cena fans buy their merchandise he won't be removed, besides the younger talent isn't pushed because they can't sell aswell as Cena, Punk maybe but not as at the same.

    So if he's current character is making money, why on earth they are going to change it?? to pleasure a group of people that isn't even the main target point.

    Cena is going to continue main eventing and probalby get another title run, just accepted is not going to change for awhile, if you like wrestling look for Punk, Ziggler, Bryan and stop giving all your attention to John Cena, your doing exactly what Vince wants.
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I must respectfully disagree with this blog. You're right in the fact that Cena main eventing everything since WM is a problem. But is that Cena's fault? Or WWE's? I think WWE made the mistake of taking the focus off CM Punk instead of making him a main centerpiece. Instead, they do things like sign Brock Lesnar back. *Waste of time and money*. Use Cena to feud w/ Laurinaitis and make them the Stone Cold/McMahon feud replacement. They decided to do with Cena, what they should have been doing with Punk.

    I also think that what I blogged about before WM, is really coming to fruition. Cena vs The Rock was the true culmination and the highest point WWE can ever get. They don't make stars anymore, and no matter how well Punk and Bryan can wrestle, or Ziggles can sell a move, or Cody Rhodes can carry on a respected legacy, none of them can really draw like The Rock, or Stone Cold, or Undertaker, HBK, HHH, and yes, John Cena. Meanwhile, we're stuck with low buy rates, except for when WWE signs back older stars for a quick cash in. I can see it now. Undertaker and Stone Cold will be lumbering around the ring at WM 33, because WWE has no stars anymore. And guys like Ziggles, DB, and Wade Barrett, aren't going to be major draws at that sort of level. But, in my eyes, I won't even be watching wrestling when that point comes around.
    Updated 06-23-2012 at 11:13 AM by DK Wrestling Savior
  5. B-ri's Avatar
    I agree and disagree with your blog.

    Firstly (and I say this everytime) Cena can actually wrestle, admittedly he does get lazy at times but he can wrestle a solid match.

    I agree with the Show/Johnny Ace points.

    I kind of agree with your point about Cena needing a revamp, partially don't. I think it depends on who he's facing as to how strong his character is. I've always said that a feud is only as good as it's weakest component. Johnny SUCKS on the mic and therefore drags Cena down. Again Show isn't the strongest on mic either (plus heel Big Show is F*****G boring). But if you go back and watch the last few RAWs (They add in crowd noises at Smackdown) there seems to be a more positive crowd response for Cena in terms of people chanting for Cena in the crowd at various points.

    Plus, like it or not, Cena is the biggest draw in wrestling today.

    I know this is just your opinion so I respect it, good blog, despite the fact I don't agree with it.
  6. WeDominate99's Avatar
    Butt who did Cena face at the ppv's ??? BROCK LESNAR, the build to this match was waay better than the wwe championship match was. And you tell me you didn't wanted the rock in the main event of WM??? Now after you agree to that, he just main evented 2 ppv's, butt how many did stone cold main event with guys like mankind,undertaker,kane,the rock, triple h, shawn michales on the roster??? He main evented every of them, I guess you like stone cold??? John Cena has been here for 10 years, stone cold was in the wwe like 6/7 years and cm punk since 2006. He deserves to be in the main event, didnt you see how he pushed cm punk to the limit??

    My opinion : You're a Cena hater, Stone Cold did the same the only difference is that people don't like Cena cause THE WWE IS PG, they espect Cena to say things like son of a bitch, bastard etc. to kids from 5 years. THE WWE IS PG, NOT CENA
  7. LegendsMadeWrestling's Avatar
    "WWE Is Pg, Not Cena LOL!!! Who does a ton of make a wishes, who is always winning his matches and who is the one supporting the bully campaign and you say Cena is not PG LOL!!!.
    John Cena is the Worst Wrestling Entertainer EVER!!! I give him credit for the Thuganomics character cuz at least he had character but I still didn't like him for being a white boy who lives in the suburbs of West Newbury thinking he's a nigga from the hood the F*** outta here. I have never seen a Wrestler kiss the fans ass so much, I have never seen a wrestler who can't even sell a move and I never seen a Wrestler who can't even put people over Clean in a match. His Hustle, Loyalty and Respect motto is Bullshit! Why? Well he is Hustling to get Randy Orton fired, His Loyalty....Cheats on his wife then divorces her and Respect LOL!!! He is a Disrespectful muthaf****r just look at the stuff he said to a Legend like The Rock Yeah!! John Cena what a guy huh!!.

    This is the same guy who kids love to cheer and people love to respect cuz he's a hard worker, he is Vince's Cash Cow LOL!!! the only thing Cena does is Sell MERCHANDISE does he Sell Out Arenas around the World NOPE!!!, Having sold out arenas and high PPV buys make the company more money than Merchandise selling that's why The Rock & Stone Cold are more popular with millions of people around the world because you had more people watching WWE before than what they watch today If you will go out in public and ask people do you know who Stone Cold & The Rock are?? they will be like yeah they were the best but if you ask them who John Cena is they will be like WHO!!! then answer them he's a Wrestler sorry don't watch that crap anymore NUFF SAID
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