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STATE OF THE 'E: My Thoughts And Predictions On No Way Out (PT.01)

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Welcome, welcome one and all to the new SOT'E!! Well, new as in, I've added some much needed stuff!! Either way, as you can see... my blog is about this weekends return of the infamous PPV from THE 'E known as


Well... I'm going to jump into my thoughts about this PPV first. More of a jumbled mess of thoughts and no real particular order. So, here we go...

First and foremost, the PPV is going to do horrible in sales and more than likely it's going to bomb internally as a PPV as well. The card is set for failure and not really something I'm drastically looking forward to myself. And if I, a true and devout fan of THE 'E am doubting this PPV, I have no doubt that the others who aren't as dedicated as I am are down right shitting on it.

Why do I think this PPV will fail? No reason to be excited. Realistically the best things that this PPV have going for it are three matches and thats it. Triple Threat, WHC and IC. That's it. We've seen Cena vs Show one too many times now. I mean yes, the stipulation of if Show loses then Ace is fired is new but, the rest of it is old hat.

Now, I know there's another stip being added to the match but considering SD! hasn't aired yet, it hasn't officially been added yet. What else do we have? A Tuxedo match? Really? Quick Divas match and a couple others. Nothing to see here, move along.

Where's the flash and flare for a returning PPV like this? I know they've been surprising people and that creative have been tasked with coming up with an amazing Summer storyline so anything can happen in that department this weekened but, I doubt it. I have many issues with this particular PPV because I think it's coming in at a crucial point in THE 'E's year.

This PPV was originally billed as an ALL STEEL CAGE one but it quickly vanished for some unknown reason. I was REALLY excited at that prospect but, my happiness faded into boredom when that tag was dropped and it became basically a (failed) gimmick PPV with a cage match at the end. Meh.

I hope I'm wrong and the PPV shocks and awe's me but, I have a great underlying fear. Now, on to my match predictions because I've wasted enough time...

The No Way Out preshow is set to have a match air on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, blah, blah, blah. No one is going to have any interest in this match. Not even the people buying the PPV. It's going to have a couple things happen in it though so, it won't be a complete "squash" match. Otunga will get some offense in and look good against the Funkasaurus. Either way though, Clay is walking out with the V here.

WINNER - Brodus Clay

This match was just added. I'm assuming you will maybe have to strip your opponent of their tux in order to win? If that's the case, count me out of this one lol. Even though Ricardo will win this match, no one actually wins. Something will happen when Santino tries to go for The Cobra and he'll lose that way.

WINNER - Ricardo Rodriguez

I feel like something is going to happen in this match. I don't know what but maybe this is a holder for something else? If THE' E would actually let these ladies wrestle, we'd have a good match on our hands. But, I forsee stupidity and a quick match. Beth has the potential to win this one because it seems like Layla's push has stopped already.

WINNER - Beth Phoenix

Unlike the Tuxedo match, we'll all win with this one. Two very talented performers in this one but, I feel like Christian is on the losing end on this one. I think last month when he won the IC Championship it was just a place holder because the felt Cody was going to be suspended along with Orton. So, there's a STRONG potential for Rhodes to win it back this weekend.

WINNER - Cody Rhodes

Do I want it to be Ziggles time? More than anything right now. Will it happen? No. THE 'E will keep the Championship on Sheamus because he's a "sure shot" on SD! while there's no other top faces around. Ziggler would be a #HEEL Champion and yes, we the IWC want to see it... the general public does not. SummerSlam might see Ziggles time.

WINNER - Sheamus

Hmmmm... this one is a mixed bag for me. I'm digging the concept of the Triple Threat here but, I also think that D-Bry and Punk should have another one on one. I also feel that AJ will be a 100% deciding factor in this match. They're putting roo much emphasis on here for her not to be. I mean hell, there's a poll on WWE.COM right now asking if she should even be allowed at ringside.

I also don't think that D-Bry was not her "first love" as we're led to believe. I think Kane is her "first love". She was only a kid when he showed up and she can say she's had a crush on him since. She is a "geek godess" and he is a "cult icon" so therefore, it would work.

In that respect, do I think CM Punk will lose this weekend? No. Punk will keep the Championship for a while to come. He'll more than likely lose it after the new Championship is unveiled or maybe not even until a later date than that. CM Punk is the new "golden goose" and with the fans firmly behind him, he won't drop it yet.


This match has no bearing on me whatsoever. None. I could care less who wins and who loses here. I know the second (as yet announced) stip won't have any effect and I just don't know who could realistically be invested here. Will we see a chokeslam off the cage? Maybe an AA? Been there.

There's no way Cena will lose and there's no way Lauranitis will be fired. They've recently been advertising him as the secretary of the board of directors for house shows all around the United States so, he'll have power still but, nothing grand at all. Bah.

WINNER - John Cena

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog bro. I agree with all of your predictions, except for the Rhodes/Christian match. I think they did do the switch of titles because of the fact they thought Rhodes might get suspended, but with the following people not in the E, Miz/ADR/Orton/Jericho, I feel like Rhodes will not win and either go to the main event, or go on to MITB to win the briefcase. I think it also depends on when Wade Barrett is set to come back(as that is something I'm thoroughly looking forward to). I agree with everything else, and while I will watch this, I won't be paying for it. The idea of an all steel cage PPV(Layla vs Beth in a steel cage could have been interesting), it's gotten to the point of where it's just a dud imo. Good blog bro!
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    Couldn't have said it better myself. Just a another filler PPV, and after they wanted it to be a all cage or no way out kind of deal, it is just a letdown. I mean how many PPV names and themes do they honestly own? from wcw and old school wwf? and they dont even use them.

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