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The Title Says It All...

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Well hello again all. This be my second blog on here now, my first being "Digital Era Killed The Pay Per View Star. Since writing that one I have been thinking about what bugs about wrestling today and one thing that was constant in my thoughts were title belts and how disrespected and devalued they have been these last few years.

Mt first point is probably something everyone else gets annoyed with is the fact that the WWE Ttitle and the World Heavyweight title are now pretty much just second rate thanks to crappy booking mainly. This is pretty much evident in the fact that the world heavyweight title is booked at the start and middle of ppv's these days, thats just utter bulls@$t really, its the second biggest strap in wwe and thats how its treated. I don't even recall the last time I seen a great feud over the strap that was the main story on smackdown and actually made us care but no we keep "I want that belt for no reason" storylines.

Next is the WWE title. This belt should be front and centre of the every RAW and every ppv. I remember the days when this belt was the be all and end all of everything, where good feuds and matches carried and it was the star attraction of every ppv but not anymore. Now it gets second fiddle to a cena feud that for some reason is more important than anything in wwe, it shouldnt be that way and Over The Limit proved it. I respect cena and sure he may be a nice guy in real life but for f@$k sake no one man should be bigger than the main title, it make it look worthless and I fear its prestige, like the world heavyweight belt is almost beyond recovery. The fact that the likes of cena, orton etc have helf it the amount of times they since being in wwe is disgraceful. Like one person said, cant remember who "it seems a clean win over cena is bigger than winning the royal rumble and/or major title".

Same goes for the lesser belts. I remember it was a big deal to hold the IC, US, Women's (refuse to call it diva's) and tag belts but now they are shafted for dumb s@#t comedy storylines and storylines that no one wants, just more reasons I find it difficult to watch nowadays.

While I think TNA do some completely retarded things but it seems they are finally giving value and credibility to their belts. Example is robert roode as the main guy. I don't remember the last time I got behind a massive title reign like this one, so glad they didnt throw it on sting again. The title too is getting attention too though I much prefer someone younger than devon to hold it, hell give joe a run with it. AA as x-division is sweet but that division needs serious bloody work, same as their tag belts and the knockouts to a lesser extent but I do enjoy them better than the diva's.

I just wish that both tna and wwe, mainly wwe. would recognise the importance of their belts and give their prestige back, who knows people might start giving a crap once again.

Anyway I will stop it at that, went longer than I expected but still I hope you all agree with me, I will take criticism too thats no problem. By the way I will continue to make these blogs but I dunno if i will give them a clever name I dunno. Thanks for reading all.


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  1. dub's Avatar
    whatever happened to guys main eventing cuz they can "wrestle"?... I don't remember thinking about Kurt Angle or Chris Benoits merchandise sells.
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