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How I'd Book Summerslam 2012...

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Summerslam 2012 is quickly approaching now (well it sort of is) and in this blog I’ll be booking the rest of Summerslam which will obviously involve my MITB predictions as well.

MITB Match Winners - Wwe Championship MITB Contract - Kane
World Heavyweight Championship – Dolph Ziggler (don’t have him cash it in until he’s turned fully face)

Money in the Bank – The Wwe Championship match
After a great technical match AJ betrays Punk and Bryan gets the win. Daniel Bryan starts smiling thinking he’s completely outsmarted everyone only for Kane to come down with his MITB contract. A smiling AJ laughs as she’s double crossed Daniel Bryan and sided with Kane who pins Bryan quickly.

The next Raw AJ cuts a promo with Kane on how she tricked everyone including Punk and Bryan. Punk comes down to the ring and demands his championship rematch. Kane says he’ll get his rematch on the 1000th episode of Raw.

On the 1000th episode of Raw, after a good 15 minute match AJ rings the bell and awards Kane the win despite the fact he never tapped. Daniel Bryan comes down and says at Summerslam he’ll be using his championship rematch clause.

Dark Match – Wild Hart vs Prime Time Players vs Kofi Kingston and R-truth

I really wanted to somehow put this match on the main card but Summerslam doesn’t seem like the right event to start pushing the tag team division as it would just be overshadowed by everything else. There could be a tag team ladder match at the next pay per view to make up for it though. Kofi and Truth retain.

The Miz vs Chris Jericho

Build Up: The feud is based around Jericho’s wannabe gimmick and how The Miz has replicated parts of Jericho’s career. Before ShowMiz there was Jerishow, before Skull crushing finale, Jericho used a move known as Breakdown.
The promos for this feud would be great and Jericho can have a great match with anyone. Once The Miz returns after MITB neither of them will have anything to do so this feud would be perfect both of them. I think this match would make a great opener and would go on for around 10 minutes.

Brodus Clay vs The Big Show
I expect this match will be set up by Brodus costing Big Show the MITB briefcase. I know they had a match this past Raw but Brodus was injured so had a reason as too why he lost. I’d have Big Show put over Brodus here and build up Brodus as a big threat. This match would go on for around 5 minutes.

Who’s the biggest star in the business? - Cm Punk vs John Cena vs Randy Orton
Cm Punk says he was cheated in his rematch and his long rein proves it was a fluke because he usually win, he says he wants to be back in the title picture. Cena interrupts and says that he hasn’t had a championship match in nearly a year and it’s about time Punk let someone else have ago. Orton says that together they are the faces of the company; they are the biggest stars in Wwe. They don’t need the championship at the moment because wants to know who the best man truly is and the only way to settle that is in a match. He Rko’s Cena and walks out. This begins his heel turn and sets up their match. Not sure on the winner here as there are so many things that could happen depending on who wins.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination -Antonio Cesaro vs Christian vs Cody Rhodes vs Santino Marella

On the 1000th episode of Raw the new general manager will announce that he/she is unifying the mid card titles at Summerslam. Obviously this match would involve the two champions (who are faces) and two upcoming heels.

Order of Eliminations

Cody Rhodes via Cobra then Frog Splash at 3:03
Santino via Gotch Style Neutralizer at 4:44
Antonio Cesaro via Spear/Frog Splash at 6:49
Winner - Christian

World Heavyweight Championship - Sheamus vs Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett returns at the Money in the bank pay per view and lays Sheamus out. He says he’s never a World Champion but he knows that’s going to change after Summerslam. Sheamus wins with White Noise at 11:14.

Diva Battle Royal – Layla vs Eve vs Beth vs Natalya
No Contest at 5:33 after Kharma comes out and lays them all out giving each one of them a finisher.

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

Winner Brock Lesnar via F5 at 12:03. Triple H winning does nothing for him and Lesnar needs to win to ensure he still comes across as a threat.

Kane vs Daniel Bryan

This match would go on for 17-20 min and would be a good back and forth match with Kane winning via the Tombstone with help from AJ.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment below.

If you’ve got a minute, then I’d appreciate it if you watched my Custom Titantron for Ryback. Any feedback, positive or negative is appreciated as i'm always looking to hear constructive criticsm.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I wouldn't let Beth and Kharma touch til Wrestlemania or at least their match on a ppv.

    I hope Lesnar wins at Summerslam, but it is doubtful according to reports. I'd rather have seen Orton/Lesnar because both of their history at the event.

    Why Bryan still isn't a face is beyond me.

    I think Barrett should win cuz Sheamus has had a pretty decent reign. Who else is there to face? Guys like Barrett, Rhodes, and Ziggler should become world champ soon.

    Brodus again vs Show?

    I like Miz vs Jericho idea....hopefully Miz wins that one.

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