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Blog Wars 23: Top 5 Summerslam Matches

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Welcome back to Blog Wars. I have been out the last few days over computer trouble so sorry for the delay. Van Hooligan X won last time but did not have time to do another list so this week we will have 2 new competitors, Callum and edgor95. Here is the list...

Top 5 Summerslam Matches


Hi, I’ve been asked to make a list of my Top 5 Summerslam Matches but before I start I want to give some honourable mentions.

  • Cm Punk vs Jeff Hardy
  • Brock Lesnar vs The Rock
  • Owen Hart vs Bret Hart

5. 2008: Hell in a Cell – Edge vs The Undertaker

The last truly great Hell in a cell match (excluding HHH/Taker as they didn’t really use the cell). It was a great back and forth match which I really enjoyed

4. 2011: John Cena vs Cm Punk
Whilst it wasn’t as good as their match at MITB it was still a great back and forth match. They told a great story throughout and in my opinion Triple H definitely added something to the match.

3. 1992: Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith

The only time the IC Title has ever been the main event. They put on a great technical match and there was an amazing atmosphere. Seriously Wwe Wrestlemania 30 or 31 needs to be held in London.

2. 2002: Unsanctioned Match – HHH v HBK

This was HBK’s return match after several years out retired with a back injury. They had a great match and told an amazing story which was easy to get into. HBK should be given extra props for still being able to put on a classic match after so long out of action.

1. 2000: TLC Match – The Hardys vs The Dudleys vs Edge and Christian
This was a great action packed match with plenty of great spots to keep me entertained. Was it an amazing technical match? No. But it was an amazing match nevertheless which kept me watching from start to finish. These 3 teams revolutionized the tag team division and this match for me at least proves it.

I apologise for not going really in depth on my reasons but the way I see it is you either like the match or you don’t. Me writing paragraphs and paragraphs on why the match was great isn’t going to change your opinion.
Thanks for reading!


5. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H: Street Fight Summerslam 2002:

After losing four years of his already legendary career due to a back injury in a casket match, Shawn Michaels came back, first as the new member of the NWO. After its dissolution, Triple H suggest the reformation of DX, only to attack Shawn before he could say Suck It. This set up the first match in a feud that would go on and off for almost two years. Many were expecting Shawn to show some sign of ring rust, but Michaels didn’t disappoint, showing the WWE that he still had his game going for him. The sheer brutality of this match, feature the use of tables, ladders, chairs, trash cans, ladders, chains, and those are just the ones I remember, is amazing. Both men gave it their all in this one, showing that they were still destined to be stars for years to come. A great match and the first of many a great match between the two best friends turned bitter rivals.
4. Edge vs. Undertaker: Hell in a Cell Match: Summerslam 2008

After Undertaker’s storyline banishment from WWE, Vickie Guerrero and Edge were broken up. In revenge for an errant spear, Vickie rehired the Undertaker and booked a Hell in a Cell match for Summerslam, the very match type that Undertaker previously faced the likes of Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley (GOD GAWD ALMIGHTY THEY”VE KILLED HIM). Edge, armed with many choice weapons, made the match far more exciting than it would have otherwise been. It was nice to see Edge get the living crap beat out of him at the end of the match, and it really gave the Undertaker a great boost in character, as a loss would have made him seem weak. After a brutal match in which Undertaker showed just how aggressive and angry he can be, Edge was sent to a quasi-hell via an Undertaker chokeslam, giving the match and the PPV a memorable ending.
3. Shawn Michaels vs. Razon Ramon: Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Summerslam 1995:

In a ladder rematch of their Wrestlemania 10 bout, Razor Ramon and fellow Kliq member Shawn Michaels fought for Michaels’ Intercontinental Title, which Michaels had won at the second PPV of the in your house series from Jeff Jarrett. After having fought in the first nationally televised ladder match, the fans were expecting a show from Michaels and Ramon, and that’s exactly what they got. In a great rematch with some new twists, Ramon and Michaels put on a clinic, giving another dose of prestige to the ladder match and making it one of the most celebrated match types in the WWE.
2. Undertaker vs. Bret Hart w/Shawn Michaels as the Special Referee: WWF Championship: Summerslam 1997:

In one of the best and most heated rivalries in WWE history, Shawn Michaels was in a position to get Bret Hart banned from ever wrestling in the United States again. All Michaels had to do was count a pin for the Undertaker. However, it wasn’t meant to be. After Hart spit in Michaels face, Michaels went on the attack, attempting to hit Hart with a chair. Unfortunately, he hit the Undertaker, forcing him to make the count for his bitter rival Hart. This match, an excellent match in its own right, was also famous for setting up two of the most talked about matches in WWE history. One was Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker in the very first Hell in a Cell match, which set up the debut of Kane and the basis for an on and off feud that has lasted almost 15 years. The other was the infamous Montreal Screwjob, which is undeniably the most controversial moment in WWE history. Overall, this match is significant not only for its impact on the future in the WWE in a time when the company was facing significant competition.
1. The British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart: Intercontinental Championship match: Summerslam 1992

With the WWE gaining more prominence in England, the original match, which had Shawn Michaels winning the title, was scrapped, as it would give the WWE more sway in England if they gave the title to the British Bulldog. Being accompanied by British boxing Champion Lennox Lewis, the packed crowd at Wembley Stadium, which is disputed as the largest crowd in WWE history, was behind the Bulldog the whole way. It’s hard to find a match where the crowd is so completely behind one man. If you haven’t seen this one, pay attention to the pop at the end of the match where Bulldog wins. It’s possibly the loudest pop in industry history. It’s a match that Bret Hart has called the best of his career, and one that helped propel Bret to the WWE championship not long afterwards.
So there you have it. I’m sorta surprised that I didn’t include more world title matches or any tag team matches, not to mention my Shawn Michaels fix, but I think my list is complete and at least all right.

That's it for this week and remember to vote in the comments section for the winner. Anyone interested in a future Blog Wars appearence messeage me.

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  1. Dubs's Avatar
    Edgor gets my vote. I agree with The British Bulldog and Bret Hart being placed at #1. He also mentioned Shawn Michaels vs Razor Roman ladder match II which was another classic ladder match between the two.

    I liked Callum's list but I just didn't agree with the Summerslam 2000 Triple Threat TLC match being #1. It was a good match but it wasn't their best TLC match as they would later over-shadow that match with their other TLC Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 17. You did one hell of a job though.

    Great job guys.
  2. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    Callum gets my vote.
    My fav 5 summerslam matches
    1.The Rock vs Booker T WCW championship 2001
    2.CM Punk vs John Cena(Triple H special ref) WWE championship 2011
    3.Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels 2005
    4.Shawn Michaels vs Triple H Street Fight 2002
    5.TLC Match World Tag Team Championships-Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boys vs The Hardy Boyz
  3. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    Comparing to my own Top 5 list, Edgor gets the nod, our correlation scale is closer by an inch while Callum's list is not far behind.

    Explanation is a big part of my decision for voting, so Edgor gets the advantage here.

    Presentation of the blog is another criteria that I always look at, grammar, spelling and delivery. Edgor.

    And lastly, pictures and videos are added bonus but does a little factor.

  4. smellmycooking's Avatar
    Great job by both.

    Have to give it Edgor for having in my opinion the best match ever at number 1
  5. The Hit Man's Avatar
    Callum gets my vote.
  6. Circa84's Avatar
    Great list and I personally think Punk V @ summer slam was better than MITB I like the pacing much better
  7. Circa84's Avatar
    Great list and I personally think Punk V @ summer slam was better than MITB I like the pacing much better
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