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UFR 2 - Kane vs The Undertaker

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Hello, this is the 2nd UFR blog and this time it’s on the Undertaker/Kane which took place in 2010. I’d quickly like to point out that this blog series won’t just be looking at Brother Vs Brother feuds.

Background to the feud
On the June 4th episode of Smackdown, Kane revealed that he had found his brother in a vegetative state over Memorial Weekend and vowed revenge on whoever was responsible. Because of the Undertaker’s injury a battle royal took place to replace him at Fatal 4 Way which Rey Mysterio won by eliminating Kane.

In Kane’s quest he took part and won in the Money in the Bank ladder Match at MitB. Later on that night Kane cashed in his Money in the bank contract and won the World Heavyweight Championship from Rey Mysterio.
In the build up to their Summerslam match, Mysterio claimed he was innocent before claiming that Kane himself was the perpetrator behind the assault on The Undertaker. Kane went on to retain at Summerslam.

Kane's investigation for The Undertaker Vegetative State (The Full Story)

If you have an hour or so I suggest you watch this video as Kane cuts some great promos and is a great actor.

The Feud

After the match, he attempted to put Mysterio into a casket, only for The Undertaker to appear. Upon his return, Kane delivered him a Tombstone Piledriver and thus, proving Kane to be the real attacker of The Undertaker, reigniting their feud. On the following episode of Smackdown, Kane revealed that he had been planning his attack for 13 years (Promo) and was finally the dominant brother, with control of Undertaker's powers. With these powers he was easily able to attack his brother multiple times, prior to, during, or after his matches.

At Night of Champions Kane retained after reversing Undertaker’s tombstone into his own.

The next Smackdown a casket was brought to ringside by druids to reveal the return of Paul Bearer, who was announced to be The Undertaker's manager against Kane at Hell in a Cell. At Hell in a Cell, they faced off in a Hell in a Cell match which Kane won after Paul Bearer betrayed The Undertaker, handing the Urn to Kane.

At Bragging Rights, Kane defeated Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match to retain the title again after help from The Nexus, thus ending the feud between Undertaker and Kane.

This week BlackFalcon and nrb6304 will also be giving their thoughts on the feud.

I really enjoyed this feud. The promos were great particularly the one where Kane explains why he attacked the Undertaker. The matches all delivered, my favorite was probably their Hell in a Cell match and we saw the return of Paul Bearer. This feud showcased Kane’s brilliant acting skills and shows why I think he’ll be a great champion if he wins this Sunday. My only problem with the feud was the ending. Why did The Nexus side with Kane? There was no ending imo, Kane won and that was that. Undertaker returned and completely forgot about both Kane and The Nexus (Kane should of become the leader of Nexus imo). Personally, I’m hoping for Kane/Taker at Wrestlemania 30 to finish their feud as Undertaker still needs his revenge and it would be a great last match for The Undertaker (Undertaker/Barrett at Wrestlemania 29).

: I like to think of Kane as The Joker to Undertaker’s Batman. You can always throw the two in the ring together and know you’re going to get something entertaining. Personally, I thought the MATCHES between the two were exceptional, and really entertaining. However, that’s not to say that some of the feud was ridiculous and quite predictable. For example, from the moment Kane stated that somebody attacked The Undertaker, you knew it was Kane. Without a doubt it was Kane. No big shock there. Then the introduction of Paul Bearer, you knew from the moment he came back he was going to turn on Undertaker, because that’s Paul Bearer’s M.O. I thought that their Hell in a Cell was the better of the two that night, and was ten times better than that crap ass Cena Barrett Match. Their No Holds Barred match at Night of Champions was pretty good. However, I did think that the end of the feud was horrible. When you really think about it, the feud never ended. Kane buries Undertaker with the help of Nexus, and then? Nexus (now the Core) get their asses handed to them by Undertaker, and Undertaker starts a two year program with Triple H. There was no REAL conclusion to the feud. I mean I guess it ends with Kane burying Undertaker alive. In the end though I thought that everything IN THE RING was great, like I said you put Undertaker and Kane in the match together and you will not be disappointed. It’s all the supernatural elements they try to bring into the feud between them that just doesn’t click with me. I give the feud an even 7/10. The matches were good, but everything else dragged it down but not as down as some people would think. The segments and the buildup weren’t HORRIBLE, but it just wasn’t very good.

Having seen the original feud and matches from the net, I was really looking forward to when I could see a Taker/Kane feud as it unfolded. I've always loved these two, but could the feud live up to the original one?

Let's look at the characters involved. Kane and Undertaker are without a doubt one of the greatest teams, and the greatest pair of rivals in WWE history. Their storyline, team-ups, backstabs, 2001 Dominance of the Tag Team division and two unforgettable WrestleMania matches, has made it, in my opinion, the best pairing in WWE history. However in 2010, Kane was really starting to wane in character I believe. After Wrestlemania XXVI he wasn't being booked well and really needed a new storyline to get things going. Conversely Taker was kind of on a high note after his defeat of Shawn Michaels. I think that by putting them together, they could bring Kane's character back with good purpose and keep Taker's momentum going.

However I was kind of annoyed by a few things. First of all, why did they need to bring Rey Mysterio and the WHC belt into it? True Rey and Kane have had good chemistry in the past, and it's good to see Kane have a belt again after ECW back in '08, but I would have loved to see Rey's run go on a bit longer, and see him feud with some lower card names to bring them up. I don't think Kane should have won the MITB match, because there were 3 guys there who could have really done with the push (Christian, Matt Hardy and Kofi, Dolph and Cody weren't ready yet). These two didn't need the Championship to make it interesting; it was always going to be interesting. Also, what was the point of Nexus appearing in their last match at Bragging Rights? Maybe creative were going to bring Taker in against them before his shoulder injury, but I don't know.

Overall I enjoyed this feud thoroughly. The dialogues were great, the matches were very good, and the interaction between the two was awesome as always. Granted the promos could have been more intense and the matches more extreme, but that was most likely due to their age and the new PG audience. In comparison, I would say this feud was just as good as the original feud, No Doubt.

Thanks to both of them for that and Thanks for reading. Remember to leave a comment below on whether or not you think it was an underrated feud.

Match Promos
Night of Champions
Hell in a Cell
Bragging Rights

- Just wondering does anyone actually watch the videos as im considering not putting them in but if a few people watch them then i'll continue to put them in.

- Does anyone else think Kane has one of the best evil laughs.

- If you'd like to be involved in a future UFR then either leave a comment below or PM me

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  1. CGBigMan's Avatar
    i tend to watch the vids
    kanes laugh is indeed great
    id gladly be involved
  2. Cross's Avatar
    Blackfalcon you make a good point. They did not need the WHC to make things interesting. Christian, Matt Hardy, or even Kofi Kingston could of had an amazing feud with Rey Mysterio. Plus they are well deserving of a MITB ladder match win.

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