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Sudden Impact: Live Again, and Off the Heels of Slammiversary

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Hey fans of the wrestling world, The Saviour here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where we discuss TNA, and not the other guys.

We're coming off Slammiversary. For what I've read, heard, and the bits that I've seen, it was a very good PPV. Possibly one of the best of 2012, and that includes both promotions. Am I getting ahead of myself? Maybe. But let's do a little recap and then talk about tonight's Live Impact.

SLAMMIVERSARY: The Ten Year Anniversary

Samoa Joe vs A Double was one of those matches that stole the show, and it was the opener. I mean, talking about tearing the roof down at the very start. The crowd was really into it. I was actually glad to see Joe fist bump him after the match, and not stay heel.

Triple Threat between Jeff Hardy, RVD, and Mr Anderson. Well, I thought Joe and A Double stole the show, but clearly, this one lived up to the hype. High spots and close calls. Mr Anderson steals the win, as I predicted.

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles. I don't know why they are tag champs, but when is a match involving them not good? It's a shame they're teammates and not feuding more.

Christian on TNA...Wow. I was hoping for a little more. He did seem uninterested and the segment was short. How much better would it have been if he used his WWE theme? That would have been epic.

Crimson lost in undefeated streak to James Storm. While the return is good, and it had to be, I was hoping for something even bigger than that. Finally Crimson's not undefeated. I thought that was stupid anyway. I still think he's an important part of TNA, but he doesn't need to be undefeated to be that.

Sting loses in a good, not great, match.

And there you have it. Let's talk Impact Live.


I love this match, probably more than Money in the Bank or any other ladder match...except maybe TLC. Had good action. Not as many high spots as I was hoping for. For the record, I'm now a fan of Chris Sabin too. I hope he's not really injured. I still want him and A Double to feud.

Hogan as the GM is growing on me. I actually don't hate it too much. I just like the style. People come out and they talk and make claims and say they want this. Hogan comes out and pretty much gives it to them straight. The X Division isn't great right now, so I like the stipulation. A Double's getting his shot at Destination X.

Devon does it again. The match wasn't great, but I think Hernandez is good as well. And while his TV Championship wins are racking up, I'd like to see a real feud. Not this Robbie E stuff.

Bound For Glory Series begins. What a start. A Royal Rumble of sorts. This was fun. It was good to see Magnus and The Pope back. I like how over Kurt Angle is. And for all the Zigglites out there who are in love with his move selling. AJ is every bit as good. I was definitely surprised to see Jeff Hardy eliminated first. But there were so many top TNA talents in this gauntlet, it was shocking that one of the big 4 didn't win. And it ended all too predictably. I was pulling for Joe or Magnus myself. But I should know better by now. I like James Storm though, and this is a good and legit way to get him back into the title picture.

I don't like Tessmacher as the Knockouts Champ. She's no Gail Kim. First time out, and it seems the Knockouts matches are going to suffer. I know it's only been one week, but we'll see.

World Title Match. Bobby Roode wins by making Anderson Tap. I'm going to be honest, that's good. I think Roode needs more of that. He needs more clean wins, establishing his dominance. Giving true meaning to his IT Factor persona.

What's up with the three guys who jumped Sting? This should be interesting.

Well, TNA continues to get better. Are people paying more attention now? It's definitely getting more internet publicity. The crowd was very lively. I like the direction they're going.

Thanks for reading this week's Sudden Impact. Leave some comments. Let me know what you think.

Be Safe Everyone.

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great review the show had brought some of that ppv energy with it. Great to see impact gathering steam going all the way back to Sacrifice. Hope they keep it coming and the fan in me hope wwe can pick it up again too
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    good review....Roode making Andy tap out is teh high light of the show...
  3. Wildcat's Avatar
    They started with a match, rather than a 10 minute in-ring promo -- +1000 points! Solid matches all night; the other promos got to the point, as did the recaps... I felt that ending with a promo and not a match would just drag things down, but since it was Sting, that made it a little more appropriate and significant. And the last-minute Mystery Mob beatdown bumped it up a few more levels -- I can't wait to find out who these guys are!

  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    Great blog. Just one pointer out, Chris Sabin is out with a torn ACL. i was REALLY mad about it for 2 reasons: Im a huge Motor City Machine Guns fan and Alex Shelley leaving (he was my favorite) really made me upset. And Chris Sabin is one of those X Division guys that gets over looked but when it is time to perform, he will give 150%. Sucks that Alex is not in TNA and Chris is injured. Also, im hoping TNA keeps putting out shows like this because it will give the people who support both shows instead of just WWE some ammo in sticking up for TNA.

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