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Bound for Glory Series - Who could win it?

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Hey all, TNA blog for you all today. As I'm sure most of you know, the Bound for Glory series 2012 officially started last night. I've been putting some thought in to what chance each wrestler has of winning it all. As always tear it apart and form your own opinion in the comments.

#1 - James Storm (9/10)
Unquestioned favourite. BFG seems set up for a Roode v Storm WHC match. Gauntlet win just solidified his status top of the pile.

#2 - Jeff Hardy (8/10)
Biggest draw and biggest merch seller in TNA and has yet to win the title as a face. Could the young and female fans favourite main event the biggest show of the year for TNA? Quite possibly.

#3 - Kurt Angle (8/10)
Been on a bit of a role since turning face. Is always in or around the world title scene, could we see a rematch of last years main event? Probably not but it is possible.

#4 - Samoa Joe (7/10)
Hasn't been relevant for a long time but this might be to his benefit, some people are still very high on him backstage and his match against Aries would have helped him. He is my outside tip.

#5 - Bully Ray (7/10)
Being in a major storyline already counts against him but he has been waiting for a singles title match for months now. Can't see it happening while Roode is champion though and I can't see Roode dropping the belt before BFG. If he does though, Bully Ray is a good shout.

#6 - Rob Van Dam (6/10)
A big name who TNA likes to promote but has had a recent title shot and TNA won't need to build him up so a win is unlikely.

#7 - Mr Anderson (6/10)
Interchangeable with RVD, both unlikely for the same reason and are both unlikely to be the guy the company looks to build around.

#8 - AJ Styles (5/10)
TNA's poster boy so he always has a chance but with at least 3 title shot loses to Roode already he won't be getting another. Add to this his leading role in a major storyline and AJ will probably lose many more matches than people expect him to.

#9 - Daniels (4/10)
The other major participant in the AJ Styles storyline, hasn't been considered for the world title ever. His build, his age and being a heel all go against him so he won't be making the final 4.

#10 - Magnus (3/10)
A young guy who is a potential future champion but it seems unlikely to be his time yet. TNA may well use this series to build him up and project him into or around the title picture so he is an outside shot to get into the last 4.

#11 - D'angelo Dinero (3/10)
Another one who is in the series seemingly from nowhere, has been pushed before but doesn't seem like his time to be pushed again. Will likely be used to build up other guys in the series but remains a bit of a wildcard.

#12 - Robbie E (1/10)
Every tournament needs a whipping boy, stands zero chance unless everyone else gets injured.

So there you go, they are my rankings from day 1 of the series. Will be interesting to look at them again in 3 months and see if TNA were thinking the same way. Opinions and alternate rankings please.

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  1. kiltbill's Avatar
    Great blog.
    I'd go with most of your scoring.

    Storm is a little obvious, although it would give a great finale to their feud.

    AJ, RVD and Angle don't need it, and I think are fine with current positions as the 'ones to beat'.

    Magnus and Joe had makings of great Tag Team, and Magnus could do with a good feud against a top TNA mainstay.

    Pope, I have seen too little of to have much of an opinion of in the ring. Good look, and I think gives a very different dynamic, though, so hope he stays in contention.

    I actually though that Hardy was stoned for a few moments at the start, but (probably) was fine. However, still have that fear that he will reduce another PPV to tatters.

    Mr Anderson - overrated and sloppy. Plays the tweener well, but others would hold the title better.

    Daniliels is tough unlikely IMO. I'd prefer him to be in the X-Div, as seeing him against Magnus was like seeing a 12 year old trying to beat up a 20 year old.

    Robbie E: can only see him here so that we have a 'shock' swap for big Rob due to injury, etc. Or, I have a horrible feeling, he loses a stipulation match to Bischov jnr for his place in BFG...
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