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Uncooked: WWE/Raw Thoughts

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What is up guys. Time for another edition of Uncooked! Let's start with the Raw aspect!

High Point
Triple Threat Match-D-Bry vs Punk vs Kane

I liked this match. I think their match at NWO was a lot better, btu for Raw, this was good. I liked it, and I think it served it's purpose. I am pumped for Bryan vs Punk at MITB, and hope they add a stipulation(come on Iron Man), but even if they don't, we are guaranteed a stellar match. I'm still intrigued where this AJ/Punk thing is going to go. I am hoping now that Kane being involved is done, as he was an interesting twist, but he isn't needed anymore.

Low Point
ADR vs Ziggler

I am a Ziggler fan, hands down. This match however, was pitiful. Plus the ending, with the contract coming off and the two men fighting over it. Since when has it been who has control of it first? Just like in the one ladder match where the title came down, and I think it was Ziggler who didn't catch it like he was suppose to, the announcers tried playing it off as if he needed to have control of it. While I like the idea of Ziggler in the WHC match, I just didn't like this match.

So we found out that in the WWE Mitb it will feature only former WWE Champions....who else smells that the WHC Mitb will be involving only former WH Champs. If i had to guess, I would say Ziggler, Swagger, Mysterio, and...I can't think of a 4th, but I could easily see those 3 being involved in it. I beg for Jericho to win the WWE MITB, and Ziggler to win the WHC MITB.

Charlie Sheen on 1,000th Raw is what I have to say to this.

I am a big Sheen fan, and I think the whole Social Media Ambassador thing is cool. I am hoping we see him on TV, and he gets involved in some kind of skit. Just not with Santino..or Ryder...or no..

New WWE Show?
There is a new show that is going to debut on the Ion channel in October called the WWE Main Event. Sounds like to me a knock off of Superstars in a way. Hopefully by then, the "WWE Main Event" is actually just NXT renamed. That would be freaking sweet. I don't get why though they are adding another show if the WWE Network is set for November sometime....something smells funny to me.

1,000th Raw and Permanent GM
So come the 1,000th Raw there will be a permanent GM named. I think last week I said I could see Steve Austin hosting the Raw for the 1,000th Raw, and I still think that is likely. I actually see Heyman becoming the permanent GM for Raw. The storyline would fix where either they OWN the WWE from the lawsuit, or they drop it if Heyman is named the GM. Either way, I'm intrigued to see if I am right or not.

Well guys, those are my thoughts for this week. I look forward to all of your comments and thoughts!

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Finally, A Good Raw Review...HAS COME EWN...LOL...I don't know, I'm in rare form today. Nice job as always.
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I actually thought the Ziggler v Del Rio match was pretty solid. Sure, kicking around the contract was a little cheesy, but up to that point, both guys told a pretty solid story in the ring.

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