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Sudden Impact: Live and the Momentum Continues

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Hey wrestling fans. The Saviour here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA, and we don't talk about the complete hack company from up north.

I love Open Fight Night. I love the BFG Series. This week's Impact gives us both. Let's get to it.

A Double and Option C

I gotta say, I love this idea. I think they're eliminating the weight restriction which would be great. But we got some real prestige being added to the already awesome X Division, and this comes just when it seems the division is looking kinda bleak. I can't wait to see where this goes. And Yes, A Double gets a shot at Bobby Roode at Destination X. Getting Giddy.

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter

Ugh. What else can I really say about this waste of several months. It's funny though. With their segments backstage, Dixie looks at him like she's ready to blow him right then and there. But...really? Claribelle, or Claridge, or whatever the hell her name is. She's an addict? Really? All I know is, I so hope this is all behind us now and they stop wasting the talent of AJ. I must say, AJ was stiff as hell with Angel and Kaz at the end of the show. That powerbomb on Kaz was one of the most vicious I've ever seen. Let's see Ziggles sell like that. That was freakin awesome.

Brooke Hogan = Ugh

Too much Brooke. And I hate how they did the same thing with the Knockouts that Hogan did 4 weeks ago with Hardy, Angle and AJ. More than one appearance by her, is one too many.

Gut Check Knockout Style

Taylor Hendrix is a little hottie. She seems pretty good in the ring too. She pulled a few Trish Stratus type moves. But I must say, The Widow's Peak may just be the best finisher in wrestling. It's just nasty.

Mickey James Heel Turn

Mickey James is looking very good these days. Has anyone noticed her rolling her eyes and looking away when Velvet's music video is brought up? She also didn't hug Velvet back and isn't all smiles these days. Her match with Tessmacher was good. In all reality, Tessmacher couldn't hang with Mickey on a a bad day. Remember when Mickey first bust on to the scene as Trish's stalker? She can be a nasty heel. And it's coming.

Bound For Glory/Open Fight Night

I gotta say, I really like the quality of matches TNA has been giving us lately. Of course, it's only a two hour show so we can't expect PPV type matches all night long. But the matches they gave us, had PPV potential. Magnus vs AJ Styles. Samoa Joe vs James Storm. Hardy vs RVD. I'd love to see a PPV with these matches in it. Joe vs Storm was a great match, for a tv match. Bully Ray and Pope fulfilled its purpose in furthering the Bully Ray/Abyss/Joseph Park angle. AJ and Magnus had the potential to do more. That was a disappointment for me. Kurt Angle destroying the Jersey Shore idiot was priceless. He laughed his way to that one. Mr Anderson and Angel was ehhhh. I'm not really a fan of either. And of course, Hardy and RVD. Awesome stuff. Obviously, it was a tv match. A PPV match with these two would steal the show on any stage, even at this point in their careers.

Now, not to be totally biased on TNA, one thing I don't like about this year's BFG Series, is the predictability. It's pretty obvious they're setting up James Storm vs Bobby Roode, which means not only do we know that James Storm's gonna win the BFG, but A Double's gonna come up short at Destination X. That's disappointing. It probably would have been better to have James Storm pull some sort of come from behind to win BFG. That would leave a little more suspense in the A Double/Roode match. Instead, he's running away with it and seemingly is in a class all by himself.

Overall Impact this week was pretty good. There was good and bad, as with every episode. I'm a big fan of how they really emphasize the wrestling. It's not just story building and drama. Everything seems to revolve around wrestling matches. And that makes it very enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Sudden Impact. Be safe everyone.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Great blog, friend. I definitely got into OFN, some points more than others. Though Angle destroyed that suntanned simpleton, I wanted to see just a little more from Angle. And yes, Mickie's mean streak has great promise... can't wait. I'm not entirely sold on the Bully Ray, Abyss and Joey Park storyline, though. Why would Abyss be hiding and lurking instead of just coming out and eating Bully Ray alive at will? But the best part was the RVD vs Hardy match. Solid.
  2. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Good blog as always DK. Im really enjoying TNA and the OFN concept at the moment and the BFG series means we should see (Robbie E aside) some really good matches over the next few weeks. I cant help but think that AJ will recover and steal it at the end. I would personally like to see a fellow Brit in Magnus do well, but his time will come in the future. A Mickie James heel turn looks promising aswell!

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