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The Lost Gems, Vol. 5: Kane

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What's up everybody, Renevious here again. I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much original stuff as I would like, but I've been putting most of my focus into the WBC blogs lately. But there are some things that I really feel need to be discussed, and this is one of them.

Up until now, my 'Lost Gems' series has been about either pay per views that don't get mentioned these days when discussing the great ones or wrestlers who never really had their time in the spotlight, regardless of their unlimited potential. But this one is a little a different. Kane has most definitely spent his time in the spotlight and in the main event scene. He's had numerous titles, and he's been a major force for a solid 15 years now (I'm not counting his previous gimmicky personas). However, I still believe he has never come close to being utilized to his fullest potential. And that, my friends, is why he is a lost gem.

Back in 1997, at the height of the Undertaker's popularity, Paul Bearer teased us all with possibility of the Undertaker actually having an evil, deranged, and disfigured brother. As well as they played it, the drama involved still seemed a bit ridiculous. I remember thinking, "how in the hell are they going to pull off a believable brother to the Undertaker?" He was such a one of a kind that I was very skeptical. Then while Undertaker was at the brink of defeating HBK in the first ever Hell in a Cell, we got to see him. And I don't know if you remember your own reaction, but I was like, "HOLY SHIT!" This dude was amazing. He looked like something straight from a horror movie, he was just as big as the Undertaker, and he seemed to be even more impervious to pain than his older brother. After ripping the door clean off the cell, he got in the ring and tombstoned the Phenom like he was a little baby. This guy was for real. For months, he went through opponents like a hot knife through butter. This led up to their first Wrestlemania encounter where, after an epic battle, the Undertaker kept his still relatively young streak alive. It was Kane's first defeat, but the Big Red Monster was not going anywhere. With the constant evolution of the Undertaker character, we now had a new character who was scary as hell and just as indestructible as the Undertaker was when he first debuted in the early 90's.

With the momentum of this character, it was only natural that he eventually captured the gold. He defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWE Championship in a First Blood match. But since Stone Cold was turning into the biggest cash cow in the history of the business, they immediately put the gold back on him the very next night. Now, I'm not going to turn this into a history lesson or a Mick Foley episode of 'This Is Your Life' featuring Kane, but I did want to paint the picture of what he was like when he first debuted in WWE. So from there we fast forward several years to the present. In the years we just skipped over, we saw Kane win every other title in the business, most of which happening multiple times. He's also had by far the most impressive Royal Rumble showings of anyone in the history of the event. Every single year, we're treated to some type of vignette showcasing how Kane is a force to be reckoned with in the Royal Rumble. We've seen him lose his mask and then come back with a new one. Not to mention, this guy has gone from heel to face and back again enough times to make your head spin.

The point of all of this is to say that when it comes to every single facet of the WWE, Kane has been there and done that. He has always been one to kick ass and not even bother to take names. Now there were unfortunate spans of his career where they would book him as someone who was not so much the Big Red Machine/Monster but more like a mid card jobber. He's definitely been to both ends of the spectrum, but I say that he still deserves more. I mean, Rey Mysterio has won the freakin' Royal Rumble once, but Kane never has?!?! Tell me exactly how that makes sense. Guys like Alberto Del Rio and the Miz have held the WWE Title for months at a time, and to this day Kane has had that belt for ONE FUCKING DAY!!! These things don't add up. People here in the IWC will bitch day in and day out about how Christian deserves world titles because he's been around for so long, but you never hear anyone state the same case for Kane. First of all, look at Kane and look at Christian. Now honestly tell me who looks more convincing as a world champion. Also, don't forget that while Christian went do his thing in TNA and what not, Kane never left. He's still here. We always talk about guys from the Attitude Era who we wish would return, but no one seems to point out that one of the main players from that time still here and going strong. This man deserves his real time in the spotlight. Even when he's been a champion, he was never looked at as 'the guy'. But I think if anyone has ever earned it, it's Kane. Let the man win a Royal Rumble. Let him headline Wrestlemania. For God's sake, he's been showing us for 15 years now that he's good enough.

Thanks everyone for reading. I do apologize if this sounded more like a rant than a blog, but I needed to get this off my chest. I hope you enjoyed it, and until next time. Take care.

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  1. TomJarvis100's Avatar
  2. Callum's Avatar
    Completely agree with you. At No Way out I thought Kane had won the title after hitting the Chokeslam but sadly that didn't happen. Although I do think he will have some sort of reign this year
  3. azure's Avatar
    Truth be told, kane has always been underutilized in the WWE. Clearly for a man of his size and mic skill as a monster like the undertaker he should have been wwe champion/WHC many times over.

    And also yes your correct, Kane is still one of the remaining wwe talents from the attitude era that still works a full time schedule and he looks as if recently he's been hitting the gym even more. I'm glad kane is still around to wrestle but he certainly deserves more credit and more of a push considering all the WWE talent that left and went to TNA, kane is one of those very few who have stayed loyal ever since he entered a wwe ring.
  4. Will Strawn's Avatar
    100% agree with everything! Kane has been one of my top 3 since his debut.
  5. Marx's Avatar
    Kane is a bit too much dark/twisted, with a certain backstory, to be THE champ, in my opinion. Too much fantasy, too much of a niche. Same goes for Undertaker. Besides, they don't need the title.

    And I've read a few times that Kane doesn't like the stress/workload of being champion and likes to put guys over. No shame in that.
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    Renevious, this is one of the best blogs I have ever read on here. Glen Jacobs is indeed one of the most underrated wrestlers today. Glen Jacobs is someone who can work with anything given to him. Glen Jacobs was given a dentist gimmick called Isaac Yankem and was also given a Fake Diesel gimmick but made it work. He has the ability to study his gimmick and play it to perfection.

    The Kane gimmick was very destructive and was very intimidating. If it weren't for Kane, The Undertaker's gimmick would have had nothing to work with character-wise. Kane's gimmick played off The Undertaker's gimmick perfectly and one of the reasons Undertaker's gimmick would become talked about. I really want to see another World Heavyweight title run from Kane. In the ring or cutting promos, Kane is just awesome. If I was running a wrestling promotion, Glen Jacobs would be one of the workers I would build my company. A very intelligent worker he is.
  7. Rick BoA's Avatar
    I hope he gets a good 5-6 month reign with the wwe title. He is probably my favorite worker today.

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