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The Abdominal Stretch: Special No Way Out Edition

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Hey wrestling fans from everywhere and wherever, The Saviour here with another edition of The Abdominal Stretch.

I know it's not my usual posting day, because I usually wait until after Raw but I have to do an Abdominal Stretch Special for tonight's No Way Out PPV.
It was a good PPV, but I won't say it was better than Over The Limit. However, the HIGH lights definitely outweighed the low lights. Let's grade the matches and talk about them, shall we?

WHC Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler

I'll be honest, I was hoping DB's record at WM would have been broken and Sheamus would've won in like 15 seconds or something. But instead, they opened the show with what I thought might just be the match of the night. Dolph gets props from me, not only because he put on one hell of a match, but the crowd really seems to be getting behind him a little more. I counted like 15 on last week's Raw, and for this PPV, it was damn near 25% of that arena. I hate Dolph, and always will. But I've always said that until he can prove he can stand on his own two feet, he'll never be a top guy, and well, he's starting to stand on his own two feet. I'll be monitoring the situation and see if he grabs the brass ring, or if WWE creative screws it up like they seem to be doing with Miz and Cody Rhodes. This match gets an A.

Tuxedo Match: Santino vs Ricardo

Okay, so I can't get an evening gown match with some hot Divas these days, but I gotta watch two men rip a tux off each other? F-.

IC Title Match: Christian vs Cody Rhodes

When I watched the opening match, i thought that was gonna be the match of the night. That was until I saw this match. Awesome action and high dramatic spots all around. These two definitely work well together. I do have a fear though. Well, two of them. Who else is Christian going to feud with now, that will live up to these standards? *I personally was hoping for Dolph Ziggler on this one*. And the second fear, what happens to Cody Rhodes? I was hoping for his push into the WHC scene shortly following WM, but I fail to see how he can find his way there after losing cleanly to Christian, twice. Where I see the major problem, is instead of Dolph winning MITB, I think it'll be Cody's victory, to get him into the title picture. This match gets an A.

Fatal Fourway, Tag Team #1 Contender's Match:

Somehow, I knew this was gonna happen. I knew AW was going to screw Epico and Primo and side with Titus and Darren...whatever they call themselves. This match had great action, and there was a move that happened right at the end, that made me an instant Tyson Kidd fan. I hope he and Gabriel stay a tag team for the time being. This match gets a B.

Diva's Title Match: Layla vs Beth Phoenix

The theme music is really Michelle McCool's. And honestly, it only really worked with both of them as Flawless. Layla is good and really should separate herself from that. For a Diva's match, this was good. The ending was a little anti-climatic, but overall a pretty good match. I still don't understand Beth Phoenix's jobbing to Layla on a constant basis. At least give Layla someone else to fight. Perhap WWE should take a note from TNA on how to do a Women's division. This match gets a C. Anti-climatic ending cost it points.

Hunico vs Sin Cara

I'll be honest, I fast fwd thru this match. It didn't seem long and really didn't seem all that special. Save it for Smackdown. We're now up to useless match #2, on a PPV. Not good. D.

WWE Title Match: Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs CM Punk

when I saw the IC and WHC matches and how good they were, I thought this was going to be phenomenal. And while it was a very good match, with great spots and high drama, It didn't capture me as well as the other two matches did. Typical triple threat. Eliminate one guy and go one on one for a while, guy breaks up pin, go one on one for a while, guy breaks up pin. Then it picked up. I guess they're going to keep the AJ storyline going, which I think is starting to get beat, no matter how hot she is. And where the hell was Daniel Bryan for like the last 5 minutes of the match? He wasn't even stirring on the outside. WTF? Decent ending. I wonder if they're going to spin something with CM Punk and AJ because, from what I saw, CM looked at her first, then pushed Kane into her. *hmmmmm. Interesting*. This match gets an A-.

Ryback vs Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Dumb just about describes it. They really need to drop this and get on with him already. Another useless match. That's #3. Three strikes and out. D-.

Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs Big Show

I honestly felt that they had to do something big with this. Yes, it was undeservedly the last match, but I felt that they dropped the ball on some opportunity here. It was what seems to be Cena' style these days. Get his ass kicked most of the match. But in not-so-Cena fashion, this wasn't just the underdog who overcomes the odds situation. Everyone who Big Show attacked over the last few weeks, put the screws to him and Johnny. Where I felt WWE dropped the ball was on Big Show. I thought it would've been better if Big Show put John Cena away. Took a mic. Thanked Johnny Ace for the contract but nobody humiliates Big Show and makes him beg, and then he makes Johnny beg. And throws Cena out of the cage for the win, to screw Johnny. Now? Well, what happens to the Big Show? And even moreso than that, what happens with John Cena? They're running out of spot feuds for him. Match gets a C+ simply because it ended well, with "You're Fired". Michael Cole was funny at the end too.

Well there you have it. No Way Out was good. Not as good as Over the Limit, but it held it's own. I'll be doing my normal Abdominal Stretch later this week. Thank for reading, and I welcome your comments.

Be Safe.

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  1. The Hipster's Avatar
    It was a good PPV overall. Ryback and Sin Cara should have not been on the card, I agre with you there. The Divas, as a whole, need to be repackaged, and it was nice to see the tag teams getting a push. The worst part was the crowd, tey just seemed dead. Christrian and Cody put on a great match and the fans seemed bored. This has been a problem. Cena and Show needed to be the main event so Vince could fire Big Johnny to end the show.

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