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WWE No Way Out 2012 Review

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World Heavyweight Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler proved in this match that he has the ability to be in a World Title match where he and the champion are the focus.

This match had a big time feel to it and rightfully so because it was great. Sheamus and Ziggler were both on top of their game and have actually developed some solid chemistry together.

I also liked that Dolph Ziggler had the majority of the crowd on his side, though it was funny when they were chanting "lets going Ziggler!" and Jerry Lawler said something along the lines of "listen to this crowd, chanting 'lets go Sheamus'.

Intercontinental Championship Match

This was an absolutely phenomenal match! Cody Rhodes and Christian had a very fast paced wrestling clinic that had counter after counter and multiple false-finishes. That DDT Christan hit on Rhodes on the floor was also beautifully done.

Best of all for the first time in a long time, it felt like the IC Title actually meant something.

Hopefully WWE keeps this up and also continues this Rhodes and Christian feud because my mouth waters at the idea of these two going at it in a Ladder Match for the IC Title.

Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match

This was an impromptu Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match where the winners would become the Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Championships.

The teams involved were The Usos, Prime Time Players, Epico & Primo, and Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd.

All I can say is that I am extremely glad this match happened because it featured some awesome in-ring action and showed what WWE has been missing the past number of years as far as Tag Team Wrestling goes.

I also loved the added wrinkle of AW turning Epico & Primo and siding with the Prime Time Players.

Divas Championship Match

The only thing I have to say about this is why in the heck is WWE not using Kharma when the people obviously want her as evidenced by a WWE crowd once again chanting "we want Kharma!".

Sin Cara vs. Hunico

I thought this was a pretty good match. I liked that it felt like an actual match and not just a showcase of Sin Cara's moves.

The lights during Sin Cara's matches do seriously have to go in my opinion, but other than that I think Cara has finally adjusted to the WWE.

Triple-Threat WWE Championship Match

I thought that the IC title match was going to be the best bout of the night until this match.

CM Punk, Kane, and Daniel Bryan all clicked in this Triple-Threat match and the added intrigue of AJ and her actions earlier in the night and in the weeks prior added some much needed suspense and unpredictability.

Obviously this whole thing isn't over given how CM Punk retained his Title and I for one am looking forward to what happens next.

Steel Cage Match

I will admit that John Cena and The Big Show had a better match than I expected them to have, but this still should not have been the Main Event without the WWE Championship.

I will say that I hope this at least means that John Laurinaitis will be off my television screen contrary to what WWE advertisements might say and that we will finally have a General Manager that can actually put a sentence together without tripping over their words and doesn't take up an hour of TV time each week.

Closing Thoughts

I thought that No Way Out was surprisingly good because of some solid wrestling matches.

No Way Out Rating: 8/10

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  1. tweedidldum's Avatar
    WWE is a mixed bag these days and has been for a while now. One thing that I totally agree with 100% is the way the titles are being handled, mainly the wwe title and whc title. What goes on behind the scenes when working for a company like wwe a mystery for all of us on these boards. I hear a lot of talk and cheap shots throw toward creative but until one of us or someone we know that works there describes what it is like we will never know.

    It's like any other job out there, your gonna have your feuds behind the scenes or during creative meetings and not everyone is always going to agree but i kinda get a little annoyed when i read some posts on here like " WTF is wrong with creative " or " why didn't they do this or that " on and so on!!!! None of us are on the wwe board none of us here that i know of are working for WWE and even if there were to some degree weather it be someone who sets their stages up from event to event or their just some lacky that has no part what so ever with the board or creative then why get on here and bitch all the time.

    WWE is running this company the way they see fit and once all the numbers are in from ratings and merchandise and so on they are still plugging forward so the way i see it some people who complain too much on here might aswell turn and shout at the wall cause there isn't anybody listening to ya!!!!

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