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OO: Ozfan's Opinion - 1000th Monday Night RAW Third Hour Pt. Two

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Back from the break. Triple H's music hits! Out comes The Game again and he's still in his DX shirt with jeans on this time. He walks to the ring and does his entrance. He enters and asks for the microphone. He says he hope the fans have enjoyed the 1000th Episode of Monday Night RAW. He says before we can get down to the main event for the WWE Title, he wants to thank the fans for making RAW what it is and that he could not have done it without them especially. He goes on until the lights go out. The arena interior goes blue and smoke appears on the ramp and the stage. Out come Druids who are singing a religious hymn. The lightning strikes as Triple H looks on. The fans are cheering. GONG! Another Gong sounds and Undertaker's theme hits! The Deadman comes up through the ground. He appears on the stage and starts walking towards the ring. He takes his time as usual as The Game still looks on. The fans cheer as Undertaker walks up the ring steps. Undertaker looks at Triple H. He raises his arms up and the arena lighting goes back to normal.

The fans cheer as Undertaker enters the ring. He snatches the mic off Triple H. The Game gets a bit of an angry look on his face. The fans go quiet and Undertaker's music stops. He says for nearly 20 years, Monday Night RAW has been around. He tells about how he was on the very first episode of RAW on Januarty 11th 1993, participating in the very first main event of RAW and defeating Damien Demento. He says a lot has changed. Superstars have come, superstars have gone and some have stayed. He mentions that before WrestleMania 26, he and Shawn Michaels were the only two active wrestlers still in WWE since the debut episode of RAW. He says now, he, is the only one left. Undertaker then mentions he and Triple H's WrestleMania match a couple of months ago that was meanth to end an era. Undertaker says that he is feeling good and wants to continue. The fans cheer at this.

Triple H cuts Undertaker off. He asks for another mic and asks him "Don't you get it?". He then adds that the match was supposed to be the last one for both of them. Triple H says that he is still feeling the effects of the Hell In A Cell match. Triple H says that he is feeling okay to wrestle a couple more matches a year as well. Undertaker says that he to is still feeling the effects, from the Spinebuster on the steel steps, the Super Kick, the two Pedigrees and to the sledghammer shot to the head. He WANTS to wrestle. He says he's the Deadman and would want to still be wrestling til the day he dies. This gets a huge pop from the fans. Triple H then says he was thinking about retiring full time to spend less time at work and more time with his kids. The fans boo at this. Undertaker then tells Triple H that it is completely up to him if he wants to retire. But then he says that he wants Triple H to think long... and hard about it! The lights go out. After a few seconds the lights come back on and Undertaker is gone. Triple H is in a bit of shock and looks around. He grabs the mic again and says that after all that, Undertaker still wants to wrestle. Triple H says he's only 42 years old. He's got plenty of time to do that. He says he's not gonna retire for at least another 10 years. The crowd starts cheering his name again.

Triple H's music hits and The Game poses for the fans. As soon as he turns around he's Brock Lesnar!!! The fans are in shock as Lesnar unloads on punches on Triple H! Lesnar goes for the F5 but Triple H escapes the attempt and starts punching away at Lesnar. Triple H hits a clothesline on Lesnar. Triple H tries for the Pedigree but Lenar back body drops him. He tackles Triple H in the corner and hits heavy shoulder attacks. He scoops The Game up and goes for the F5 again but Triple H counters it into a DDT. He hits the Double-A Spinebuster! The Game kicks Lesnar in the gut and attempts the Pedigree once more but Lesnar rolls out of it and exits the ring. The Game's fellow DX members including HBK come charging out as Lesnar retreats through the crowd. A little late guys. Triple H picks up the microphone and tells Brock that he is not retiring just yet. In fact, he wants a match with Brock. Brock smirks at him. Brock grabs a microphone from some of the production equipment and tells Triple H to just say the word and name the time and place. Triple H responds with "Me and you at SummerSlam!" The fans start going nuts again as Lesnar accepts. The Game and the rest of DX pose for the fans as the D-Generation X theme hits. The segment ends and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and we get another Classic RAW Moment video. I bet this will be the final one for the night. It is from 2010 when Bret Hart returned and made up with Shawn Michaels.

[B]Match No. 8 - WWE Championship match [/B]
[B]CM Punk (c) w/ vs. Daniel Bryan [/B]
Punk's Cult of Personality music hits and out comes the WWE Champion to a huge ovation from the crowd. Punk walks to the ring with the belt and climbs onto the top turnbuckle and poses for the fans. He jumps into the ring and poses some more. Punk asks for the mic. Punk says that he is happy to be in the main event of the 1000th Episode of RAW and what better way then to defend the WWE Championship. Punk vows to put away Bryan tonight. He tosses the mic and poses some more. Bryan's music hits and out comes the former Heavyweight Champion chanting YES! to the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp as we go to a quick commercial break.

Back from the break and Bryan and Punk are in the ring ready to square off. The referee calls for the bell and Punk and Bryan lock up. Punk wrenches Bryan's arm and nails a quick kick to the mid-section. He goes for another kick but Bryan catches his foot and trips Punk with a single knee take down. He goes for some Submission move but Punk shoves Bryan off. Bryan counters Punk with an arm drag. Punk gets up and hits an arm drag of his own. They both get up and quickly stare each other down which excites the fans. They lock up again and Bryan applies a waist lock. He hits a couple of forearms to Punk's back and hits a roll up for a one count. Bryan goes to clothesline Punk but Punk counters it into a crucifix pin for a two count. Punk goes for a Northen Lights Suplex. He connects and gets a two count. Bryan stands up and counters it into a backslide pin. Punk kicks out at two and rolls Bryan up with a Small Package. Bryan rolls Punk over so that he is covering Punk and Punk kicks out again. They both stand up and go for dropkicks. They both connect feet first on each other. They stare down again as the fans cheer.

They go to lock up but Bryan kicks Punk in the gut and applies a front facelock. Punk shoves Bryan off and applies a headlock. Punk strikes with a knee to the head of Bryan and a spinning back hand. He hits a right and left kicking combo to Bryan and follows up with a Spinning Back Kick to Bryan's mid-section. Punk hits a Double Underhook Backbreaker to Bryan and covers him and gets another two count. Punk grabs Bryan and tries for the GTS but Bryan drops behind Punk and goes for the Yes Lock. Punk rolls through onto the mat and goes for the Anaconda Vise. This time, Bryan rolls through and goes for a roundhouse kick to the head but Punk ducks it and rams Bryan into the ropes and tries for a roll up but Bryan holds onto the ropes and hits a trust kick to Punk. Bryan goes for a sprinboard move but Punk boots him in the gut. Punk charges and clotheslines Bryan and himself over the top rope. Both men hit the ground hard. Punk is the first to stand up. Bryan stands up but Punk grabs his head and smashes it into the ring apron. He goes for some type of Powerbomb but Bryan escapes it and hits a couple of quick right hands to Punk. Bryan goes to Irish Whip him into the corner of the barricade but Punk counters it and Bryan hits the barricade hard. Punk charges and sprinboards off the ring steps and dives onto Bryan. He and Bryan break the barriers as the fans start screaming. Both men are on the ground as we go to another commercial.

Back from the break and Bryan is working over Punk's ribs. He hits a couple of soccerball kicks to Punks back and covers him for a two count. Bryan hits multiple rights to Punk's ribs and picks him up. He hits a gutbuster and covers Punk again but it's only good for a nearfall. Punk fights back with rights and lefts but Bryan hits a hard boot to the gut. He hits a swinging neckbreaker on the champ and covers again but Punk kicks out at two. Bryan places Punk between the first and second ropes and grabs his arms, applying a modified surfboard stretch. Punk thrives in pain. Bryan starts booting Punk in the back and releases the hold. Punk falls onto the apron. Bryan goes on the attack but Punk hangs Bryan face first on the top rope. Punk hits a couple of clotheslines and on the rebound catches Bryan with a Snap Powerslam. Punk covers but only gets a two count.

Punk hits multiple elbows to the side of Bryans jaw and shoulder. He hits a couple of kicks to Bryan's back and covers again. Bryan kicks out at two once more. Punk Irish Whips Bryan in the corner he goes for the Shining Wizard and connects. He then hits the Running Bulldog. He goes for the GTS but his back gives out. Bryan hits low kicks to Punk's knee and then repeating kicks to the chest area. He follows up with a big roundhouse kick to the head and covers Punk again. Punk kicks out after a near fall and Bryan is getting a bit frustrated. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Punk counters it into a quick DDT. Punk tries for the High Roundhouse Kick but Bryan counters it into a Bridging German Suplex. The ref counts but Punk JUST kicks out before the three count. Bryan goes up to the top rope and goes for the Front Missile Dropkick but Punk side steps him. Bryan lands on his back and Punk goes up high. He is slow climbing to the ropes but gets there. He goes for the Savage Elbow Drop but Bryan shoves the referee into the ropes, causing Punk to lose his balance. Bryan goes up and hits a massive Superplex!! He covers Punk! 1....2...NO!! The fans cheer for Punk as Bryan is slapping the mat in anger. Bryan waits for Punk to stand up. He charges and goes for another clothesline but Punk counters it into an Arm Trap Neckbreaker. Bryan stands up and walks into a hugs kick to the head from Punk. The champion covers but only gets a nearfall. Punk grabs Bryan again. He goes for a suplex but Bryan counters it and grabs Punk's arm! He locks in the Yes Lock! Punk his in pain as Bryan wrenches back. Punk is clawing towards the ropes. Punk reaches it but Bryan rolls around and into a different spot on the mat with the Yes Lock still applied. Punk is in pain again. Punk rolls over and into a modified pin. He gets a two and Bryan is forced to break the hold.

Bryan charges and Punk scoops him up for the GTS. Bryan hits elbows to Punk and punches to the ribs. Punk drops him and goes to the corner. Bryan charges and hits a running dropkick to Punk. He makes the cover and again only gets a nearfall. He goes to pick up Punk but Punk hits a side kick to the ribs of Bryan. Punk picks up Bryan and hits the Falcon Arrow! Punk grabs his legs for the pin but Bryan kicks out. Punk signals for the Go-To-Sleep again. He picks him up. He drops Bryan but Bryan grabs his leg. He hits a double knee take down on the champ and flips into a Jackknife Pinfall cover. Punk squirms and kicks out just in time. Both men get up and hit each other with double clotheslines. The referee starts counting again. Punk makes it up to his feet first, breaking the count at 7. Bryan stands up as well. Punk goes for the GTS but Bryan drops down again. He goes for the kick again but this time Punk ducks it. He scoops Bryan up and hits the GTS out of nowhere!! Punk falls down to and Bryan is out of it. Punk crawls over and gets an arm over Bryan. 1...2....NO! Bryan kicks out somehow. The fans are beside themselves as Punk is in disbelief. He drags Bryan to the centre of the ring. Punk goes for the Anaconda Vise again but Bryan flips around and tries to apply the Yes Lock again. Punk turns around and kicks Bryan in the head. Bryan charges at Punk and Punk leapfrogs him and then hits a Calf Kick. Punk covers Bryan again, who kicks out again. Punk is pissed off now.

Punk picks Bryan up and hits a Sitout Tiger Bomb on the former World Champion. Punk gets up slowly and holds his ribs. Punk goes to the apron and goes to climb the turnbuckle but Bryan is stirring. Bryan is on his hands and knees and Punk sees him. Punk stops climbing and hops back into the ring. He Irish Whips Bryan into the corner. He goes for the Shining Wizard again but Bryan ducks it and Punk get hung up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan headbutts him in the ribs a few times and hits forearm clubs to the back as well. Bryan heads to the second rope. I think he wants to try for another Superplex. Punk escapes it and hits multiple fast punches. He headbutts Bryan and kicks him in the ribs. He rakes Bryan's eyes and shoves him off the rope. Bryan lands back first on the mat as Punk climbs to the top. He points to the roof as the fans cheer for him some more. He dives off and hits the Elbow Drop. He covers Bryan again. 1....2....NO!! Bryan, AGAIN kicks out. Punk looks like he is about to blow. Punk stalks Bryan again. He lifts him up for a GTS but Bryan grabs the top rope. Punk kicks him loose but Bryan drops down again. He flapjacks Punk and Punk gets hung up on the ropes. He lands on the apron again as Bryan goes to bring him back in the ring. Punk fights back once more and kicks Bryan in the mid-section. He goes for a slingshot Sunset Flip but Bryan drops down and hooks Punk's legs back. He grabs the ropes for leverage and the referee nearly counts three but sees him. Bryan argues with the referee. Punk comes up from behind and rolls up Bryan but Bryan kicks out in the nick of time. Bryan was nearly caught.

Bryan is in the corner. Punk charges but Bryan gets his feet up. Bryan goes to the top rope and hits the Front Missile Dropkick! He covers Punk once again but Punk kicks out at two and three-quarters. Bryan goes for the kick to the head. Punk grabs his foot and spins him around. He goes for the GTS one last time but Bryan spins out and goes for a roll up but Punk shoves him into the ropes. He charges and Bryan moves out of the way but Punk gets his foot up to stop himself. Bryan goes for a running corner splash but Punk side steps him again and Bryan gets caught up on the rope. Punk quickly picks him up off the turnbuckle in a Fireman's Carry! He spins Bryan around a little and hits the GTS again!! Punk covers Bryan! 1....2....3!!! Punk retains the WWE Title!

[B]Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk via pinfall at 28:22 [/B]

Punk's music hits again as the referee raises his arm. Punk is still on the ground and the referee hands him the title belt. Punk stands up and holds his title up for the crowd as they cheer. Just then.....IF YA SSMMEEEEEEEEEEL....WHAT THE ROCK.....IS COOKIN'! Out comes The Rock again! The fans go nuts once more as The Brahma Bull makes his way back down to the ring. He takes the mic again. Punk is looking confused. The Rock looks down at Punk's WWE Title belt. He and Punk have a stare down. The Rock places the mic down and does the belt around the waist taunt to Punk. The crowd cheers loudly and Rock picks the mic back up again. He quickly says "I promised these fans that I would once again be WWE Champion......and I keep my promises" He tosses the mic down and he hits The Rock Bottom on Punk!!! The fans scream as loud as they can and The Rock picks the mic up again and says "IF YA SAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL WHAT THE ROCK....IS...COOKIN'! He drops the mic and his music hits. The Rock climbs to the second rope and raises his arm up. The crowd is still going nuts as RAW 1000 goes off the air.

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