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OO: 1000th Monday Night RAW Third Hour Pt. One

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[B]Match No. 6 - Sheamus vs. The Miz [/B]
Back from the break and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion. The Celtic Warrior makes his way to the ring and out of nowhere he is attacked by Chris Jericho! Jericho stomps away at Sheamus and then throws him into the barricade. He stomps away at Sheamus as the referee tries to get Jericho away. Jericho mouths off to the ref and turns around into a big takedown by Sheamus. Sheamus unloads with punches on Jericho. The Miz comes running down the ramp and boots Sheamus in the back. He picks up the World Title belt and clocks Sheamus in the head. Sheamus lies out cold as Jericho stoops away to the back. The Miz taunts Sheamus and then heads into the ring. He taunts some more as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Miz is working over Sheamus some more. He slams the champ's head into the mat and hits a low running dropkick. The Miz covers but only gets two. Miz pounds away on Sheamus' back. He picks Sheamus up and tries for a DDT but Sheamus rolls through and hits a modified Northern Lights Suplex. Sheamus hits a running clothesline and Irish Whips The Miz into the corner. He charges but Miz gets his feet up. Miz hits an Inverted Backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker. He covers again but only gets two. Miz hits a couple of quick right hands on the champion and then hits a high knee. Sheamus is still standing but Miz kicks him in the back of the knee, Sheamus down to one knee as Miz hits a running big boot to Sheamus. He covers again but only gets two. Miz picks Sheamus' leg and stomps away at his hamstring and knee. He hits a few quick elbows to the leg and then a foot DDT. He stalks Sheamus as he gets to his feet and Miz hits a chop block to The Celtic Warrior. He locks Sheamus in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Sheamus screams in pain as Miz wrenches his leg back. Sheamus crawls towards the ropes but Miz pulls him back. Sheamus turns over on his back and drop toe holds Miz into the mat.

Sheamus tries to stand up but Miz hits a dropkick to his knee. Miz covers but only gets a one count. Miz tries for the Boston Crab again but Sheamus fights out and boots Miz shoulder first into the ring post. Sheamus then hits two running Double Axe Handles to the Miz and hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker for a quick two count. Sheamus hits a couple of Short Arm Clotheslines and then a Suplex. Sheamus goes for the Irish Curse but Miz fights out of it with elbows to the side of the head. Miz kicks Sheamus in the injured knee and hits a Kneeling Kick Out DDT. He covers Sheamus again but only gets a nearfall. Miz begins to get frustrated. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale again but Sheamus rolls Miz over his shoulder. Sheamus tries for the Brogue Kick but Miz ducks it and Sheamus' gets hung up on the top rope. Miz charges and hits a running forearm. Sheamus topples over the rope and hits the mat hard. Miz follows but Sheamus boots Miz is the gut and throws him into the ring steps. Miz goes flying and Sheamus tries to get the feeling back into his leg. He rolls back into the ring to break the referee's ten count and rolls back out. Sheamus goes to fetch Miz but Miz dropkicks the steps into Sheamus' injured leg. Miz quickly rushes over and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on the floor! The referee is counting again as Miz tries to pick Sheamus' body up. He eventually does and places Sheamus in the ring. He breaks the count at 8 and hooks both of Sheamus' legs. 1...2...NO! Sheamus kicks out after a nearfall. Miz is nearly spitting.

Miz goes to the second rope and tries for a Diving Axe Handle. Sheamus kicks him in the gut which also effects the champ. Sheamus quickly hits the Irish Curse out of nowhere! He covers Miz. 1...2...NO! A long two count but Miz kicks out. Sheamus beats on his chest signalling for the Brogue Kick. He goes for it but Miz goes to the corner. Sheamus goes to get him but Miz kicks him in the leg again and trips him into the turnbuckle. Miz tries for the running corner clothesline but Sheamus side steps him and Miz gets caught between the first and second ropes. Sheamus goes out onto the apron and turns Miz around on the ropes and starts clubbing at his chest. The referee makes his 5 count but Sheamus stops the attack just in time. Sheamus takes Miz out of the rope and flips him back into the ring with a Double Axe Handle. Sheamus goes for the High Cross but Miz hits a quick forearm to his knee. He rakes Sheamus in the eyes. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale again but Sheamus rolls through and grabs Miz up and hoists him on his shoulders. Sheamus hits the White Noise! The champion is holding his leg but crawls towards a cover. He lays across Miz and the referee counts. Miz gets his foot on the ropes. 1...2...3! Sheamus wins it?? The referee did not see Miz's foot on the bottom rope. The referee raises Sheamus' hand in victory.

[B]Winner: Sheamus via pinfall at 15:21 [/B]

Just then, John Laurinaitis comes out on his scooter and says the match is not over. He shows the replay of Miz's foot being on the ropes during the pinfall. Sheamus is pissed off. He orders that this match be restarted. He rides to the back on his scooter as the referee rings the bell again. Sheamus is in the corner as Miz stands up. Sheamus charges at Miz but Miz tosses the champ into the corner. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale again. He covers Sheamus again! 1....2...NO!! Sheamus gets his shoulder up just in the nick of time. Miz is having a fit in the corner. Miz goes for a running high knee but Sheamus side steps him and turns him inside out with a huge clothesline. Jericho comes back out and hops onto the apron. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Jericho! Jericho falls to the ground and is out like a light. Miz comes up and rolls Sheamus up! 1...2...3! Miz wins it! What a match.

[B]Winner: The Miz via pinfall at 18:33 [/B]

Miz can't get the smile off his face. Sheamus is red in the face and Michael Cole is jumping for joy. The referee raises Miz's hand in victory and the fans are actually cheering for him. Miz turns around into the massive Brogue Kick from the World Champion! Miz is down and out in the middle of the ring. Sheamus is still pissed off as his music hits and he heads to the back. Two referees check on The Miz who is still out. Jericho looks on. Jericho heads to the back as we head to another commercial.

Back from the break and I think it's time for the Kiss My Ass Club segment. Just then, Heath Slater's music hits and out comes the One Man Southern Rock Band. Heath comes out to a bad reaction from the fans. No surprise there. He grabs the mic and asks why the One Man Rock Band is not on the 1000th Episode of RAW. The fans have no problem in giving him the answer with "You Suck" chants. Heath goes on and on about how even though he hasn't had the best win/loss record lately, he will soon be the fastest rising star in WWE. Even though he has already been in WWE for two years. Heath then issues out and open challenge to a superstar in the back that wants a shot at the One Man Southern Rock Band.

[B]Match No. 7 - Heath Slater vs. ???[/B]
Michael McGillicutty's music hits? Out comes McGillicutty. He's in his wrestling gear. When he reaches the ramp....Mich Foley's music hits! Out comes The Hardcore Legend he attacks McGillicutty on the ramp. He throws McGillicutty into the barrier. He then reaches down and pulls out Mr. Socko! He does the Mandible Claw on McGillicutty. He releases the hold and McGillicutty runs to the back. Foley enters the ring and snatches the microphone off Slater. Foley says that he is happy to be on RAW's 1000th Episode right here in St. Louis Missouri. He then brings up the fact that he has not competed for WWE in a singles match for four years and that he wants to beat the crap out of Slater. He says that the match he wants is a good ol' fasioned Hardcore match. Slater nods his head. Foley asks for a referee to be brought out. A referee comes running to the ring as Foley tosses the mic out.

[B]Match No. 7 - Hardcore match: Heath Slater vs. Mick Foley [/B]
The referee calls for the bell and Slater and Foley lock up. Foley applies a headlock to Slater who shoves Foley away and backs up into the corner. He charges at Foley but Foley decks him with a right jab. Foley hits a small lariat and a neckbreaker. He covers but only gets two. Slater kicks Foley in the knee and then in the face. Slater hits a dropkick on Foley followed by a Running Bulldog. He covers but only gets a two count. Slater Irish Whips Foley into the corner but Foley side steps Slater. He picks him up and hangs Slater in the tree of woe position. He goes to the opposite corner and runs back at Slater and hits the Cactus Elbow. Slater gets to his feet and Foley hits the Cactus Clothesline on Slater, sending both men out of the ring. Foley unloads with small shots to the head of Slater and bounces his head off the apron and then the steel steps. Foley gives the fans a "Bang! Bang!" taunt. He looks under the apron and tosses some weapons out. He grabs a chair, a trash can lid, kendo stick and oh yeah, a barbed wired baseball bat! He tosses the chair in the ring and then picks up the trash can lid. He smacks it over Slater's back and then smacks it over his head. He then tosses it like a frisby. He picks up the kendo stick and swings it straight into Slater's ribs and wacks it over his back a few times. Slater is on the ground screaming in pain as Foley unloads with shots to his back. He breaks the kendo stick over his knee. As Slater stands up, Foley claps the two pieces together with Slater's head in the middle.

He tosses sticks aside and picks up the barbed wired baseball bat. He waits for Slater to stand up and smacks it straight over his back. He then grinds it slightly into his forehead. Foley holds it up as the fans cheer. He places it into the ring and then picks up Slater and tosses him into the ring also. Slater, unbeknownst to Foley has the trash can lid. Out of nowhere he smacks Foley in the head with it. He rolls Foley up but only gets two. Foley hits a couple of jabs to the gut and then a big shot to Slater's face, which is bleeding a little. Foley hits another neckbreaker and goes to pull out Mr. Socko again. He puts Mr. Socko on and goes for the Mandible Claw but Slater kicks Foley well below the belt. He hits a big Sleeper Slam and covers Foley, who kicks out at 2. Slater gets an angry look on his face. He goes to pick up Foley but Foley performs the Mandible Claw out of nowhere. Foley then kicks Slate below the belt. He grabs the chair and whacks it over Slater's back.

He jabs Slater in the gut and hits him over the back again. He places the chair between the two turnbuckles. Foley grabs Slater and rams him head first into the chair. The chair is dented and wrapped around Slater's head and neck. Foley takes the chair off and tosses it aside again. He grabs the Barbed Wired Baseball Bat and runs at Slater who is motionless and hits a running sitdown move, driving the basball bat into Slater's face. Foley stomps the chair flat again. He picks Slater up once more and hits the Double Arm DDT. He covers Slater and gets the 1-2-3. It's over. Not bad actually.

[B]Winner: Mick Foley via pinfall at 8:16 [/B]

Foley raises his hand in victory as we fade away. We get another Classic RAW Moment video. This time, it is from 2004 when Evolution turned on then-World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and beat the crap out of him. We go to commercial.

Back from the break out out comes Vince McMahon again. He does the McMahon Walk again with a big smile on his face and we know why. It's time to induct a new member in Mr. McMahon's Kiss My Ass Club. Vince takes the mic and says that he hopes that everyone has enjoyed their night even though it is not over quite yet. Vince says there have been quite a few members over the years that have joined his Kiss My Ass Clubs such as Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Good Ol' J.R. and even his son Shane. Now he says to introduce the newest member of the Vincent Kennedy McMahon Kiss My Ass Club....John Laurinaitis!!

The People Power music hits again and Big Johnny comes out on his scooter. He still has a scared look on his face. John struggles into the ring. David Otunga helps him. He asks for a mic and Otunga asks Vince if he should leave. Vince says no way in HELL! Johnny pleads with Vince not to make him kiss his ass. Johnny says he will beg. Johnny says he will wrestle a match injured or not. Vince tells Johnny to SHUT UP!! The crowd cheers at this. Vince says that if he wants John to beg, then he wants him to do it on his knees but can't because he is injured. Vince then says that he would make John wrestle a match but if he wanted to, he couldn't because John is no medically cleared. Vince says that he is here for another job evalution. He says he is not here to evaluate just ONE job. He then smirks at David Otunga. Otunga goes to talk but Vince cuts him off. Vince says, he is here to not only evaluate the job of John Laurinaitis, but to also evaluate the job of one David....Otunga. The crowd cheers again. Otunga says that he isn't injured so he would beg or wrestle a match, no matter who it is. Vince then tells Otunga to stop bitchin'. The crowd loves this. He says for the first time ever, the Kiss My Ass Club will get not one but TWO members in the same night.

Vince says if they refuse to do it, then he will utter those two words to EACH of them. "YOOU'RRRE FIIIIRRED!!" Otunga refuses to do it. He says his not gonna embarrass himself and do something disgusting just to keep his job. Vince tells him if that's the way he wants it then he says "David Otunga...You're Fi--". He cuts himself off. Vince says he did not want to do this but he is forcing Otunga to kiss his ass!! There is one man who can make this happen....Here Comes The Moneeeey!! Out comes Shane McMahon to a huge ovation from the fans. He comes out dancing in a suit and struts down to the ring. Shane grabs the mic and says even though he left WWE two years ago, he would not want to miss the 1000th Episode of RAW for the world! He says there is someone else who is here tonight to. Here she is....

Out comes Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley! The Billion Dollar Princess comes out to another huge ovation of the crowd. She walks down to the ring as Johnny has a shocked look on his face. Shane lowers the ropes for her and then she hugs both Shane and Vince. Stephanie says she would not miss the 1000th RAW, Johnny's embarrassment and his possible firing for the world. Vince has a smile on his face and says let's get this show on the road. Johnny asks once more to reconsider this but Stephanie kicks him below his belt buckle. Johnny is on the ground as Otunga shouts at Stephanie. She slaps him in the face and he turns around into a combination of jabs by Shane. Shane clotheslines Otunga and then hits a quick DDT. Shane goes outside and grabs a trash can from under the ring. He tosses it into the ring and sets Otunga up in the corner. He wedges the trash can between the ropes and goes to the other corner. Shane taunts the fans and dives. He hits Coast To Coast!! Otunga is out.

Vince then smirks again. He lowers his pants down as the fans cheer! Shane grabs David Otunga and makes him kiss Vince's ass! The crowd loves this. He stops and tosses Otunga out of the ring. Vince then says to Otunga "Ya see? That wasn't so hard was it?" The crowd laughs as Johnny looks on from the corner in horror. Vince pulls his pants down a little bit again. Johnny has a disgusted look on his face. Vince demands that Johnny kiss his ass. Johnny finally gives in. He is a little slow but Stephanie sneaks up and rams his face into Vince's butt! Johnny escapes but Shane intervenes and rams his face back in. The crowd is going nuts as Johnny is squabbling around. They finally let go and John rolls out of the ring. Vince says that they can keep their jobs and that he thinks he might have let one off by accident. The crowd laughs as Vince's music hits. Vince, Shane and Stephanie celebrate as Johnny is spitting on the ground to end the segment.

We get another Classic RAW Moment video. This one is from 2005 when John Cena was drafted to Monday Night RAW and sparked a short feud with Christian. We go to another commercial break.

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