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Digital Era Killed The Pay Per View Star...

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Well hello everyone in the wide world of wrestling. This is essentially my debut column for all to see, even though I have been writing for years. I figure that I have some rants, thoughts and ideas I need to share with everyone and hopefully see what you all reckon, I can take all criticism. I live in Tasmania, Australia which is a tiny little island floating under australia which make it the land under the land down under...
But anyway I will start with something that has bothered me for some time now and this is my belief that both WWE and TNA going digital has killed the variety and specialty of the monthly ppv attraction.

What do I mean? Well go back to the attitude era for example and look at the sets and stages they had for each ppv they held, they were essentially all man made and different from one another. This alone made a ppv, a ppv in my eyes. I always enjoyed seeing what kind of set up they had in store for a ppv, how it made a ppv feel special.

One example I can think of is Backlash 2001 or 2002, I don't remember it was so long ago. Well this stage and set was pretty much swinging blades for a set and it looked so cool and different. It just made me think that backstage people put in a ton of effort to create sets like this for ppvs, hell even the smackdown fist made that show one of kind, now look where its at. Anyway here we are in 2012 and neither WWE nor TNA put any effort in to making their ppv's feel special.

TNA for example, with the exception of this weeks slammiversary, just feel like glorified episodes of impact and not worth a bloody crumpet at all. WWE just use their digital imagery to make their sets and I reckon it takes away from the aura of the ppv, placing a prop here and there just ain't cutting it, they can say costs too much to make sets, I say bloody lazy and treating fans like idiots but stll the point stands. Basically my point is that TNA and WWE need to put more effort into making ppv's feel special and worth our hard earned money and not just extended episodes of logic defying stupidity,

So what do people reckon? Agree or disagree? I do look forward to hear how I just did on this first blog on a topic I have thought about for a while.


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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    im very glad im not the only one that hates looking at 1000 gigantic TVs. Backlash was an amazing example too. Good stuff.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    -Hmmm interesting point I've never thought about before...I guess I agree.
  3. Another_Big_Guy's Avatar
    They tried with mania this year too...still was a far cry from what they used to create
  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    imo mania entrance stages sucked after 22. thats when they became all about TV screens. :/
  5. Another_Big_Guy's Avatar
    Yeah agreed. The prjected images on the stage is just plain lazy, no more no less
  6. jai's Avatar
    I agree. Sure, the projected images are pretty trippy, (when you watch mania stoned), but I enjoy the nostalgic stages.
  7. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I'm glad someone finally said this!

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