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Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

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What is up everybody? Time for another edition of Uncooked! So this was the go home show before No Way Out, and for me atleast, it was a mixed night. I'm going to get right into it!

The Bad

Now here me out in regards to this. When Ryback comes out and just uses pure strength to dominate his opponent, that is epic. The problem is, people like Ryback, Tensai, or Brodus Clay, bringing in a star like that, pushing them to the moon with squash matches, and then going nowhere with them...really doesn't accomplish much imo. There will never be another Goldberg. Now I could sit here night in and night out for a little while longer, watching Ryback just dominate two nameless jobbers, but I see potential in him that I didn't when he first returned. He needs a real storyline and a real feud. Until then, I just see this whole Ryback domination angle as just a bad thing.

Big Show vs Kofi Kingston
This didn't wow me. Yes, we get Big Show is now a dominate monster, and the only hope of stopping him is in Supercena. Granted I'm assuming this was all done because of R Truth getting injured, so by having Show lam-blast Kofi, the WWE can then take the titles off of Truth/Kofi. Now, the only reason I put this in the bad angle, is to me, having the giant destroy one half of the tag champs, and knock out the other half, makes the tag team division look weak.

The Indifferent

Tensai vs Sheamus
The match itself, wasn't horrible. Was it the match of the night that I'm going to remember for the next year? Definitely not. To me, that is why I am indifferent to it. I like Sheamus, and could care less about Tensai. I do find it interesting that it seems Sakamoto and Tensai and presumably splitting. I think it'll be interesting to see if somehow Tensai magically speaks english, or if he gets a new handler. Either way, this match to me was a 1.5/5, maybe a 2/5.

Santino Marella/Layla vs Beth Phoenix/Ricardo Rodriguez
If it hasn't been said yet, I'm going to say it. I think Ricardo is ten times funnier than Santino. I'm just waiting for Ricardo to break from ADR, and turn face. He would make an excellent mid-carder. This match itself, wasn't anything WOW worth, but it did have some comical moments from Ricardo. Even with the comical moments, this match couldn't be made into a good thing.

Sin Cara vs Curt Hawkins
Here is my thing with Sin Cara. He will never be Rey Mysterio. By this I mean, he will never be a main eventer or WHC/WWE Champion. The thing for Rey is, he speaks, and that is a pivotal thing to be a main event guy. If they got Sin Cara a mouth piece, then maybe. Without one though, Sin Cara would be lucky to win the US/IC championships. The match itself was ok. It had it's spots, but again, the running theme of the night, it wasn't anything WOW worthy.

The Good

Daniel Bryan/Kane/AJ/Punk
I am thoroughly enjoying this feud. The mic work from Bryan/Punk I've enjoyed, but what has put it over the moon for me, is AJ. Simply hands down, she is the mystery piece to all of this. Many can speculate where things are going for her, and some might even flat out say they know where it is going, but no one does. It could go so many different ways, and that, to me, is what is making this so good! When is the last time where there was a feud/storyline where we, the viewers don't foresee where things are going? Lately wrestling has been so black and white, but I love this shade of grey.

Dolph Ziggler vs Christian vs Jack Swagger vs The Great Khali
At first when I heard Khali was going to be in this match, i cringed at this thought. I'm glad he was eliminated quickly. When it came to these three, I actually enjoyed the match. I loved the further dissension between Ziggler and Swagger, with Ziggler pinning Swagger to eliminate him. The match itself after Khali was gone, was good. I'm glad Ziggler got the win, as for a split second I thought Christian might get it. the bigger question now, is this Ziggler's chance to shine. By that I mean, Orton is out, Jericho is out, Miz is gone for a short bit, ADR is out. The chance of Ziggler walking out the World Heavyweight Champion is 5%, but when I say shine, I mean afterwards. Look at the Royal Rumble. Ziggler was hot going into there, and after it, just fell flat. Let's hope creative can keep the ball rolling and give ole Ziggles a good feud/storyline after No Way Out(....I smell Money In the Bank!)

Vince McMahon/John Cena/Big Show/John L
Now I was unsure if I should put this in the good or indifferent section. Here is why. The highlight...the ONLY highlight of this whole section, was Vince McMahon in the beginning. I didn't enjoy his mocking of JR, and at the ending, getting sucker punched by Show, blah. At first I was one of the people who enjoyed the Show/Cena feud, but it has reached the point of blahdom to me. Frankly, I hope Cena wins Sunday, Johnny L is fired, and we get a new GM for Raw and SD.

Well guys, that was this weeks edition of Uncooked. I know it is a few days late, but this is the earliest I've gotten a chance to write it. Next week, I'm going to try a new format, so keep an eye out!

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I think the WWE is just building guys like Clay & Ryback slowly. They arent doing that as much with Tensai and it's starting to backfire a little. Granted, he did put on a very solid match with Sheamus this week... but the WWE used to build guys up this way in the 80s and early to mid 90s. When they tried to force feed guys down our throats, those guys typically flop (see Zeke Jackson & Mason Ryan). I'm interested in seeing the 3 on 1 Ryback handicap match. My guess is he'll get into a decent feud or storyline shortly. Same for Clay. Just look at the number of squash matches Undertaker had when he started with the WWE. Wasnt like he was wrestling top named guys outside of a PPV. He was destorying the Duane Gills and Iron Mike Sharps of the Wrestling World.

    When HBK went solo, he had numerous matches against jobbers... Just the way Vince used to build up his major players and my guess as to why they are doing it this way again.

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