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WWE Dropping the Ball

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I might be in the minority here, but Johnny Ace was one of the best things WWE had going right now. Yeah sure the Punk-Bryan feud is bringing us great matches every other night but the "crazy chick" storyline is absolutely terrible. The People Power movement was fantastic and should be remembered for more than just another power hungry boss trying to take control. John Laurinaitis might be the best GM since Eric Bischoff, definitely not another Mike Adamele.

When Johnny Ace came on the scene about a year ago, I was worried. I thought this guy couldn't talk, I thought he couldn't get the masses to loathe him. To me he just came off as another stale performer. Boy was I wrong. He immediately started using his catch phrase, "We wish you the best in your future endeavors." Then he applied a Vicky Guerrero type catch phrase by introducing himself everytime he came out. Just brilliant. People hated him, they wanted him gone and fast. But why?

And I ask that question seriously. Why did everyone hate him? He really hadn't done much wrong. He beat up Cena once. Half the crowd would gladly take that same opportunity. I guess Johnny Ace made fun of Teddy Long, but lets face it, Teddy Long is even worse on the mic and ,really, the freshest thing he had done since leaving the referee field was wearing that ridiculously large name-tag. I literally can't think of anything other "bad guy" acts by Johnny Ace. And that is the problem now for the WWE. They are not pushing any Heels. Not a single one.

Look at Daniel Bryan, the hottest property there is in the company. Where was he during the last five minutes of the PPV match against Punk and Kane? Look. He isn't there. If I worked at that company, Bryan would have walked out champ last night. Why? Because it keeps things fresh. That makes me want to see CM Punk beat him at the next PPV to win it back. But that didn't happen. And now the WWE have a mess on their hands. Now they either have to drop the Punk-Bryan feud and start with Punk-Kane-AJ or just drop AJ and Kane from the title picture. And that would mean for the third straight PPV we get Punk-Bryan. I have no problem with that except that is a Wrestlemania caliber match and they are killing it faster than a bad joke. But there is no one else in the Heel picture that could enter to take Bryan's place.

Maybe this why WWE is bringing back the Chris Jerichos and the Brock Lesnars, they have no one else in the wings. And now they just got rid of maybe the best Heel they've had since Mr. McMahon. If, after Summerslam, Antonio Ceasro, Damien Sandow or Dean Ambrose dont get a push, we might be looking at a year long Punk-Bryan feud that has Punk winning everytime. WWE needs to stop with the Ryback stuff, especially since it seems no one on the roster wants to wrestle him, and get with its new cream of the crop Heel talents. Or give us the Johnny Ace swerve I want to see.

I would love to see next week's Raw begin with Vince McMahon coming out to address the whole Brock Lesnar Lawsuit. He invites Triple H out. Basically he starts reprimanding his son-in-law for attacking Paul Heyman. Then People Power Music hits. McMahon and H are in shock as Johnny Ace comes out in a new Rascal. Johnny explains to McMahon that he can thank Hunter for allowing Johnny Ace to come back. See, the Broad was watching last week when Hunter decked Heyman and they are scarred of the Lesnar's legal actions, so that is why they decided to give Day-to-Day operations to someone that has a good track record. Someone the Lesnar camp trusts. Someone who doesn't let his emotions get in the way. They have rehired John Laurinaitis.

Do that and you get the highest ratings you've had in a while. Also do that without Triple H talking once, he is much better silent.

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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Johnny Ace was shit. No personality and no mic skills. VKM was a killer on the mic and had that attitude and demeanor about him. Ace was clearly them trying to make a new Vince McMahon but the guy was just so boring. Admittedly he did get better but was still shit and annoying he wasn't getting heat because of what he did, it was mostly because he was boring and annoying. There were times where he would get heel heat like costing Punk a few matches against Dolph, which I dunno how you forgot that as a reason people hated him. I just feel they could have found someone else to fill his role that actually had mic skills.
    Also Daniel Bryan is the biggest thing in the WWE today, the whole storyline is amazing because with all the different ways it could turn out, this could go for ages. They are building it up to something good whether D-Bry wins the title or not. He will have a long career and plenty of titles, he doesn't need to win it right now.
  2. knox's Avatar
    Your right, and I loved the blog. Johnny Ace used heel humor to win over the heat from the audience. He wasn't as over the top as Michael Cole but he was good. I used to love when he called himself Mr. Excitement lol
  3. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    People hated Vince the heel character due to the things he did storylinewise and he was damn good at it. People hate Johnny Ace the person, not the character, cuz he's overall just bland and a total pain to listen to. And the crazy chick storyline is terrible? I agree both of these are your opinions, and I respect that, but the way I see it its quite the opposite for me and am sure many others feel the same. Every storyline we've seen in the past has a chick using a guy (Kane has been that guy many times) and turn their back on the guy only to reveal that she's with his opponent. Then they start a year or two-long on-screen relationship between the chick and her new found heel love. This story is simply great and different cuz you don't know who AJ is really with or what her motives are. And yes AJ IS HOT!
  4. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    Just to add, if they deal with Johnny Ace and Lesnar situation the way described above, by bringing Ace back, it would be similar to the way WWE "dropped the ball" with Punk walking out with the title and "Whole roster walking out on HHH" or "Awesome Truth being split" thing. If they have intentions to bring Mr. Boredom back give it some time so that he can work on his mic skills and also give the fans something fresh rather than just bringing him back a week after he was fired.
  5. goofy2485's Avatar
    How can you hate the crazy chick angle? She is definitely my favorite diva right now and the only one worth watching not named Kharma. Im tired of Johnny Ace and they just used him way too much.
  6. Hurlyfortnight's Avatar
    Okay I just want to point out that me not liking the "Crazy Chick" angle has nothing to do with AJ. In fact, I think she is one of the most versatile (not in a perverted way) divas on the roster. The reason I don't like it is because of exactly what Phani said, its been done, we know where it is going. And if they try to throw a swerve in there, its just going to hurt AJ's character. She'll just become another hoeski, which I do not want to see.

    And goofy2485, I know. They had to use Johnny a lot because who else was Cena's foil? There are no other good heels out there. (I will say Big Show, before becoming a nihilist, had some of the best promos of the year.) But they need to develop some good, solid heels.
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    For starts I'm going to fully agree with you when you stated that Ace has been one of the best GMs since Bischoff. People can say how boring he is, how his mic skills are horrible and bland. Yet as you've stated, Ace fed off of that. He got crowd reaction. He got people out of their seats. Any reaction is better, than no reaction.

    I'm going to partially agree with Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik, the E' should time Ace's return properly. Not necessarily to improve on his mic skills , or anything else for that matter... But to make a relevant return.

    After seeing the "Show" incident on Raw, and seeing him somewhat split ways with Laurinaitis, it's safe to say that the E' has a new drawn out future for the former GM.

    As you've stated in your blog, having Ace incorporated in the H/Lesnar feud, would be totally appropriate. What with Vince in the mix, it could be a half decent storyline they are running with.

    ***Side note***;

    At S.S, if McMahon turned his back on Hunter, siding with Lesnar/Ace, We could have the possible build up for McMahon vs Helmsley " Rights to The E' " at Mania. ...

    Enough with the ranting... Great blog bro, keep em' coming.
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