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Wrestling Move's Damage

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Hey guys, this is Ressurection with my debut blog, which is about the damage indications made by different mooves.

Finishers ending match-ups
Does anyone notice regarless of what someone's finisher is, it is as equal to to everyone's finisher? (regardless of rare moments when people kick out of them). I mean, why should Christian's flog splash be equal to the AA by John Cena? The answer is it shouldn't. Believe it or not Cena's finisher is not as damaging as a german suplex, yet when CM Punk did the german suplex on one of these last couple Raws, it did not get the job done. It irritates me. Why should a wrestler bother doing a bunch of other mooves when they can just perform their finisher? So they can finally set it up? I see a diving elboew set up just fine, but suddenly it is harder to do a GTS (Just another point)
WWE should treat finishers like they did in SvR 2006. If anyone of you remembers playing that game when you created a CAW or messed around with other people's mooves, you remember each moove had damage indicators. So someone's finisher could cause less damage then a regular moove used by another. Plus it makes majority of the pins more suspenseful to watch. I mean how many of you are actually on the edge of your seats when Sheamus goes for the pin after his irish curse backbreaker? Or when Kofi hits his body to body moonsault? Answer is your not, because you know it does not end a match.

High Flying Moves are Weak
Outside of Sin Cara, how many times have you seen a high-flying moove win a match? Not often. I mean why should CM Punk's diving elbow not get the job done in winning a match (I know it did one time but thats it) I mean he is driving his elbow down into someone's heart. And why does Kofi's moonsault not get a win? He is diving his whole body onto his opponent to get a win, but it does not work. WWe says this to high flying mooves or what they make it seem like, Why even do a high flying moove if it cannot get a win? Why take the risk? Thats what they say.

Endurance Changing
Why is it when Brock Lesnar punches Cena, he bleeds. But when Big Show does it, he is all of a sudden knocked out? Dumb. If it was a last man standing match, Cena would be up by a ref's 10 count. WWE does not take that into reality. I can hit someone backstage with a pipe to the head, and they will be down for a long time. But if it was a last man standing match, they would be up alot quicker.
Also, elimination tag team matches should be longer then regular tag matches due to how long it takes to get a pin. I mean if it takes say 20 minutes to pin someone in a regular tag match, thats how long it should take in the first pinfall of an elimination tag match.
Last point is hardcore matches should be shorter then singles mnatches. Think about it. You hitting someone with a steel chair should decrease their chances of kicking out of a pin. Due to any extreme tactic to get someone down for a pin or some other reason should help someone alot quicker then the limits someone has in a singles match.

Thanks for reading this blog. Hope your doing well and please feel free to comment on any thoughts you have. Also rate this blog aswell. I appreciate it.

Jesus ressurected, so now we should

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Updated 12-12-2012 at 07:35 PM by Ressurection

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  1. LostOmega's Avatar
    You don't actually think the word "move" is spelled with two O's do you?
  2. blink's Avatar
    Feel free to suspend reality while watching wrestling. It's much more enjoyable that way.
  3. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    Blog sounds like author want video games incorporated into real life.
  4. Joonny's Avatar
    If you want this to happen, watch MMA. WWE/TNA is all about entertainment.
  5. YOUcanCALLmeCRACK's Avatar
    You have no problem suspending reality for religion but you can't for wrestling? Both are fake. The only difference is that one gives you passion and entertainment in life and the other is religion.
  6. alexrules01's Avatar
  7. Kryptonite's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK
    You have no problem suspending reality for religion but you can't for wrestling? Both are fake. The only difference is that one gives you passion and entertainment in life and the other is religion.
    I agree for a bit, but saying religion is fake to someone who believes in it is not cool.
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