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The Best NON Wrestler in the World

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Whether you are a casual fan bouncing back-and-forth or a diehard enthusiast of the world of professional wrestling you have probably witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the industry. Gimmicks change and wrestlers come and go but one thing stays the same as far as the promotion and drive of those who make it happen—every conceivable idea is fair game and thrown up on the wall to seewhat might stick and draw money. From “X on a pole” matches to Zombie jobbers, from Ugandan giants, kings of the ring, necrophilia and weasel managers no subject is too sacred and no tactic too outlandish to try.

Often interesting and sometimes entertaining the “no fear” attitude of wrestlers (and even some NON wrestlers in the industry) willing to try anything for the sake of the business and their potential success is admirable and unique. Nevertheless there is still very much a pecking order when it comes to the rite of passage within the industry…young guys hungry for fame and fortune still need to pay their dues, sharpen the tools of their craft and respect the nature of the game in order to make it in the eyes of many. Sure, shortcuts are around in the ecosphere of making money and creating a name for yourself but to truly last you have to earn it and show you deserve it.

To that end nothing seems to anger the “veterans” and rookies of the profession more than a celebrity or a promoter’s relative coming in to tie up a top spot for more than a one-shot deal. Ok yes having a famous face grace the stage of the squared circle—particularly in a non-wrestling capacity in a PPV or special show—is good for business and that is good for everybody but they are not, and should never be, more than they are. Celebrity football players or rock stars aside nothing stirs the cauldron of controversy more (in my opinion) than an obvious non-wrestler or wannabe wrestler put in the main event time after time who does little but takeup space and collect a fat paycheck. Indeed, it angers me personally to see or hear of a relative of a promoter given the keys to the bright lights and big time when they especially do not deserve the chance over workers who perhaps deserve it much more.

I will admit there are some success stories that actually entertain, make money and make their mark in the history and culture of professional wrestling but for every Andy Kaufman and Mr. T there is a David Arquette and Dennis Rodman. The“celebrity” wing of the WWE Hall of Fame perhaps has its place but has there really been a non-wrestler (meaning one who has perhaps wrestled many times bu tis not and never will be a full time wrestler) who deserves the title “Best in the World?” I think so…and it is a promoter’s kid who actually deserves that honor I think…Shane McMahon.

Ok some could argue he wrestled enough (and well enough) and could really be called a true professional wrestler back in his heyday but inthe modern vernacular he was always more of a “on air talent” who did whatever he could for the sake of business. With his looks and instinct for the industry there was never any questions from what bloodline he sprang from and even more than his father the “genetic jackhammer” himself has proven he has what it takes to draw. Sure, there are perhaps some announcer and manager types that are non-wrestlers and have made more money than Shane in their time but which of them could take a sick bump, land a diving elbow drop or perform a corner-t-corner front missile dropkick like Shane-O-Mac?

Face or heel, Corporate Ministry, Alliance leader or as a baby-faced referee where he got his start Shane proved himself worthy of his name and worthy of respect. He has had some epic feuds with his family and against his family and with superstars ofthe stature of Big Show, Test and Kane to name a few. His 2001 match with Kurt Angle at the King ofthe Ring PPV is a legendary bloody affair that is one of my favorite matches of all time. Indeed “The Boy Wonder” and “Demon Seed” grew up right in front of us and would, much to the chagrin of many, resign from the business in late 2009 to make in the world outside of wrestling and on his own—hate him or love him you have to admire him for that.

Personally I miss Shane and would love to see him come back and take over the WWE from Vince who may never retire fully but cannot go on forever. At 42 Shane has come a longway in the world forging his own identity and, at least in my book, putting his name down as one of the (if not THE best) greatest NON wrestlers in the world.

So in the words of the little kid from that famous western “Come back Shane! Come back!”

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  1. Proudfather222's Avatar
    Nice blog! Shane is a beast I agree 100%
  2. indysteve1563's Avatar
    I agree 100%. The problem is that Shane is happy in his current career. But one can dream, right?
  3. christianfan's Avatar
    the best non wrestler is orton. he cant wrestle and he sucks
  4. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    The you for remembering "Shane-O-Mac" . I agree 1000% about his skill while he was limited but Shane busted his ass during those matches. I like Kurt Angle thought he crippled or killed Shane in that now classic match. BTW Rob Van Dam invented the coast-to-coast drop kick, he just wasn't allowed to used it in WWF/E.
  5. scribblerking's Avatar
    Shane does seem happy now and it makes you wonder even more if he still has what it takes for "one more match?" RVD may have invented it per se but to see a NON wrestler (and a McMahon) do it so well was epic.
    Updated 06-22-2012 at 08:21 AM by scribblerking
  6. bartish2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by christianfan
    the best non wrestler is orton. he cant wrestle and he sucks
    no you are wrong, it is cena
  7. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Shane was amazing. That guy could put on a better match then majority of todays roster.

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