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WBC Series #7: King Of The Ring

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What is up everybody!? Time for another edition of WBC. Last week, the former champ, Renevious, regained the crown of WBC Main Champ, and as such, defends that title this week against a former blogger here on WBC, Broc! Who will walk away the winner? You decide! It's time for the next edition for WBC and the topic is King Of The Ring!


What's up everybody. Renevious here again. I just want to start by thanking everyone for reading and for voting me to be your champion again. I hope I don't disappoint you. Anyway, let's get to the topic and Bear's questions/talking points...King of the Ring

King Of The Ring has been featured as a PPV, as well as a 3 hour special on shows like Raw and SD. What are your thoughts on the King of the Ring tournament?
I think the King of the Ring is awesome. Unfortunately, its meaning and prestige has kind of gone the way of the Dodo bird and all the championship belts, but there was a time when winning this tournament was nearly on par with winning the Royal Rumble. The main thing that has tarnished this tradition's legacy is its lack of consistency. As it states in the question, KOTR has gone from a television special (much like Clash of the Champions) to an annual pay per view event then back down to something they squeeze into RAW and Smackdown. It's very difficult for a fan to take a tournament like that seriously when the company doesn't take it seriously. Not to mention, some years they just forget about it?!?!

Who do you feel is the most notable/biggest winner from the history of the King of the Ring tournaments?
Seriously? Is this even a question? If anyone doesn't think that the most notable winner of the King of the Ring is Stone Cold Steve Austin, then they need to have their head examined. This was one of most perfectly timed pushes a superstar has ever gotten in history. He was still a big time heel and was getting some of the best heat I'd ever seen in my life. Then he goes and wins the KOTR and busts out with the most famous line from any promo in the history of wrestling. While watching a newly defeated and born again Jake the Snake hobbling back to the locker room, we got to hear "Austin 3:16 says that I just whipped your ass!" I don't have to paint the picture. We all know it. The rest is history.

Who do you feel won the King of the Ring, when in truth they shouldn't have?
Rewind just one year prior to the Austin 3:16 incident, and you have your answer. Now I don't know whose idea it was to make "King Mabel" into a thing, but it happened. This entire tournament was just a mess. You had Razor Ramon, who was probably the most over superstar in all of WWE at the time, injured and unable to compete. So they get freakin' Kwang (I mean Savio Vega) to take his place. They burn him all the way through the tournament and into the finals. They couldn't stop saying all through the night how this was the new record for most matches fought in the shortest amount of time. And if you weren't aware of current events of 1995, this was just a cheap shot to the Macho Man. He had the record prior to that by going through 4 different opponents in one night at Wrestlemania 4. He had jumped ship to WCW the year before, and WWE was just poking a cheap jab his way. But, the worst thing about Mabel winning KOTR (aside from him beating the Undertaker, WTF) was the Summerslam that followed. You see, back then winning the KOTR pretty much got you a title shot at Summerslam. That's why I say it was nearly on par with Royal Rumble. And the year before, this gave us one of the greatest matches of all time with Bret and Owen in the cage. This year, however, gave us King Mabel v. Diesel. So, you go from a main event finals match of Mabel against Savio Vega, like anyone in the world thought poor little Kwang actually had a chance in hell of beating Mabel. Then it jumps to a main event where we all knew there was no chance in hell (pardon the expression) that WWE would ever have Mabel go over Diesel to be champ. It went from one boring pile of shit straight into another.

Do you think bringing back the King of the Ring tournament would be a good thing or bad thing with today's current product?

If they did it right, it could be great. With that being said, I doubt they would do it right. Many people may disagree, but I think it did well for Sheamus. It's unfortunate that nowadays these tournaments are not on pay per view, so the excitement's not really there. But having him work as King Sheamus for a while actually did wonders for getting him exposure, heel heat, and a chance to show off his abilities in the ring. And look at him now, a former WWE Champ, Royal Rumble winner, and current WHC. Not too shabby.
But if they want to really make this thing have an impact, it has to be consistent. They have to stop skipping years, for one. But they also need to have it carry the same amount of weight every year. We all know that if you win the Rumble, you're going to Wrestlemania to face the champ. We used to know that if you win KOTR, you're going to Summerslam to do the same. That needs to happen again. Let's get rid of this Over the Limit and No Way Out bull shit, and bring back the King of the Ring. They could make the 16-man qualifying matches play on TV the weeks prior and air the entire 8-man tournament that night on pay per view, with the winner getting a title shot at Summerslam. That would give at least a solid 2 months for the winner and the champ to have some great feud material leading up to their match. It would actually get people excited for a main event match, which I know is a pretty unheard of and novel idea these days.

If the KOTR were brought back, and they did a usual 16 man tournament, who would you have involved in the KOTR, and who would you have win it?
I'd like to sort of follow suit with something Jesse the Body did when he was RAW GM for a night. He had that battle royal with only guys who had never fought for the title. I think it would be interesting to have the tournament comprised completely of guys who've never fought for the title also or at least just guys who have never actually been world champion. This would give some of the newer talent a chance to shine. Guys like Brodus and Ryback, who are both mauling through jobbers right now could face each other and fight to a draw. Other good superstars would be Ryder, Tyson Kidd, Wade Barrett (if he ever heals), Cody Rhodes, and A-Ry just to name a few. There would still be other matches in between the tournament matches during the pay per view, so the fans would still get to see the big names perform. But this way we could be treated with something other than the usual Cena/Orton show like we've been spoon fed for so long in the past. Now, if I were king for a day, I'd love to see Damien Sandow win the whole thing, because he is the perfect type of arrogant ass that would make being King of the Ring the best heat generating idea in years. But I know he's still way too new, so that's a bit of a stretch. But to make a serious pick, I believe that this would be a perfect opportunity to give that quasi jobber known as Drew McIntyre the push he needs. Now, I've never cared for Drew, but I do admit that he has potential. He's just been beaten down for so long, that he would need something like this to get back some validation. He could cheat his ass off to win every match. I don't care. But being King of the Ring would do wonders for him. People would still hate him (as they should since he's a heel), but they'll respect him as a legitimate threat. And that's what we need in a good #1 contender. Some of you are probably saying that Dolph should be the obvious pick for winning the KOTR, but to that I have to say that he's beyond that already. He's been in a main event for the title, and he's about to be in another one. Not to mention, he was a paper champion for a night. While he's possibly the best talent on the roster, I really think that the King of the Ring needs to be someone newer and with a little further yet to climb to reach the top. Drewie Mac for the win!

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. Take care.

A great blog from Renevious. Can Broc beat him? Let's find out!


Well, well. I see the WBC has come crawling back to its best blogger ever!
Anyway, thanks to bearkg88 for inviting me back in, and I'm ready for some more blogging! Today's topic is on the King of Ring, a very interesting topic. We've seen everyone from Randy Savaga all the way to William Regal win this tournament. Now, let's go!

Who do you feel is the most notable/biggest winner from the history of the King of the Ring tournaments?
Well, I wasn't a wrestling fan back in is 1985, hell, I wasn't even alive in 1985, so as you might amuse, I had to do some research. Looking at all the winners, I have to say the most notable is Randy Savage. By the looks of it, Savage won the King of the Ring early on in his career, which kick started one of the best careers in WWE/WWF history.

Basically put, Savage is the example of what the King of the Ring is made for. It's made to give someone a name, and help them get over. Which is what Savage did. He won the King of the Ring, and he ran with the ball after it, leading to one of the greatest careers the WWE/WWF has, and ever will see.

Who do you feel won the King of the Ring, when in truth they shouldn't have?
There's 2 main ones: 1. Booker T: He only won the King of the Ring to make a gimmick for himself, which in reality, shouldn't be what the tournament is about. It should be about trying to get recognized, and help a newer guy get over a little. But making it into some pointless and short term gimmick is just pointless. 2. Sheamus: Same reason as Booker really. I mean, really, "King Sheamus"? Give me a break. Did WWE really think that was going to catch on? King Sheamus lasted about a month or two before the WWE realized that Sheamus doesn't fit the King gimmick at all.
At least when Booker T did the King gimmick, he was a genius with it. He had people kissing his ring, had a queen, and just fit the royalty character. While Sheamus fit the royalty gimmick about as well as Hornswoggle would.

Do you think bringing back the King of the Ring tournament would be a good thing or bad thing with today's current product?
It depends on how they use it. If they're just going to use it to make some shitty gimmick for someone, then no. Not at all. If they use it for actually getting newer talents recognized, then it could work great. Imagine how much the King of the Ring could help someone like Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Damien Sandow, or even Lord Tensai get over a bit. Those type of guys who all have the talent to get there, but just don't have any reaction with the fans. Lord Tensai is a talented person, but nobody cares about him. Should he win King of the Ring, it could give him something to build off of, and get a little bit of reaction. Like how William Regal fought his way through the easy opponents in 2008, then took the KOTR out of the graso of CM Punk who had just fought a couple of very tough matches, then having Regal win, makes his heel persona look a LOT better. They could do something similar with Tensai.

If the KOTR were brought back, and they did a usual 16 man tournament, who would you have involved in the KOTR, and who would you have win it?
If I could make a King of the Ring with 16 people.... hmm....
For the most part, I would load it with some of the younger guys. Not the really new guys, but the guys who have been there for about 3 years but haven't gotten anywhere. People like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Mason Ryan, Santino Marella, guys like that. Then have the other half be some of the experienced veterans who are currently in the upper mid card like Kane, Big Show, Booker T, Christian, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, William Regal, guys like that. Maybe throw in 1 or 2 young guns and there it is.

I'd have the winner be Kofi Kingston, purely because he has talent, he's been with the company for awhile, but he just needs something to help get him to higher spot in the company. There would be plenty of different people I wouldn't mind winning either, but Kofi just seems to fit my definition of what the King of the Ring should be about.

Well, thanks for reading guys. Vote for my blog if you found it to be the better one, and hopefully I'll see you next time.

All right guys. Make sure to vote for the better blog!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    Broc comes short against Renevious knowledge and it showed in the context they covered...Renevious wins it.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    My Goodness. Tough Tough Decision here. The points that I'm making the most judgement from is the last one. Who should be in the KOTR now. While I agree with both guys on who potential winners are, I have to say I like Renevious' idea of having just new guys, or guys who haven't gotten a real opportunity in a high spot yet. I feel like having Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry, etc...waters the tournament. The roster is very crowded right now, utilize the guys who need the exposure.

    Renevious gets my vote.

    Great Job by both of you though.
  3. Sully's Avatar
    I vote Broc.

    I don't exactly agree with Rev about Damien Sandow winning King Of The Ring just yet. He hasn't really had THAT much exposure...I mean, he debuted in April. I can see him being in it, just not winning it all the way.

    There are guys like Kofi Kingston, or Evan Bourne, that have yet to do anything that great, and they'd need the exposure over Sandow. Besides, I think a King Gimmick would ruin his character anyways.

    Wade Barrett seems perfect for me, just because he'd benefit from it, and the King gimmick would go great with him
  4. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    Renevious hands down. Tbh Broc lost me on the first question. As much as Macho Man was great there is no denying that Austin winning was the biggest thing for not only KOTR but the WWE altogether. Also the last point Renevious went into so much more depth and bringing up the Jesse Ventura battle royal got me because that was one of my favorite things on Raw in the last few years and should be done more often. Champ retains here
  5. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Before I give my vote on this, I'd like to say hats off to the both of you for sharing your views. I'm not going to go into extreme details as to whom had the better blog. I'll simply sum up my opinion by stating that I share the same views as The Savior.

    Renevious for the win.

    Great blogging to the both of you.
  6. Giddy's Avatar
  7. Cross's Avatar
    Let me give my thoughts on each of yall:
    Renevious-you did well. You gave details and facts and had me on a hook that I wanted to keep reading.
    Broc-the first and third question didn't really do well for me. But I truly agree and thank you for mentioning Kofi Kingston. He has been in the WWE since 2007 and really needs something to get out of the gutters and show himself more then an afterthought. KOTR would do just the trick.
    With that said, the better blog was Renevious
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