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Top 10 most deserving to be in the HOF, right now!!

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Right now is the key words in the title for you folks reading this out there. Right now is used in the title because I know several people will take shots at me for having guys such as HHH, Taker, Rock, and so forth not on this list. Why don't I have them on the list, there are others in the 80s and earlier who deserve to get in before them. That is why guys like Warrior and Nash turn down the honor because you have much more deserving people in the Hall of Fame. Baseball is without question the most prestigious HOF in major sports. Why is that? It is so tough to get in that great players constantly gets passed by including Pete Rose who is still has ban against him for gambling. In any case, we can all agree the WWE HOF is a joke. You have guys in there who doesn't belong in there. I love all the celebs as much as the next guy, but they don't deserve or belong in the HOF. Especially only working like a month when guys more deserving work their whole career for that honor. "The Fridge" gets in before the Road Warriors? How big of a shame is that. Only wrestling one match while Warriors in my opinion are the best tag team of all-time. Celebs do draw attention to Wrestlemania, but that doesn't make them worthy of a hall of fame induction for helping them be successful for one event. This leads me to the top 10 most deserving of the honor:

1.Bruno Sammartino-Held the WWF title longer than any champion ever including Hogan. He is the most deserving even though he is constantly turning them down because the WWE HOF is a joke. I think he is a bit bitter more so of the way they treated his son only signing him because Bruno came with the package. Him seeing guys doing drugs in the back really turned him away from the business.
2.Bob Backlund-I believe he had a 5 year reign as WWF champion which is good enough to get him in the HOF. I'm shocked he isn't more talked about as to why he isn't in the Hall. He did win a 2nd WWF title in the 90s from Bret Hart.
3.Lou Thesz-He led the NWA through late30-the late 50s I believe. He was the man of wrestling during those days before Bruno, Flair, and so forth. Being the NWA champion in those days meant a lot because all the territories promoters voted for you to be the champion. The reason he is a bit lower than the other two because his best achievements didn't come specifically through WWF.
4.Randy Savage-I know a lot of people will be outraged by Savage being this low on the list. I personally liked Savage and enjoyed Savage more than the other 3. Prob because I grew up with him ulike the other 3.
5.Jake "The Snake" Roberts-One of the best on the mic, biggest stars of the 80s, and certainly should be in the HOF. Put him probably higher than most would, but I'd like him to be at the induction ceremony.
6.Fabulous Freebirds-Their greatest rivals are in the Hall and now why not put in the Freebirds?
7.Ivan Koloff-Beat Bruno to win the World title in the WWF. That should be enough alone.
8.Rick Rude-Could talk, dance, draw heat, and make a fashion statement in the process. Rude was great in the early 80s and 90s both in WCW and WWF. He belongs in the HOF!!
9.Midnight Express-Prob be inducted with their manager Jim Cornett, but the team wore the tag titles where ever they went. The scaffold match at Starrcade with Road Warriors was something and memorable. Specifically the fall by Cornette. In any case, this team deserves in the hall.
10.Gene Kiniski-prob should be higher on the list because he defeated Lou Thesz for the NWA title and Verne Gagne for the AWA title. He also wrestled Bruno for the WWF title. The big 3 during the early days of wrestling of each territory and he beat 2 of them. That speaks enough volume for me don't you think?

I will do top 10 most deserving HOF series with ECW, WCW, attitude era, tag teams, managers, and certainly divas along the way so keep updated. A reminder to many of you who may critic this blog, it is just my opinion. I know some of these guys turned down the oppurtunity, but they are the most deserving to bring the prestige back to the HOF. I specifically tried to put just guys from the 80s and before hand because these guys probably won't be around for the induction. LOL!

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn
    I would say Davey Boy, or the Bulldogs as a team.
    I consider him a star of the 90s. No doubt British Bulldog belongs in the HOF. I mainly focused this top 10 on the 80s and before than.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Nice list. It was pleasure to read. Bruno needs to be in the HOF, but I've read on how outspoken he is against the WWE HOF. If I'm remembering correctly he said something along the lines that it's a joke, for who they have placed in the HOF already, such as Pete Rose. He was also very outspoken about being Anti Attitude Era.

    I love Bruno though even though he has some controversial opinions that I agree with. Such as how embarrassing it is that Ric Flair and Hulk are for still wrestling. Bruno is the man.
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  3. goofy2485's Avatar
    No Ultimate Warrior?
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by goofy2485
    No Ultimate Warrior?
    Don't you figure Warrior would have accepted the HOF invite had he felt he was one of the most deserving? That is one of the many reasons I left him off.
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