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Herman Toliver

A "Realistic" Road to SummerSlam Part 1

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So starting off after the No Way Out PPV:

I don't like to sit back and criticize other people's ideas and such. I'm referring to the WWE creative team. I have no idea what goes on behind those doors when they come up with the stuff they do. Perhaps they oftentimes come up with awesome ideas that are shut down by Triple H or Vince, who knows? So I don't necessarily blame them wholeheartedly, but since NWO was botched up, let's see if we can get the crew back on the right road towards SummerSlam.

Building up to MITB:

(Before I start, I realize that some wrestlers may or may not be available due to suspension, injury, etc. In those cases I'll do my best to acknowledge this and offer reasonable alternatives.)

-So I'm assuming John Laurenitis will still be involved in storylines in some way as the new assistant to the general board. That's actually ok. It takes away most of his power while keeping him in the limelight, so to speak. I'm ok with that. Definite Vince/Johnny feud coming up.

- I'd start out this next round of PPVs focusing on some newer talent and rejuvenate some of the underutilized veterans. Immediately, I'd end the John Cena/Big Show feud and begin a Dolph Ziggler/Cena feud. It need to MEAN something though. It can't just be "another challenger" for John Cena. The angle needs to focus on the overall technical superiority of Dolph Ziggler and WWE really needs to play up his technical advantage over Cena. Every match Dolph is put in from this point needs to be a "technical" bout, showing off every skill he has in preparation to defeat Cena. Dolph needs to be the challenger Cena never had: the one who will outwrestle him, not necessarily brawl in and out of the ring. We all know Dolph wouldn't win. But as a technical contest, this is the perfect opportunity to "show off" the Showoff. He needs to be today's "Mr. Perfect."

Dolph would need to win MITB in order to accomplish this. He'd be Mr. MITB going into Summerslam of course where he would ultimately face John Cena one on one. Since I'd already posted a match between CM Punk and John Cena at the 1000th RAW as the main event, I originally suggested Randy Orton interfere in the match and set up Punk/Orton at SS. It doesn't look too good for Orton right now, so if that CAN'T happen, then let Ziggler interfere, cost Cena the title, and set up Cena/Ziggler at SS. Before then, Ziggler needs to leave Vicki Guerrero and Swagger as they take away from him being taken very seriously. I also hate that they reneged on his "brown hair/serious Dolph" gimmick. (If you don’t remember this, it’s okay. It didn’t last but two weeks.)

-Kane needs to be World Heavyweight Champion. Otherwise, I don’t see the point in revamping him in the first place. He should face Sheamus at the 1000th RAW and win the title on that night, setting up a Sheamus/Kane rematch at SS for the World Heavyweight Championship. Kane needs to win at SS as well.

-CM Punk and Daniel Bryan need to have their “IronMan Match” (30 mins or an hour, I don’t really care as long as Punk wins—not that I don’t love DB, it’s just that I need Punk to lose to Orton at SS for the WWE Championship). So scenario 1: Orton is allowed to come back and interfere in the Cena/Punk main event at RAW 1000 setting up Punk/Orton at SS which Orton should win!! But things look bleak for Orton right now, so a more realistic approach would be to let Ziggler interfere, set up Ziggler/Cena, and let Punk go on to face (forgive me for this, you guys see what I’m working with here…) Big Show! In this scenario, Big Show needs to lose and let Punk live to fight another day because I doubt ANYONE wants to see Big Show as WWE Champion. But since I don’t think Punk/Show have ever had a real program together, why not now? Okay, special stipulation—Needs to be a “Count of 5” Match. Now, what the hell is a “count of 5” match, you ask? Well, for the more experienced members of the WWE Universe, I’m sure you all recall a man by the name of King Kong Bundy who used to insist his matches end with a ‘5’ count, as opposed to a ‘3’ count. I say, let Big Show adopt this “King Kong” mindset that he’s the baddest mf around and that ALL his matches from now on would be “Count of 5” matches. So he’d do a bunch of squash matches leading all the way up to SS where he’d face Punk in a Count of 5 match. (I haven’t exactly thought of a decent ending to this to allow Punk to win, but it wouldn’t be hard.)

-OK…(this is fun). As far as Triple H and Lesnar go, I’m fine with what they’re doing now. I probably wouldn’t have added the lawsuit garbage in because all it does is make Brock look like a whiner. I’d make it personal between the two. I’d involve Stephanie in some way. I’d probably make Brock out to be this really big time “bully” that represents everything Stephanie is fighting against in the “Be a STAR” campaign. Then I’d make Brock confront her on it and actually put his hands on her (hell, let him F5 her). Triple H is too late and Stephanie is the latest victim of the bullying epidemic. Now I know this may sound kinda childish and completely premeditated, but if done right, it could really be something. But I digress, we’re left with the lawsuit aspect so let’s run with it.

The only thing to really make this match better would be to have Stone Cold referee it. I’m sure Vince and Johnny will be in opposing corners, so this would be the perfect environment for Austin to add some “order” to the inevitable chaos. I’d rather Brock win this match however. It makes no sense to have him lose to every one he faces. Plus, he needs to look badass for when he faces (who I think should be) The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. Scenario 1: At RAW 1000, Triple H and Shawn Michaels (DX Reunion) are attacked by Brock. Brock beats HHH down (really bad), the lights go out, and Taker comes to save HHH from the onslaught. Brock and Taker stare each other down in the middle of the ring. Brock leaves leaving Taker there to help HHH to his knees as the show goes off setting up Brock/Taker at WrestleMania. Scenario 2: At SS, Brock literally beats HHH down to a point of unconsciousness (similarly to Bret Hart and Austin 15 years ago). Brock is announced the winner, but he just does NOT stop beating Hunter down. He’s an animal. He’s a madman. Until the lights go out and out comes taker to save the day (same as above) setting up Taker/Brock at Mania and the show goes off.

Depending on how you guys respond I’ll do a part 2. Take care.

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  1. Liston's Avatar
    Now let us pretend that I am Vince.

    "Awesome ideas, however we are not going to use any of them, we will do what I want to do, so rewrite it. Don't get too attached to what you write, because on the morning of the show I will get you to rewrite it once again. Also expect to slot in a few ideas I have during the opening pyro."

    You CAN'T blame WWE creative teams for the product. We all know through various reports that Vince always has had the last say, and is in 100% control of the product. If he wants something to happen it does, and vice versa. At the end of the day the buck stops at Vince. He sorely needs to step back and allow his team of professional writers (and no it doesn't matter what genre they originally worked in) to do their jobs.
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    problem 1: orton has two wellness strikes... i doubt hes getting any kind of major push anymore

    problem 2: orton & cena have hogged the title picture too much already, its time for the new generation to take over and take the reigns

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