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WWE Monday Night Raw 6/18/12 Review

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Mick Foley Segment

I was legitimately surprised to see Mick Foley come out to start Raw as I didn't know Raw was in Mick's hometown of Long Island.

For me its always nice to see Mrs. Foley's baby boy and it was interesting to find out from him that former General Managers will be hosting Raw and Smackdown each week over the next little while, with Foley himself doing so this week.

As for the stuff with John Laurinaitis; I am so past him and am extremly disapointed that he mainevented Raw along with John Cena, Big Show, and David Otunga once again.

Sheamus & CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane

I thought Sheamus was a really random partner for CM Punk, but moving past that this was actually a very good Tag-Team match.

AJ coming out in the middle of the match dressed as Kane was pure gold and kept Daniel Bryan along with Kane looking strong because CM Punk and Sheamus used the distraction to win.

Other then that, no storylines were advanced or started here, but WWE can begin to on Smackdown and besides I enjoyed this.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger

I feel like we are back to square one with Dolph Ziggler because hes already done the "lover" angle with Vickie Guerrero and he doesn't need ANYONE as his manger. Ziggler is just simply ready to be on his own, while Jack Swagger actually needs Vickie.

As for the match itself, it was way too short and to be honest I am incredibly sick of short TV matches like this.

I did like that Ziggler was put over by being able to survive the ankle lock for an extended amount of time and than win.

Paul Heyman & Triple H Segment

I didn't like the shot Triple H took at Paul Heyman about Raw not being in a Bingo Hall and I was surprised Heyman didn't have most of the New York crowd on his side, but other than that I love how this feud is progressing.

And by the way, Paul Heyman has most certainly not lost a step as he can still talk circles around the entire WWE roster and is really adding a lot of good to the Brock Lesnar/HHH rivalry.

Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio

I've seen so many Alberto Del Rio squash matches exactly like this and in fact many of them have been with Santino Marella, so I was totally uninterested and not entertained by this.

Cyndi Lauper Segment

No matter how much Micheal Cole apologizes for how terrible this segment was, it will never be enough. Never...

Prime Time Players vs. Primo & Epico

I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that the Tag-Team Division finally has an actually storyline and not just two teams randomly going at it for the Titles.

I think AW is a perfect fit for Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. I can only hope that this leads to a match at Money In The Bank between these two teams and from there hopefully R-Truth will be all healed up from his broken foot so he and Kofi Kingston can start building for a Tag-Team Championship match against the Prime Time Players at Summerslam.

The only problem is that once again, a TV match was just too short.

John Cena vs. Big Show, David Otunga, & John Laurinaitis

Storyline wise this match doesn't make any sense because now that John Laurinaitis is fired, any decisions he made before that should be null and void.

Even if I get past that, this was still horrible because watching John Cena beat up out of shape non-wrestlers just isn't very entertaining to me especially for the third time in the past month and a half.

I did find it hilarious when the crowd was chanting "You can't wrestle" while David Otunga and Cena were wrestling each other because I found it to be an apt description of the two.

I'm also assuming that unfortunately Big Show will continue feuding with with Cena next week.

Closing Thoughts

Raw started off hot tonight but quickly fizzled out because of a couple of bad storylines and short matches that weren't given enough time.

Raw Rating: 6/10

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  1. GG_DUCE's Avatar
    I concur with everything, though I thought Slater held that segment together with Cyndi Lauper (who was just awful). I chuckled at your assesment of it, though.
    You hit the nail on the head, otherwise. GREAT first match, and while the rest of the show wasn't bad, it wasn't quite as good as it has been.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    "I did like that Ziggler was put over by being able to survive the ankle lock for an extended amount of time and than win."

    You didn't think him screaming and crying like a little whiny girl during that ankle lock was a little over the top? I mean, we all get that he can sell moves. But this was sad. The match sucked. And him over-selling the way he does, is really getting annoying. Almost as annoying as "Yes".

    But I agree fully with GG_DUCE. Slater is funny as hell and he made that segment. That and the loudest pop of the night, PIPER BABY.

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